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Bulldog Broadband / Transferring to other suppliers of Broadband

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Bulldog for me, has become one of the worst companies that I have ever had the displeasure to deal with and I am now on the verge of taking this company to court.

Earlier in 2007 I started the transfer process to move from Bulldog Broadband to another provider. I contacted the new supplier and placed my order - on the same day I phoned Bulldog Broadband using the telephone number provided on their website and spoke to a guy that loosely grasped English. The line sounded as if I was calling one of the Apollo spacecraft from the 1960's, it was so quiet and it wasn't helped by the constant crackling and the fact that their customer service agent chose to whisper. Morse code would have been easier.

I managed to communicate to their adviser that I was switching supplier and that I needed my MAC code and to confirm my intention to cancel - to which the adviser whispered something along the lines of having to wait 5 working days and then phone back. Thinking the 5 working days was just another Bulldog gimmick - I chose to ignore it and I emailed their customer services to get the code directly and it was delivered the next day - a part of the service that I was impressed with.

I have to admit that the quality of the Broadband Service provided was infinitely better than the problematic Tiscali service that I had previously been using - however the Bulldog Customer service had previously let me down (and I had chosen to let this go ... until now) by failing to action my Direct Debit instruction - so that payments would come from my bank and not from my credit card - a failing which will come back to haunt them.

So, the transfer onto the new supplier happened on the day my new provider said it would - my Bulldog Broadband service ceased and within only five minutes I was able to input the new settings onto the router and I was up and running with the new supplier. 5 mins without problems I thought to myself.

Days went by and the new service was faultless. Then during mid-March a bill dropped into my mailbox indicating that Bulldog Broadband wanted me to pay for an entire months broadband service after the service had been terminated. This was stupid and I emailed them to tell them so.

About a week later a response to my email came back which apologized for the inconvenience and that if I got my new supplier to tell Bulldog when they switched the service with the MAC, they would backdate the charges to a point that represented my usage with Bulldog. It was also pointed out that unless I did this - they would need 30 days notice.

Any right minded individual would think it not impossible for a company dealing in telecommunications to be able to see from their systems when a line became inactive or transferred out - and also for that matter be able to see which lines were about to transfer onto their service - I told them that I had told them over the telephone that I was wanting to cancel and get my MAC code and it really wasn't my problem if their agent had not recorded this.

Several emails later, they are still telling me that I need to give 30 days notice - although the service has now been transferred for more than a month - as has this complaint gone on for more than a month.

I've now told Bulldog that they are to only bill me for service that I have had with them and if they don't take this into consideration - they can expect a chargeback from my Credit Card company - if further charges appear, the matter will be going to the magistrates court.

If you are having problems transferring to Bulldog - use your cooling off period to get out of it while you can.

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  • La
      16th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    You are lucky.

    I went through the same procedure as you, with switching over and all.

    Yet i had my payments set up via direct debit and Bulldog still billed me for two months after i canceled the service.

    I have now sent over ten emails to get a refund as well as having phoned them up 7 times now and each time they promise to send me a refund and jut dont do it.

    They have owed me £50 for about 8 months now and still the issue continues.

    I am type this while waiting on the line to put in call number 8 to them and when i put the phone down i am going to walk into a police station and get a crime reference number. Obviously Trading Standards have not been able to help so i am at the mercy of these ###ing ###.

    Bulldog you suck the gunk of dead men's balls!!!

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