Camelcamel crush menthol cigarettes.

I have been a long time smoker of Camel Crush menthols. Over the last month+ The box has changed from Green to Black. TOO similar to camel Crush [Blue] . The only difference between the packaging is The Blue/Green [Crush] letters, which are barely noticeable to the cashier, and the customer. There is an Even 50% chance, that when I have cigarettes picked up for me by someone, that they will be the wrong kind, because "saying camel Crush menthol" to a cashier yields either of the 2 boxes. As result I have been stuck with the gross, un-desired Camel Crush [blue] at least 5 times in the last few weeks. When trying to return them for the correct brand, the cashiers refuse- stating they cannot accept them back (even unopened) . The packaging of these 2 brands needs to be addressed. I have already given up hope on the chance that I will receive the correct cigarettes whenever I send out for them and now, for these reasons I must consider trying out new brand cigarettes, because although I PREFER Camel Crush [green letters] cigarettes, I am DISGUSTED by the Camel Crush [Blue letters] cigarettes and it is just not worth that 50% chance I'll be dissatisfied/ disgusted after receiving the wrong ones.

I hope this gets addressed soon, I have wasted $30 so far.

Thank you in advance.


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