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Bullied In Queen Creek AZ

Posted: Jan 28, 2015 by    

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
United States
Candalee parker is using the alias bullied in queen creek az she stole $5000 from johnny reynolds 4 / 2010 and no payments have been made the agreement was a 60 day loan. Bullied in queen creek az is making false illegal and horrid statements about me reporting this theft. Candalee parker resides in idaho because she is fleeing az for crimes that have nothing to do with me. I did file a law suit against her in phoenix, az that is not yet resolved. And may be part of the reason for relocating to id. I don't believe her husband thomas g parker is aware of all she has going on no one is bullying her. And the complaints can be investigated and proven, this loan and theft was on the dr phil show oct 21, 2014
Updated by annettekaye, Nov 22, 2017
the Posts BY Mrs Parker, Canda, CandaLee, Mr Parker, Bullied in Idaho, and Harassment Lawsuit are not true. There are lies, defamation, and harassment in them. Even the ID Court case did not go as she describes. If you would like all the facts please email me directly at annettekaye at annettekaye dot com
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D  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
(1) no alias as annette kaye knows who we are, where we live (all 3 residences and one horse property), all employments, family and friends. she maintains constant contact, trespasses with intent to "collect pictures of assets" for the judge in her imaginary lawsuit which she lost. she appealed and with evidence already in the court system, we are sure that her appeal will be denied. (2) we did not flee; I maintain employment in arizona as well as idaho which annette kaye loves to try and have us discharged. she cannot work in the public sector because of her mental issues and is jealous because we can. (3) my husband knows everything; he has done much of the research of annette kaye and her (husband) and working closely with our attorney. (4) annette kaye is very upset because she is not liking the skeletons in her closet being exposed as she has done to us for many years. she loves to find (what she truly believes) to be the worst in us and portray it all over the internet. this is a cyber bully! yesterday, she now threatens to call our employments and cell phones in order to harass and cause harm. this has been and still is her pattern for more than 3 years. she is being investigated by legal authorities and is liking that we are standing up for ourselves. dr. phil and associates have proclaimed the check a fake and we know that her (husband) is being manipulated because he is extremely afraid of her and does not want what we have experienced turned on him. the check has nothing to do with her and her (husband) owes us over $23k. this is documented. (5) annette kaye has documented mental issues including bipolar disorder which she has admitted in past documents submitted to the court system. she faked a suicide blaming us and this is not the first time. she is a very unhappy, vindictive woman. as you can read from her posts; she is irrational.
N  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
When annette kaye is proved wrong; she just starts another profile to justify her cause of stalking and bullying our family. she has many profiles using our names in which she uses to to stalk, bully and harass.
N  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Here it is another blast from the bully..
"more email from canda good lord just grow up!!! it is so pathetic for you to continue with your shenanigans. no one here wants anything to do with you. johnny and I both hate you... that may drive you more crazy than you were in 2010 but it is a fact... leave us alone... have some self respect find a job take a nap pay back stolen money, write a letter of apology, fake school or lie to admissions, play with your imaginary friends... "
N  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Please be known that the emails that annette kaye is getting are notifications from the scam, complaint sights that she posted our information on for harassment purposes! no one is emailing her directly. as usual, she intends to not print the whole stories but only that which makes her feel good about herself..!
D  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
The author of this original post contradicts herself.. hmmmm.. we are employed!

Annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - yesterday 11:31 am

Canda who is blocked from this profile thank you so much for publishing johnny's phone number. the only numbers I have for you and thom is work. and thom's cell. let the games begin 
D  30th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Candalee parker you can slam me all you want but you stole $5000 from johnny that makes you a thief and your lies in these posts help my lawsuit against you... keep up the delusions...
N  26th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
@annettekaye The Idaho Case did go as planned and is the first of its kind in defense and damages judgment against defamation and slander by Mrs. AnnetteKaye Bedwell. A permanent injunction has been granted, damages, and Mrs. Bedwell's motions completely thrown out for lack of evidence. Since Mrs. Bedwell is not suppose to mention my name or my husband's per the permanent injunction, this post will be brought to the attention of our attorney and the court. If you wish further information, please contact candalee@candaleeparker.com.
D  1st of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Please note the above post: This is what she does. We did not "slam". We wrote the truth. We have decided that we will no longer stand for the ill behavior. As far as the lawsuit (since there is none), we will welcome taking all of her internet bullying in front of a judge. And a counter-suit will be warranted!! I love my "delusions" listed all in her own writings!
D  1st of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Here it is again.. "annettekaye casady
Shared publicly -

Canda was going to invite johnny to her double mba graduation in october 2011... but I found her advertising an mba in 2008-2009... so either she wasn't graduating in 2011 or she didn't have an mba in 08-09... or I would suspect a secretary doesn't have an mba or a double mba at all... "

This is what she does.. she posts, she writes, she emails (yes, she contacted my university and tried to have me expelled), she teases, she taunts, she threatens (to file another frivolous lawsuit against us). we are sure this gives you great indication what we have been going through for many months.
D  3rd of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Here is the next best thing.. this shows exactly the kind of person she is; no accountability or responsibility for her own negative behavior but let's gossip about others that are not involved with her..
"annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - 11:38 am

The responses to julie are priceless... everybody is out to get you huh it is never you responsible for you. everyone else creates you to be a victim. no one understands how wonderful and caring you are. they all overlook how perfect you treat people... blah blah no one that wins in court told the truth they me included are all the problem. poor poor you. thanks for involving me in your rebuttal that means it can be put in evidence with no problem... good job again I win because of you needing to get even with the people that sue you tada good day for me..."
See how she loves to win..! interesting!!

D  3rd of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Isn't this interesting.. I would call this a bully, extortion and blackmail..
"annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - 9:35 am

Good job to search your name the first 5 entries are the complaint forums for the $5000 you stole and the first 3 pictures are the check to prove the theft... I love it when you act out and help me... good job you create yourself to be on pg1 of google for theft... by posting posting posting... you are the center of attention"
Btw.. she makes sure we are number one on the google list.. I believe that is being a bully and harassment!
N  3rd of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
How awesome that craig and julie carroll have a "licensed minister" advocating for them. how sad that we were so compassionate to be sure that their son did not lose his scholarship from asu. please note next post from our cyber bully.. love the way she gossips!
"our cyber bully just has to twist the truth.. it must be what great"licensed ministers"do.. casting stones and gossiping!

Annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - 6:35 pm 02/03/2015

Why ask the bishop if the person dealing drugs out of your basement is ok but when getting cleared to go in the temple you neglected to tell the bishop about having an affair with johnny? or byu about your criminal history? you hypocrite which is yet another sin against god... I do enjoy knowing that you were helping and harboring a drug dealer...in your own leased basement written in your own words. doesn't surprise me with all the crimes in your past that drug dealing would be another one for the list. no drug dealers in my house and I get to go to heaven. life is good I can't wait to see the look on johnny's face when I share this little tid bit. and you emailed it to me good job"
D  6th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Dear julie and craig 2/6/15
I read canda’s comments, I am so sorry. the comments have been weighing on me for the last couple days. canda does that she attacks people and creates sadness.in the beginning of her attacks I used to cry and cry at the horrible things she said online. johnny used to just hold me while I cried. she ruined dinners, family events, just an ordinary day, and there was canda saying something that was horrid, most of it not true but horrid. she brought up being told I committed suicide on dr phil, it is true she was told I was dead, but it was a failed effort to be free of her horrible bullying. I would give anything to have my life be my own. when canda stole my id, I knew very little about her. after filing the law suit I started digging into her life and have been both blessed and cursed. now with over 50, 000 pages of evidence it feels as if I will never be free of her crazy attacks.
Like her attack on you I get them weekly sometimes daily. and telling her the truth does no good. explaining things does no good. even judges and police explaining does no good. her threats get old, in the beginning they terrified me but to date she has threatened me with law suits and currently the fbi. don’t let her bother you she is a blow hard with lots of hot air. almost 4 years now and I can honestly say she has shattered me, I have rebuilt myself and it has paid off hundred fold. so many things she does makes absolutely no sense. currently she is publishing johnny’s phone number and address on line. she as you see accuses me of mental illness and I see she accused you of the same. I am so sorry she is attacking you. don’t let it get to you. and don’t respond. copy her shenanigans and delete what you can. please email me if you need support or just to vent. canda and I have a court date so soon I will know my next plan to get my life back. don’t let her have yours it is terrible to go up against someone that has no boundaries.

A warm thank you,
N  17th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
Here is another great post and we have faxed to ryan as I am sure he will want to know that his name is being used out there. and since she is 'owner"of double j boomloading (in her words and posted on the internet); this company will be held in liability as well. as far as hiding! hope! home in arizona; home in idaho; home in utah.. I am not hiding! annettekaye casady puts all of our addresses, employments and telephone numbers for all to see. after all, she posted on craigslist right where I work.."canda says "here is another great post by annettekaye casady.. innocent people do not need to post or hide behind their lover's names!" no one is hiding candalee parker except you
Bullied in queen creek az is not your name and you are in idaho hiding from embezzling money from ryan. my name is annettekaye johnny is his name and he can have any opinion he wants, no one is hiding from anyone no need we live a good honest pay our bills don't embezzle money life. stop emailing us stop being a freak and stop copying this profile that you and your alias are blocked from. "
N  17th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
She states that we are stalking her but it is our names that she uses on the internet; we have every right to confront her! oh.. and I have pictures too! oh, and what police call her about me! I just sent them this as well! here is more.. "
Annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - 10:17 am

Candalee parker... do you realize that every time you come to this page and copy, comment, or email me you are helping me prove you are stalking and bullying me? 6/2011 I started telling you stop deputy lane called you and you promised you would stop then a restraining order, then injunctions, a then lawsuit, then you wanted dr phil to"help"and he told you to stop now 2/17/2015 and more more more. aren't you tired yet? why can't you leave people alone? the list of others that have went through this with you keeps getting bigger, more and more witness's to this bullying keep coming forward to give me statements. what is it with you candalee? my grampa always said"never start a fight but once it gets going win so they don't come back again"you started this fight and it took over 2 years for me to get mad, believe me I will win, you will leave me and johnny alone, you attacked julie publicly so I went through the archive and I have pictures of the property before you rented it. you lied... the property was in good condition. and you tell the world she is mentally ill (what the hell) I am dumbfounded that I even know this. but the jury has one more lie to see you tell.
A woman of worth would remove all the stolen id's... stop emailing, harassing, bullying people, pay bills and loans, and not attack people... candalee do you have any self respect? are you a woman of worth? do you ever tell the truth?
I will win you get to decide how that happens. you can do the right thing or you can be publicly reminded every time you choose to do the wrong thing. the choice is yours a woman of worth or exposed for your behavior. police contact me about you.. scott, ryan, julie, patty, and even karl, and alice. some of your family, and some of them hate you so bad they know nothing about you, because they have abandoned your behavior. your behavior to people is so deplorable. and all you can do is attack, be of worth do things that are worthy, act in a worthy way, responsible, and right, you were raised better, your mom tried hard to raise you right, honor her, honor the god and his rules, honor the laws of the country you live in, honor yourself and become a better person.
A woman of worth or a deplorable person the choice is yours. "
N  26th of Feb, 2015 by    0 Votes
More great stuff from annettekaye casady.. why on earth does she care? way too much interest in our lives..
"annettekaye casady
Shared publicly - 9:04 am

2/26/15 what makes this drama so fun for candalee parker, stolen id's still active, no investigators have shown up, no payments on stolen money, no self respect, honor, esteem, in violating others. why on earth behave so poorly? "
A  26th of Mar, 2017 by    0 Votes
Brandon m bedwell now married to annettekaye casady bedwell.. annettekaye casady is now annettekaye casady bedwell married to brandon m bedwell. please note that civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc has been filed and pending against annettekaye casady bedwell for her bad behavior and slander. any one involved with her has been placed with this lawsuit as well. mrs. annettekaye casady bedwell now resides in st maries idaho.
D  27th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
PLEASE NOTE THAT DAMAGES JUDGEMENT AGAINST ANNETTEKAYE CASADY BEDWELL, 06/13/1968, for defamation and slander have been awarded to CANDALEE and THOMAS PARKER. Please see Idaho Case! St. Maries, ID, Warden, WA, Othello, WA, Lind, WA
N  10th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
Updated on civil lawsuit idaho cv2016-00d4844-oc against annettekaye casady bedwell and husband, brandon m bedwell: damages award has been granted to candalee & thomas g parker by the judge in bonneville county for defamation and slander which is written in these posts! now on to the next item to be asked for! harassment and stalking to be addressed next!
N  8th of Oct, 2017 by    0 Votes
UPDATE: In regards to civil lawsuit Idaho CV2016-00D4884-OC against AnnetteKaye Casady Bedwell and husband; damages award has been granted to Thomas and CandaLee Parker by the judge in Bonneville County for defamation and slander of which is written in these posts.
N  10th of Dec, 2017 by    0 Votes
The truth revealed! This rant is HYSTERICAL! A feeble attempt at best!

CHAPTER TEN 5/21/11 I became involved, as a PAWN, in a game I didn't ask to play.

5/21/11 I became involved, as a PAWN, in a game I didn't ask to play.

On 5/21/11 Johnny and I went to a motorcycle rally BBQ that I was volunteering at. Hortense 's friend was there volunteering too. I seen that Johnny was nervous as we sat there but I had no idea why. On my way home from this event Johnny texted me his and Hortense 's texts.

He taunted her about us being at the event. He seriously poked the first stick, sad I didn't realize I was a pawn.

But later it came clear to me that a PAWN I was. He has used this same technique in our split up. So he is well versed in the use of one woman against another. What Johnny finds humorous at times is only painful to those he involves in his taunting. He does enjoy the pitting of people against each other and then blames it on teasing. He enjoys telling his side and watching as people react to the information. he has a list of standards that I am to live by, a list of what is funny, and these sometimes are double standards. Well really this list is A LOT of double standards. Now separate from his game I find it hurtful, but see it vividly as his pattern.

I knew about Hortense about January 7, 11, Johnny and I had already began an intimate relationship when he told me about her as possibly his soul mate. I should have took off running that very moment and prevented 2 years of painful hurt. But like "a good woman" I listened to his woes and responded with kindness. We were 4 month into this mess and I already had incredibly strong feelings for him, so I stayed by his side hoping he would sort it all out.

March 4, 11 Hortense was supposed to be here from AZ to rekindle their love. On March 3, 11 I went to him, thinking our life was over, I wanted him to know he was a part of my soul, we made love, talked, and when I left I told him I hoped I would get to see you next week. About a mile down the road I realized it may be my last moment in time to say "I LOVE YOU" so I texted I Love You. His response to that text was rude, but as I look back, very Johnny. Well again in his world Hortense didn't show, it was one more time she didn't keep up on what she had said. As I go through all this information it appears Hortense never intended to show.

But it prompted him to take a trip to AZ to settle this. That information will be posted soon.

This is about the 5/21/11 the day that Hortense and I began a relationship neither of us wanted or realized we were only for Johnny's amusement. I was angry at him poking her with sticks, I told him there was no reason for it, but a PAWN I was. From 5/21/11 my Facebook page was watched and Johnny received text after text about it. He shared these texts with me over and over finely on 6/21/11 I reacted. I sent this email to the women in Johnny's world bugging us.

"June 21 Annettekaye Herreid Kruse Casady
Hortense and Olga and Peggy with all your interest in my life, friend me so we can all keep in touch, no reason to watch from a distance. no secrets here that is why you all can see my life so lets make the playing field a little fair show me who you are. i would love the opportunity to look at your life and make comments about it."

I did not realize at the time that the GAME was what his ego needed. As I look back WOW I was a fool. But my intent was to get the stick poking to stop. My intention was for these women to just accept and move on. This STICK POKING sucked for everyone involved. I communicated with Hortense openly for a couple weeks until it just all got to crazy.

On several occasions I asked Hortense to stop. starting in June of 11, IN JUNE 11 I EVEN HAD THE SHERIFF ASK HER TO STOP! so all the stick poking since June of 11 has been her insisting on being a part of my life. I do hope at some point she gets past all of this and moves on, stops going to my pages copy and paste, post, sending to Johnny. Today she is still at it. You will see as I add more content to this blog that I am a woman that has had enough, enough threats, enough of her calling me names, enough of my words being sent to Johnny, enough of the crazy coming into my email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

I am sure as always Johnny is angry with me, for the most part Johnny doesn't admit his wrongs. He loves DRAMA and is very good at hating women. But he also could have not started a fight with Hortense, using me as a pawn. He is sure to get copies of these words, and they are sure to be only the words Hortense needs to hurt him or me. So be it. THIS BLOG IS TO PUBLISH FOR THE WORLD, HER WORDS AND PAIN SHE IS CAUSING. Johnny's pain WAS something I was dedicated to preventing, now it is about Hortense, her words, and my point of view. I DO HOPE I CREATE AS MUCH PAIN FOR HER AS SHE CONTINUES TO CREATE FOR ME.

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