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California Law Group / Scam

1 CA, United States Review updated:

This company is a scam! We contacted them after recieving a notice that they could reduce our mortgage payments by half usually within 90 days. They told us to look them up on BBB and at the time, they were accredited and had an A+ rating. After numerous representatives later, HORRIBLE communication and a year gone by with our 2nd mortgage going up and being behind on our 1st mortgage, I called them to complain (again) and to demand a refund. The attorney Ad Clarambeau told me that he was cancelling us as a client and there would be no refund. They are a very disorganized company to say the least; We never signed anything saying that we authorized payment (just in case, and they quit asking for it after it moved from one rep. to the next), then everytime we tried to call, nobody ever answered and the voicemail was always full. I even tried email to two different addresses and still never received communication back. I can go on about how aweful this company is, I just hope that justice will be served. I just want our money back.

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  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    100% scam. I throughly checked background of Adlore Clarambeau and Cal. law group. Checked with BBB all nomially good. Paid $2950 they had me fill out a packet of most sensitive information about my morgage, all financial records and account numbers. They then called me said my bank would not let me qualify if they represented me. What I paid them to do. They wanted me to negotiate with bank which I was paying them to do. They wrote a letter, which I have, that they do not represent me legally. What I was paying them for. So I want a refund, they will not return my phone calls or emails or messages I have left. Also I became a victim of ID fraud. The culprits of which were traced back to same area of that business. Now filing with BBB and California Bar Association.

  • An
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Totally agree. They did the same thing to me. Is there anything we can do legally? Here is a number that should get you through 1-949-421-5010.

  • Er
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    My husband and I had the EXACT experience with this HORRIBLE company! I finally spoke with Ad after being very demanding on getting a refund. He then told me that he was terminating us as a client and there would be no refund. He also said if I chose to sue him, he would sue me back! What a horrible, mis-leading company! This just happened last week and I'm looking to see if any action can be taken. I am planning on complaining to the BBB (along with many others) and the state bar as did you. As far as I can tell, they did not fulfill their own contract at all.

  • Ld
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    Same company and same attorney, We paid 500.00 up front and all they wanted was more money for doing nothing. they said that we needed to pay 1000.00 more if they wanted us to keep working on our loan. So we paid them only to get the samething . I looked online at the AG website and it said you did not have to pay anthing to these companys until they finished the job. I called them up and told them no more money until they finished the job. That was the last I heard from them . What a scam!!!

  • Ju
      20th of May, 2010
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    I paid 2, 900 to them, after 6 months they dropped my case and told me because of non compliant, they said they could not reach me although previous employers were able to reach me through emails, home and cell phone. Actually it was me who was not able to reach them because they keep changing contact employees, if you call their phone voice mail is full, but if you are lucky you leave a message and nobody would call you back. I file a complaint at Better Business Bureau but they did not even bother to reply on my complaint. What a scam. I wish Adlore Clarambreau be disbar and prosecuted. I would gladly join the class action law suit if there is any.

  • Cu
      9th of Jun, 2010
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    Hi Gor:

    You met with Adlore yesterday? I looked into the website you provided and it looks like that law firm does CRIMINAL law, not anything at all having to do with loans!

    My family and I have been working with him for over a year now, and a few weeks ago received a letter that he "canceled" our file due to "non-compliance". We received a message from them that the "non-compliance" was for failure to submit a renewed application -- which is completely ridiculous because we have been working with him for over a year, he has all our information, and because we missed his deadline of faxing a renewed application that would have all the same information he already has, he CANCELED US?!

    Thereafter, we faxed a renewed application, but have not heard a peep. I have been trying WITH NO LUCK to reach him to find out the status of our loan (also a BofA loan like you), but have been absolutely unable to reach him.

    In fact, I tried calling him THIS MORNING at (949) 421-5010, but the lady that answered the phone said I reached the wrong number. I called it again and reached a voicemail that said "The number you have called (714) 271-4201 is not available." --> basically it looks like they forwarded their phone calls to this poor lady's cell phone and so she had to turn it off. May I please have the phone number you used to reach him?

    My family and I are terrified of the idea of losing our home because of him.

    Chleora Franco

  • Lt
      25th of Jun, 2010
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    I am so surprised to hear this... I am an ex-army guy who called Cal LAw about a year ago and wanted a modification, but I couldn't aford the $2950 retainer, but they said I had a good case to get this approved.

    The processing manager and the agent John called me back a day later and said that the attorney will do the modificaion for free ! So I said what's the catch ? No catch .. they offered a free mod once a month just for good carma . I did some research and found that they do alot of charity work and had modified hundreds of applications successfuly.

    They got me a mod in 4 months and I recomended 2 other people to them and one of them also got it for free. So I cannot beleive that this is the same company but the website is down so I wonder what happened. I think that like all the other companies their intention was good but may be the went into a financial dump. But I have many good prayers for them because I owe my current financial situation to them.

    Lutenant Briggs

  • Si
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    For any and all complaints against attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of California, go to the website below and file a formal complaint for the California State Bar Association to take disciplinary action against the attorney committing such foul misconduct.

    I am sorry to hear about all your experiences. I hope this information helps.

    Sincerely Concerned

  • Go
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    Paid this guy 2900.00. Just recieved summons papers from BOA. This guy did nothing and now I am loosing my home. Were is he???? Does anyone have an extra $56, 000 so I can keep my home. Really sucks.

  • La
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    I had a asian man call me today from a 530-463-1643 number who went by the name of Jason Brown. Now i can honestly say i do not believe that was his name. First let me say that our house is up for sale on the internet so we believe this is how he found us. He called asking for me so i said he had the wrong number at to not call again thinking he was a telemarketer. He then said if i'm asking him not to call again then i must be me. This mad me a little mad because that would be the first time a TM'er said something like that. So i asked for his name and company address. He gave me his name, however i think it was a fake, and gave me the name of his company as "Law Group of California". I asked again for his address and he said to look it up and find it for myself. Now at this point i have never had a agruement with a Tm'er for as long as this went on. I got loud and he claimed he was going to call the police on me. He did know my name and address as well as two cell phone numbers whom NOONE has. So this being said, these people are definitely into something illegal. He left a message on my cell phone saying to call him back immediately and if i didn't a bad situation will unfold on me and that it was time sensitive. So i looked it up and this site is what i found. This time i'm actually glad my anger got the best of me so i wasn't fooled by rip offs and scams that people like this pull. I just want to say thanks to everyone for writting about it so everyone else was aware of California Law Group.

  • Mr
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    I received this call 2 days ago, however, this man "Jack Lawson" called me over 20 times at work and also called my sister who lives 2000 miles away. He told me the same thing he told everyone else, come up with $500 by the end of the day and if I didn't I would be arrested, etc. etc. He even told me at one point someone from CPS would pick up my kids when I was arrested.

    I've contacted the Atty Generals office and the California State Bar. I was also told to contact authorities in California.


  • An
      20th of Sep, 2010
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    So glad I checked on yahoo, Mike Dawson called me today demanding 948 by the end of the day or I would be arrested. Couldnt even understand him when he talked.

  • Je
      23rd of Sep, 2010
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    Tell me if this number sounds familiar 559-823-5337 Law Group of California

  • Je
      28th of Sep, 2010
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    I agree with the other posted complaints, we did the same thing we checked them out on the BBB and they did have an A+ rating, but we did pay them $3000 dollars and received nothing in return. Now we can't even get a hold of them because their number is disconnected as well as the website is gone. They got us really good and we wasted money we didn't have to attempt to get help. Now we need that money and we can't get it back. So angry, that I can't get my money back.

  • Ma
      7th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yes the number above is a scam. Just happend to my family today. Mostly hispanice men and I assume was possibly the same man with differant names. Once you mention your attorney or contacting the government they hang up. SCAM ALL THE WAY!!!

  • Mk
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    jack lawson caleed me the other day i was told that a laon from US cash was traken and that a william baon and donald hason are my co signers. BS I don't do payday loans I was told if I pay 200.00 they can fix this or I would be standing infront of judge on thursday. I found this site when I hung up. and called the authirities FTC CAG OAG BBB and my attorney. told me if they call again that i already reported them and will call the police to make out a report. does this # look familer 408-837-0495 they had me so mad and upset that i wanted to crawl through the phone and slap the b.

  • Ma
      16th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    So I get a message from a man pretending to work for an attorney's office. When I call him back he goes into detail about 3 federal banking charges that i am facing and that my court date is just days away and it all stems from a payday loan from U.S. Cash (whom do not even provide payday loans). I went crazy and he hung up, when he called back the number was from Georgia 706-561-3514. His original number was California559-823-5337. When I called him back after work when I had all this info from this site it took several min for the other foreign man to track down the man handling my case SYLVESTER BROWN, who had a very strong INDIAN accent. Now when I was speaking to him I simply told him that my attorney needed his company address, wow, this is when he lost it and sterted back pedaling and told me to have my attorney call him. This is also when I lost it and exploded on him, told him exactly what I thought of what he was doin and what I would do to him if he was in town! All I could think is how many helpless people have they scammed. Sylvester got real quiet on the phone and whispered "I will make your life a living hell!" I contacted the Hanford, CA police department and reported to them what happened. An hour later a detective called me back and basically told me that no real crime had been committed b/c I hadnt given them any money! WHAT? Harrassed, threatened ancd now I am monitoring my credit report daily for fraud! Somebody help?

  • Ca
      4th of Nov, 2010
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    Me to!! I recieved a call from this number on 11/3/2010 at 730 pm my cell read "CALIFORNIA CALL" so I answered and it was a so called "officer something something from law group of California calling about a debt I was being sued for. I told him I had no idea about any debt and he said "Oh my god you havent heard anything about this yet?" I was then transferred to a so called officer Sylvester Brown which these guys were talking in thick Indian accents there's no way this was a brown talking to me lol and he said i need to confirm this is you is your last 4 of your social ..." I said yes and he preceded to tell me there was an affidavit he was going to read to me. He said I was being charged with theft deception and bamk fraud because I owed for a pay day loan. I told him i never received a pay day loan and he said someone has used your identity and now you must pay for it or you will go to jail. You have a court date this Friday at 11am someone will pick you up at your i was skeptical he knew my address and social last 4...then he said you still work for...and you bank at...and you know this person (my husbands name) and this person (my best friend) I was scared now. Thankfully my husband was next to me and right away told me it was a scam. I asked the guy what he wanted from me he said i owed 5000 dollars for a pay day loan...I applied for a loan about 2 months ago and never went thru with it I told him this and he said it was my fault and now i had to pay I told him I want to speak with your boss or superior right away and he raised his voice and told me i couldn't speak with anyone else. I then started to worry and said im 6 months pregnant i have a 5 year old and a home to take care of I don't have time to go jail he was heartless as could be in saying you better get a good attorney then... so please people be careful now these guys know where i work and bank and who knows what else. Im going to change my number bank account number and i will file a police report if anything happens further then these horrible rude phone calls. This guy was rude and stupid. ITS A SCAM FOR REAL!!!

  • Ju
      30th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received a call just a few minutes ago from Law Group of California, stating that I had obtained a loan from US Cash. They stated a friend's name and asked if I knew her. I would not answer any questions and I told them I did not do that and I could prove it. They threatened me and said they would see me in court tomorrow in my city. Also asked if I was still employed by a certain company.
    The first Person's name is Sylvester Brown he turned me over to the Officer, Joseph Mathew. The phone number that came in was 760-563-4064

  • Ta
      2nd of Dec, 2010
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    i received a call today from law group of California, stating that i had received a loan from USCash and never paid the loan. He also stated that they sent me several emails and i didn't repsonse, so they thought i didn't want to honor my agreement. I do not know what this person is talking about. He was talking about me owing 5400.oo, i told him he was a scam. the person told me that he would see me in court and i would be crying. He told be that i would be picked up and sent to jail and i would need a attorney. They called me from 760- 933-5410 and the man had an accent.

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