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We purchased a puppy through this breeder and have begun a small claims case due to unethical behavior. If you would like information, all documentation can be provided or you can keep up with the court case. Pup was guaranteed to have no congenital defects. We were urged by Cammie to NOT take him to the vet because this breeder worries about them getting sick from vet. Breeder knew all the right things to say, purchased, took the dog to be neutered and low and behold after the neuter, the vet shared that the dog had grade 2 luxated patella.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Apache Junction, AZ Breeder offered another dog or $500, after we invested over $600 in having neutering and deciduous teeth removed that would not have come out on their own even though breeder said they would. Vet ensured that at 8 months old, they would not naturally come out without causing issues for the permanent teeth. We chose the $500 because we love the dog and already had so much into him at the vet. Cammie never sent the refund or the AKC documents that were PROMISED in email after the dog was neutered. All electronic communication and voicemails available to share.

The last reason for not sending AKC papers was due to garage flooding (in writing), then the next was that she never agreed to that (email and voicemail tell otherwise). BUYERS BEWARE!!! Purchased in January 2015.

Be careful, she will blame any issues on her "partner" Natalia Scalia for whom we never met.

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    Please feel free to contact me regarding the post written by "Camie" or "Natalia." All emails are saved and the promises of papers are included in those emails. Further, the ongoing cost that we, as a family, incurred to keep the dog we became attached to are easily retrieved and anyone can contact the associated vets who have assisted in caring for our dog. This breeder is right, our dog became a wonderful part of the family. We trusted this person and as for the shots that she said she gave, not a single vet or the county would accept her records and therefore, to be in compliance with licensing, it was necessary to do it all over again. The shunt in the liver is still there "Camie." You know, the one that was there from birth and the reason why you only fed him veggies when we got him from you (so he wouldn't show symptoms of having too much protein). Every year we must go through so much to be able to have his dental cleanings and once again, real vets, not your made up documents provide verifiable accounts.

    We are lucky our boy is still with us and if I we had wanted a dog that was free, we certainly would not be the type of people who kept a dog with multiple health problems he was born with to spend thousands to care for him. If you are a great breeder, then surely your reviews will reflect that. In the meantime, I hope any person(s) purchasing from you is more wise than we were and thus the consumer complaint and rightfully so.

    Cammie Camillo of Apache Junction, and I don't make money off selling animals, you do from your home. Who is the person with an incentive to be dishonest? I am following up to be sure that dog lovers know that they can contact me at any time for the receipts for care for an illness present at birth and diagnosed shortly after purchase reflect the reality of what it means to be an owner who actually purchases dogs and becomes attached, assuming that the breeder is honest and forthright.

Feb 01, 2015
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  • Ca
      Jul 16, 2015

    JENNIFFER SZATKOWSKI of Auhwautukee, AZ administrator at a gilbert school has not removed this post for reasons that are motivated by malice, discredit, control and with the attempt to threaten breeder "writer" and coerce an unreasonable monetary refund for pup . This individual has raised false lies, proven by dogs "Yorkies" pedigrees and by passports when entering the USA from foreign countries. And proven by the bill of sale/agreement, which buyer signed. This individual has never taken this to court. Writer has written a response to this underhanded accusation that has no validity and which, is written under Jennifer Szatkowskis's name.

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  • Jo
      Jul 16, 2015

    Our family got our beloved Westie, Yuki, from Cami 9 years ago. We have stayed in touch with her all these years and we are now getting another Westie from her this August. We have NEVER had any bad interaction with Cami such as this person described. Cami has been honest and forthright and provided wonderful pets. She is a conscientious breeder who cares about her dogs and the homes they go into. I have never found her to be a liar or dishonest in any way. She never discouraged us from taking our pups to our Vet to get checked out when we get them. I can't imagine her doing such a thing. The person this disgruntled woman describes is NOT the Cami we know and have dealt with for 9 years. I would not hesitate to recommend getting a pet from Cami to anyone, and have recommended her to many friends looking for premium, hand-raised pups.

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