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I signed up with Calfinders when they promised to give me decent leads for construction jobs. They say that they prescreen all the leads, to find people who are looking for a contractor immediately for a specific project. <br />
There is a $400 sign-up fee and they want you in a contract for six months at $145/mo. and then you must pay $80 for each lead.<br />
I checked out a dozen "leads", and found only one returned my calls. She wanted an estimate to have some fencing done. <br />
I gave her a very decent estimate, but never heard from her again.<br />
The quality of the leads Calfinders has is not what I was led to believe. I tried to contact them with my concerns, several times, but they never admit any wrongdoing. I believe they sell the same lead to several different contractors, They sell alot of tirekicking leads, in one case they sold me a lead for a job that had already been done by another contractor.<br />
stay away from Calfinders. Do your own advertising instead.

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  • Br
      19th of Apr, 2010

    I too had sign with them. Only for 3 months. I was counting the days for my contract to end. The leads weren't very good just like you said. Some said quit calling me. This was my first call to them. Other said they have have 10 call by contractors already. Ths lead Idea is good but it's expensive and not worth the money. I spent $1500 for 2 leads that were real. I have found word of mouth and my quality work is the best way to find jobs. Also look into BNI (Business Networking International) this is the world's largest referral organization. Local business people meet weekly to network and refer business. Best buy for your money

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  • Br
      25th of May, 2010

    I have just signed up for Calfinder a week ago. I have 18 leads already, 11 of which i have requested refunds on due to numbers not in service or the supposed "homeowner" not being a person at that house. For company that claims to verify every lead, I don't understand how that happens and when i press for answers, i get only whoops, sorry answers, which aren't good enough for me. I can't wait till this bad experience is over and will continue to advise people to stay away from them with extreme urgency

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  • Br
      28th of May, 2010

    After a few emails and calls and early frustration with calfinder, i'm happy to say that some issues i have had been cleared up and resolved. I had high hopes going into the agreement with them and after a good open debate on issues and problems and having them resolved, I'm glad to say those high hopes have returned and I look forward to doing some good, productive business with them. I will say that the person handling my account, Alexis, is very customer service minded and was very proactive in helping fix the issues i have and opening the communication lines to getting everything fixed.

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  • Ji
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Calfinders is a big joke!
    I did have the same exact problems with Calfinders and there dead leads, as they always claimed to make good on it. THEY DIDN'T THEY STILL OWE ME SOME $$$$ ON THERE DEAD LEADS. To the point that i had to put a stop on there automatic withdraws, what a scam and a [censor] they are. Don't ever do business with them because they will suck your account dry.

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  • No
      22nd of Jun, 2010

    Hope you guys are not being fooled by CalFinder trying to cover there A** on all these sites & responding to there own fake usernames like "Brooks78" to help make them appear in our eyes a trust worthy company. There RATS & do yourself a favor & dont be the cheese . Im gonna laugh when I see on the news one of these struggling crazy contractors goes downtown Oakland on 3rd. day & Deletes these people & there shady way of business. Just a matter of time

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  • Br
      13th of Jul, 2010

    -Their sales person lied to me when he said that every lead sent to me was contacted by Cal-finder previous to the lead being sent out. That was an absolute lie, your support team even tried to tell me that numerous times. I received many leads that were wrong numbers or the number had been disconnected and still had to fight tooth and nail to get credits.
    Your leads are horrible and misrepresented. I feel taken by your sales team for telling me that you contacted each lead that came through to verify the lead was legitimate, and to notify them that we would be contacting them.
    That is the only reason I agreed to your service at an outrageous price and a set up fee. I will be telling everyone I can to stay away from your service
    I feel I am owed a return on my set up fee and four lead credits and even with that I will not continue with your service.

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  • Sa
      15th of Oct, 2010

    I have to agree with all the other contractors. We are here to stay in business and to have our business grow. With Calfinder you will find yourself CHASING after these people all times of the day and lets not forget if you don't return the lead in 7 days you are out. But on the other hand Calfinder will tell you that you have to keep trying to contact the person. One person I did speak to about the lead I recieved, they said they answered a EMAIL and next I contacted her. NO ONE FROM CALFINDER contacted the person, just spamming people. Just buy a valid email address and keep sending them out under various projects and bamm you will get the same people calfinder finds you. Like all the others I am counting the days to the end of the trail period lucky for me I made them send me a 60 day contact.

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  • Ma
      18th of Dec, 2010

    CalFinder - and Solar CalFinder- are huge scams. If a contractor wants a reliable referrel service the contractor is better off with word of mouth. There telemarketer tactics are for the contractor to first buy 20 leads at $80 dollars each, at 3-6 or more leads a week totaling $480.00 + per week. On top of that a $430 app fee and a $145 monthly membership fee with no guarantee of a job. I was called numerous times and spent 1.5 hours with a telemarketer who couldnt give me the price until the end. Im really ashamed I gave this telemarketer my precious time. I feel I was douped and almost SCAMMED.

    There sales guy bad mouthed servicemagic and I only pay $10 per lead. I had great success with servicemagic.

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  • Sa
      18th of Dec, 2010

    Check with the BBB Cal Finder has MANY complaints filed against them, and they have the nerve to say on there web site they will not do business with anyone that has a open complaint with the BBB. All they care about is getting your CC number or checking account number and billing you to you scream. Even if you have a contracted amount of 300 per week they will go over that to bill you and when you ask for a credit they will only give you a credit for a lead never a refund and continue to bill you the next week at the max or go over. They kicked me out for contacting other contractors and complaining about them, best thing that ever happened. I had to block them on my CC to stop the charges and they have emailed me repeatly for a balance due of 180.00. And when I ask what about the overcharges they tell me they will give me a free lead. I will never pay the balance and I would rather go to court and expose them. There are better companies out there, but all these lead referral program are starting to become trash. You are better in your local paper for the cost.

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  • Da
      24th of Mar, 2011

    I belonged to Calfinders. They charged me $700 signup, the leads sucked. I immediately droppesd them you would think if they were an honest company they would work with you a little. They arent and they dont. Dont join its scam they are crooks! Oh the salesman said he had a kitchen job, and an additin I could look at, BS never got one. The last straw was I went to a job and they wanted me to replace cabinet doors that were ripped off due to a foreclsure. Im not a cabinet maker. Please read this and save your money. Did I say they are crooks! The absolute worst.
    Dan Roach

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  • Th
      9th of May, 2011

    If you wish to advertise first thing to understand is that there is a risk in advertising.

    Second thing to understand is that with conventional advertising; radio, tv, yellow pages, newspaper you pay $1000 or however much and hope people call you and turn into leads/business.

    With lead services you ONLY pay IF people actually respond to advertisements.

    Lead services have been around for many years because they work for many people. Why are you having bad results when others are succeeding? Are you just a bad people person?
    Or maybe the G.C. that droped out of High School is not sharp enough to work leads, only the G.C. that choose this profession and was not forced into it for a lack of oppertunity in life can have success.

    I do not know why people make money with Lead Service and why some people Lose money with Lead Services.

    But one thing IS a FACT. Some people make money with marketing, some people lose money, what will happen in your case?

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  • Be
      16th of Dec, 2011

    Thank goodness I came here first before signing up with this company. I just received a call from them trying to get us signed up but after reading all these complaints there it no way in He!! I will sign up with them now. It always seems to look good on the surface but then after they have picked your pocket you find out how some people perform business. It is just sad! Thanks everyone for the warning!!!

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  • Na
      7th of Aug, 2012
    Calfinders - Calfinders leads are the worst
    United States

    Calfinders leads are the worst. Calfinder's leads are old or sold to 100 times. As soon as you sign up and start paying them they will not return calls or emails. Make sure you read their sneaky contract they will not refund any leads even if the consumer never answers the phone or already did the work. They don't care as long as they get their money. is a scam!!

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