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Bulldog Alley/ Virginia Everts / Scam and cheating company!

1 Howell, MI, United States Review updated:
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Please DO NOT BUY a dog from this site or Virginia Everts, aka Jenny Smith, Giny and what ever else she uses. I bought a English Bulldog from her 1 year ago and still do not have the pedigree or registration paperwork. I have a signed contract with Bulldog Alley in which it states i would get all pedigree and registration paperwork, so i could register my purebred bulldog with A.K.C. Once she got my money it has been all down hill. No Papers, she wont return phone calls or emails and has blocked me from sending emails thur her site. She just lost a court case. I am hiring an attorney from Michigan to sue her. She is a fraud. She gets a lot of her dogs from Vortigern Kennels in Hungry. I have contacted them and they blame each other for the loss of the papers (ITS PART OF THEY'RE SCAM) and are no help... Stay way from them both. I have all emails, contract, and letters to and from Michigan Attorney. STAY AWAY!!!

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  • Je
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    My husband purchased a dog from her in March 07. We origionally wanted her as a pet though, we contacted her later asking to buy paperwork to breed our dog. She keeps dragging this out. I am interested in your e-mail. can you e-mail me personally?


  • Su
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    Please contact me, we also purchased a Bulldog from Bulldog Alley and $10,000 later we too have NO papers! Lucky for you, you received a healthy pup ours had parvo and cost us thousands of dollars to get him well. I live in Michigan and even had the state out to this house. I was never there (my husband was) and I am told it is nothing more than a puppy mill. I would LOVE to see this Place shut down for good!! Again please contact me I think working together we maybe able to Nail this monster!! Thank you Suzette

  • Th
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    I purchased a French bulldog from her over two years ago - dog came from Russia -- Not told that until I had the dog here in Colorado. Did not know the dog was an 'import' until later.

    Two years NO papers. If you advise me of the name of your attorney, I will contact him and see if he will represent me also.

    I also have a 'sgined contract' that my dog would be able to be AKC registered. Too bad it is not on two-ply paper.

    Theresa Ann Nash

  • Ja
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    This kennel/dog mill/ what ever it may be is dis-honest uncaring and an all around cheat. I purchased an adorable frenchie in Aug. 07 for full price which was supposed to include pedigree and right to register him with AKC, well you all know how that turned out, still no papers. I have called her more times than I can remember with her constantly telling me they were on their way Ha!!!!!!!! that is a joke until I could not even leave a message for her message box was full (convenient) I love my baby and would not give him up for the world but I WANT HIS PAPERS!!!!! JEN/Virginia what ever you call yourself. I have notified the Governor of the State four times at least and posted complaints where ever I could. Have been in contact with at least four other people including Stacy who have been ripped off by her. Also have talked to a woman named Cilia who claims she is getting everyones papers to them, there is another joke!! She also has a puppy for sale on her love-my-frenchies site Cami who's age she is lieing about I know because I bought her brother, they are 8months old, yet just another scam by her. Thry have until Feb.5 th to get my papers to me after that I will be contacting my Lawyer and proceed with charges! I hope Love My Frenchies and Bull-dog Alley are shut down for GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone would like to contact me feel free.

  • Su
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    Let me tell you our story about the encounter with Bulldog Alley. My husband had spotted a beautiful Bulldog on the Bulldog Alley web site and decided to go ahead and make the 30 minute journey out to her home in Howell, Mi. to take a look. Now to be honest he said the house was well maintained but then again there were no dogs in sight. Jenny (the owner of Bulldog Alley) greeted him and asked that he wait a minute while she got our pup. Now remember he was only there to look at the dog. Well, she opened the basement door and all my husband could hear was crying pups in the basement. He was not allowed down stairs. Once he was handed the pup he fell in love and called me at work to tell me he was bringing the dog home. He knew it was a bad situation but being the dog lover that he is he couldn't leave him there. He paid $2,000 cash on the spot and as soon as he got home he paid her the remaining money through paypal.

    With in 24 hours of picking up our puppy from Bulldog Alley he was diagnosed with having Parvo. (If you are not familiar with this disease please take a look at this link it is very informative ) Our vet told us that either this was going to break our bank or break our hearts. Keep in mind we purchased this pup as a Christmas Present for our 2 small children. Now we were put in the position of having to tell the kids that a bad person sold us a dog that was basically defective. After a day of pondering over what to do and cleaning bloody diarrhea and vomit out of the carpets we decided as a family to take our beautiful pup to the local Vet Hospital and have him treated. Prior to taking him in we spoke with Jenny at Bulldog Alley over the phone and she encouraged us to bring the pup back and she would give us a new one, but NO refund. Well, I wish someone would tell her that once a Parvo dog destroys your home with fecal matter you should not attempt to get another puppy for atleast a year. The virus can live in your home for up to one year. So either we took the risk and got the pup treated, or went another year without a dog.

    When we first went through this our local vet got in touch with the State Vet of Michigan. In turn the State Vet's office visited her in her home and then came out to interview us. He too was appalled, these dogs are lined up in cages in her basement. The state department was able to stop her from selling pups but for only a short time. They also made an agreement with her that she was to pay us $1,000 towards medical bills. (Which was in the form of a check that of course Bounced the first time around!!)

    She really is worst than a fraud, what she is doing to these animals in my opinion is the same thing Micheal Vick was doing with his dogs and where is he now? Her facility is Parvo Infested. She has stated that 1 in 5 of her dogs die of Parvo. And personally I feel as if it is nothing more than a Puppy Mill. Most if not all of these dogs are Imports ours was from Russia.

    So in the end our pup cost around $10,000 (3,500 for the dog / the rest on medical expenses) He was in the Vet Hospital twice both stemming from the Parvo. But now I am glad to say he is as healthy as a Bulldog can be and is a Great addition to our family.

    Please Beware of Bulldog Alley!!!!! Thank you for your time.

  • Ja
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I am so sorry for all you had to go through I can tell you are a true dog lover, thank god for people like you. I totally agree Jen/AKC Virginia is a monster!!!!! I also love dogs I did not have as bad a situation as you my baby frenchie did not have Parvo thank god he has cherry eye which is minor compared to what you had to go through. I am horrified that the State did not shut her down for good, what could they be thinking puppies and dogs are living breathing little creatures who deserve to be treated with love SHAME ON YOUR STATE!!!! I believe it to be impossible to ever get my papers for my baby but I am going to try by suing her and hopefully bankruping her and shutting both places down and good homes found for the pups she may have left. I have been communicating with Stacy and he is going to pursue sueing her also as soon as his wife is feeling better. To all who have been cheated by this poor excuse for a human being, maybe if we all get together we can stop this discraceful treatment of man and womans best friend.

    Thank you all for your time Suzette so glad your bully is better!!! Anyone who wants to contact me please do.


  • Th
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    Dear People Who Been VICTIMS of "Jenny Everts/Bulldog Alley.
    Please file a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 This is Federally based for all victims of internet fraud. If we do this, maybe we can prosecute her on the federal level. If anyone should go to jail, it is her. If you wish to email me, please do so. Together maybe we can hang her out to dry!!! Thanks a Bunch, Theresa Nash

  • Al
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    I purchased a dog in June of 06' and have the same story as everyone else... NO PAPERS!!! I have been working through the court system for 6 months to try and get her served with a subpeona for small claims. The court system has been unable to serve her, and after several postponed court dates they are going through with the case on April 25, 2008. Obviously she is probably not going to show up for court which will result in a default judgement. I would do anything to get papers for her, so if anybody has ANY way of getting this done please contact me!! I would be willing to go forward with a group lawsuit if anybody gets one together.
    I have also had a private investigator type person look for info. on her and it turns out she runs a very shady internet porn business... I am looking into the legal aspects of this also, I will do anything to bring her down. I will let everyone know what happens in my court case.
    Stacey Finley

  • Be
      5th of May, 2008
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    We also purchased a beautiful english bulldog April 2007 and no papers! I was looking up her site and came across this one and almost fell off the chair. My boyfriend who paid Jenny the 2500.00 for our dog just happens to be a lawyer and has a Michigan state wide firm, Thank god we have a healthy bulldog and we feed him nothing but Organic and is doing great! But we would like our papers. We bought a pomerian 3 months ago and already have her papers, so I thought something funny was going on with Miss Jenny. So like everyone else we would also like our papers.

  • Hs
      14th of May, 2008
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    WOW do i feel like a friggin idiot. I bought my bot DOJO from Jenny 1 year ago. Now he is healthy but again same story that fat Bi@#$ won't return my calls or give me my papers.
    I think most of us know where she lives I am sure that we could just go over there and demand to know what the Hell is up?
    I am furious and I am not letting this thing go away. I am sure that she will screw as many people as she can unitl someone does something.
    PLease email me personally as I would like to find out more about everyones story and find out if we can do something to stop her and her actions.

  • Er
      16th of May, 2008
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    I have never bought a bulldog from this women; I happened to see this posting and her website when I was looking for breeders.

    I am (as I am sure all of you are) a HUGE bulldog lover and I am very greatful to have a healthy, happy 7 yr. old and was looking for a second one, when I ran across your posts.

    I think it's disgusting what this woman is doing and she needs to be shut down and I say if the law isn't doing anything about, why not go to the media. Call up the local Newspapers, radio stations, even contact Dateline or 20/20...I am sure someone will pick-up the story and in hopes the more press you can get the beter the chances you have of getting the courts to take notice.

    Good Luck!

  • Pa
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    I'm fostering a 4 y/o frenchie purchased from Jenny. The owner could no longer afford her medical treatment so she was surrendered to rescue.

    This poor girl has been in and out of vet's offices her whole life. Herniated disc surgery a year ago. Same spinal problems again this month, chronic skin infections, liver issues, repeated urinary tract infections and the list goes on and on.

    The reason Jenny wanted the sick puppy returned is if it dies or she lets it die she will receive a replacement puppy. Importers are the ### of this earth.

    Visit this site for the truth about IMPORTED pups.

  • Ei
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    The coin has 2 sides.

    Good idea to go to media. If they are brave enough they maybe go to oversea and i can tell some interesting things for them. Example: After Bulldogally didn’t receive 1 pack pedigrees, the US post sent back the papers (includes Stacy’s paper), but anybody silly lost them at the US side….They never arrived back (i have official document - the US post lost the documents).

    During we working to solve on this problem (breeder, FCI..etc.) Stacy was impatient and prosecuted Bulldogally. The breeder was prepared to reclaim the pedigrees here, but the price would be approx. 450USD (current rate of exchange). Obviously we won’t pay for it from our own money, because we earlier pay for the pedigrees and sent them to US…

    After this Bulldogally didn’t pay our 2400USD (she said one person awarded 8000USD and lots of time going to court and losing tons of money), therefore we stopped the business and didn’t send the other pedigrees (this was our only one chance to enforce our money). Of course we never got our money…

    This story depended on 2850 USD.

    This affair destroyed our business and lost our either stable business partner. We are not too happy, therefore no chance whatever to send these papers ( its depend from us…not Bulldogally, because lot of papers here – within 1 meter).

    Why could we do anything in this matter (just 1 reason)? We also read this vomit flood….Stacy don’t lie! There isn’t any scam, ###, these just your own ideas…why don’t you write: 'I think'…in place of fals asseverations.

  • Al
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    I purchased a frenchie from this woman and not long after she got parvo and we almost lost her. She has a skin problem and we have to take her into the vet monthly for allergy shots. She doesn't have the conformation of a french bulldog and is naturally skinny. She's black and white and looks more like a boston terrier! I thought it was just bad luck, but 2 years later I came across this, I knew there was something strange going on when I saw the women but I didn't think anything of it until now.

  • Va
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    My husband and I were also scammed by Jenni. After reading these posts, I guess we were lucky - at least our Lucus is healthy. We adore him and he is a BEAUTIFUL Frenchie. However, we bought him to breed with our "girls", and as the delivery day of our first litter is quickly approaching, we recieved a letter from the AKC telling us Jenny has lost her privileges with them until 2016. No papers! How can anyone be so low? At least we take satisfaction in knowing that we got our boy out of there and he is safe, happy, and healthy! If anyone starts a class action against her, please notify us. Thanks all and God Bless!

  • Pl
      17th of Dec, 2008
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    I wish someone would of started this 2 going on 3 yrs ago ...Yes i also purchased a female and paid alot of money for her because i planned to show her and breed her... i never recieved her papers nor return emails or phone calls ...she has many names from what i hear ... she is also known as price...she should never regain her privilages as far as i'm concern trust someone and they do crap like this to you ...unreal... my female i placed in a pet home because i couldnt breed her .. what a learning lesson ...sorry to hear it took this many people to be scammed by her for her to be shut down .. i just hope its for good ..kathy

  • Ma
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    My boyfriend and I bought a puppy from bulldog alley 2 years ago. We drove 6 hours from pennsylvania to howell michigan to pick him up. We paid 2300 dollars for our dog. when we got there to pick him up "jenny" was not there to meet us in person. Her ghetto son walked out of some trailer in her backyard and came and made us sign a paper and handed us our puppy. We have never recieved any papers for our puppy. I wrote her about 20 emails and called and left her numerous voicemails. She returned my phone call one time and told me she was sorry that she was in the hospital. So I kept calling and emailing and nothing. Thank God our puppy was okay and is still healthy, but I can not believe that we paid that much money for a dog and got nothing we were promised in return.

  • Ma
      5th of Jan, 2009
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    Hey guys, you may know this already, but I just found jenny under a different website selling puppies. The website is listed below. It is the same description "small family owned kennel in michigan" . I seriously hope she is not doing this to other people on this website now. I just came across all of this tonight when my boyfriend and I were seeing if her website was still up and running. May be some help for those of you who live in michigan and are contacting the state.

  • Fr
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Wow, I knew I wasn't alone. I got a French Bulldog from her about 3.5 years ago. My story isn't as bad as most of yours but I feel taken advantage of just like the rest of you.
    When I went out to her house it smelled like pot and dog crap. The dogs were kept in cages in her garage at the time. There were at least 20-25 dogs in the garage at that time. A lot of the dogs appeared to be skinny and sickly.
    After seeing the dog we came to look at and of course buying him impulsively and without doing more research on breeders or rescues. He has had several health issues. None of them life threating though. He is most certainly not a akc standard dog. He is huge!! He must of been cross bred with a bear cub or something. He's a little overweight now, but even when he was at weight he clocked in at 45lbs. He looks like an english bulldog with a french bulldog head.
    We opted to not get the papers for him, and it looks like that was the best decision.

  • Bu
      21st of Feb, 2009
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    Like all of you, Jenny stopped taking my calls/emails right after the purchase. She claimed my puppy to be the offspring of Mervander, the South African champion. Come to find out, Mervander is located in Ohio now and his sperm was never sold, it was a complete lie and false advertisement on the site. My bulldog has had cherry eye, 2 torn ACL's, demodectic mange (at 1.5 years old), a severely inverted tail which had to be removed, and severe hip dysplasia all before turning 2 years old. We love her to death but feel horrible having to put her through all these surgeries. Wish I would have done a little more research.

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