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Not honouring warranty return shipping
I ordered a “Nigh Hawk” dash cam and accessories from located in Calgary Alberta on Nov 27, 2014.
On the website its stated the following:
Why purchase from Canada
• Value - We only sell the best valued dash cameras in the marketplace.
• Quality - We only offer products that record at Full HD 1080P resolution.
• Warranty - We provide a complimentary one (1) year limited warranty that covers any defects or malfunction of the dash camera. If the product stops working or is malfunctioning, we will replace it.
• Customer Service - We answer all questions and concerns via email. Before your purchase and after!
Shipping - We process your order the same day. FedEx or Canada Post will have your order within 24 hours. Tracking number n provided

The dash cam was proven defective within a few days and Jason ( managing partner of Canada dashcam) sent me a return shipping label with tracking number and I was told to send the dash cam and all accessories back. The company pre-paid the shipping.
I received the replacement on Dec 23, 2014. The rubber section of the mount broke off the first time I used the dash cam. I contacted Jason immediately and requested a replacement. Jason told me I have to pay for return shipping. Jason agreed to send me a replacement after I contested. After waiting for the replacement mount for a few days, I requested the tracking number. Jason said he sent it by regular mail. That is not their normal shipping procedures. As of today, 3 weeks after Jason said he mailed it by regular mail, I have yet to receive the replacement mount.
I cannot use the replacement dash cam without the mount. I was going to file a compliant with Service Alberta and BBB then. But my friend told me to test the Dash Cam too. I placed the dash cam on the passenger seat (not able to mount it) and it started to act up like the one I returned. The replacement dash cam is also defective. I requested a warranty replacement again but Jason said I have to pay for return shipping.
I didn’t even have a chance to use the replacement dash cam and I don’t see why I have to pay for any return shipping. As a matter of fact, I do not have any trust with Canada Dashcam. I want a full refund.
Jason did offer a full refund on conditions that I must speak to him on the phone. I donot see why I have to speak to him as a condition to get my full refund.

Jan 21, 2015

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