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Bryant Furnace - Unreliable parts / 2 Serious Failures in first 5 Years

1 MD, United States Review updated:

The Bryant Gas furnace in our Comstock built home was obviously not built to last seeing how in the first 5 years or so the igniter and then the electric draft-inducer motor both already failed.

Twice now already in a fairly new "higher-end" home we have had the unpleasant surprise of waking up to no heat over parts failures in this Bryant (part Carrier) brand furnace! NOT a pleasant surprise and something we would have never expected so early on! We have kept filters changed often and any vents open, lint free, etc.

SO of course next we "PAY THROUGH THE NOSE" for any proprietary new parts to repair these, so that led me to take a harder look at just exactly what we get for the $400 or 500 dollars or more to replace that inducer-motor. As most could easily understand any spinning mechanical parts (like axles and wheel bearings) need protected from dust, moisture, and grime to last. The same is true in electric motors.

Well after my thorough inspection of the motor that failed it was easy to see the bearings and shaft were not well sealed against dust and moisture at least on this model. (310AAV066110AAJA) - (Inducer motor - HC21ZE123A). Fortunately I was able with several hours hard work to flush out and re-oil this motor and get it spinning freely and smoothly again, I was able to put it back in use until a new motor arrives. If the multiple sets of bearings had been dust sealed right however, this would not have been failing by now. Hey, there's dust out there! I hope the new motor will have better seals (the motor was about $150 without help and no surrounding metal frame parts). This had been very noisy briefly before it failed since it was chewing on dust!

Based on the way dust and moisture can just get in units are bound to fail not in 25 years, not in 10 years, but 5 or less. And don't use one of these furnaces in a dusty desert! Back when our igniter failed in 2008 it was more understandable since it sits directly in the gas flame, but that igniter stick really just crumbled. I suspect that not all gas furnaces fail that soon, so there must be better quality parts out there. I asked a local furnace expert if these gas igniters decay like this and should have to be replaced every couple of years and she said no!

Note: I have the paperwork and references to show for it.

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  • Dc
      12th of Dec, 2010
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    I have a Bryant model # 310AAV042090AAJA and have the same problem. Furnace only installed 6 years ago. I woke up in the morning to no heat. Tech says it's the Inducer Fan Motor Assy. Also says the part cost 971.00, has to be special order, can take 7 - 10 business days. Spoke to a local Bryant dealer who says that he doesn't want to have a price war, but the part should not be costing so much money. It's a shame that any parts have to be replaced on a furnace only 6 years old, but worse when the repair company you call wants to rip you off. If you have a Bryant Furnance, I'm sorry. But whatever you do, if you need service make sure to call an authorized Bryant dealer first and get other estimates before making a decision.

  • Dk
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    it amazes me that people will by the bottom of the barrell products and expect them to never break down. I am sorry to hear about your breakdown, but you have the most basic furnace that bryant makes. If you wanted something more reliable, you should have asked for the next unit up. also, your point with call an Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer is a great point.

  • Jl
      22nd of Sep, 2011
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    We had a Bryant model 583B installed on July 18, 2001 to replace a failed gas pack. October 27, 2005 awoke to no heat- Bryant tech replaced the induction motor which was covered under parts warranty, with the service and installation charge of $266.00. Today- September 22 2011, the tech is replacing the same induction motor- thus the third motor in the unit in 10 years. The motor and fan unit is completely rusted and is obviously of inferior quality. This is the last Bryant product we will ever buy. I suggest anyone in the market for a heating/ AC unit check the complaints on this and other units before purchasing.

  • Jl
      22nd of Sep, 2011
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    Update on above- the stamped metal plate ($2.00 worth of metal) is completely corroded. Raising the service cost to over $1, 000.00. Time to replace the entire unit. No more Bryant.

  • Ka
      3rd of Oct, 2011
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    I also have a Bryant furnace, and started having problems with it three months out of the warranty, and Bryant would do nothing about it. A switch went bad, and I am lucky enough to know a furnace technician that was able to replace the part and fix the problem for me. When searching on-line to order the part, however, I found there were loads of complaints about this particular switch, as well as other problems. II don't have a bottom of the barrel unit, as the previous writer put it, but the model doesn't matter. No furnace should have to have parts replaced when it is only six years ld. I will never buy another Bryant or Carrier product, and am very disappointed with the furnace.

  • Al
      22nd of Feb, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I have Amana gas furnace Model ACVC9. I installed it in last winter and it works really well. I am getting perfect comfort by this one.

  • Ja
      25th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Bryant Furnaces are designed to last for many years. We have a Bryant Furnace that is 20 years old. With regular maintenance from, they will provide you years of service. Replacing filters, cleaning etc... The key is if your furnace is not producing carbon monoxide and or does not have any cracks in the heat exchanger, The furnace will operate. Yearly checks for those two things will tell you how it's doing. Since its 20 yrs old, the efficiency is poor compared to a newer model. One thing to consider in an upgrade, less cost to operate and more efficient.

  • Ma
      16th of Mar, 2013
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    Bryant Furnace is good one for heating system. I had to replaced it because it was 25 years old and technician recommended me to replace it by so I did it. I noticed that York gas furnace is also a high efficiency gas furnace.

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