Bruce " Associates Construction Co. / Incomplete roof replacement

My house and garage roof were replace by Bob Bruce's roofers in Oct. 2004. It took 6 weeks for the roofing to be done. I signed the contract with Bob Bruce on 10-02-2004 for a cost of $5, 230.00.
11 years later, during the winter of 2015, water leaked through the porch roof forming icicles along the inside porch railing. As the snow melted on the roof, it began "raining" inside the porch, through the first floor bedroom ceiling around the ceiling fan, as well as near the chimney on the second floor ceiling.
Currently...March 21, 2016...roofers from another, more reputable construction company, are removing the roof installed by Bob Bruce's roofers who among other mistakes, did not put any flashing around he dormers or chimney which accounted for some of the roof leaks.
I do not expect any compensation from Bob Bruce but want to go on record as a complaining about him having a bad construction company. In response to him about my roof leaking, he sent a very nice man to seal the shingles twice near the leaks. Sealing did not work. The man who sealed said the roof had been badly done. This was confirmed by the current construction company who is at this minute replacing my roof.

Mar 21, 2016

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