Brookstone Apartmentsillegal towing of my vehicle

Whoever is the new management at brookstone apartments is a liar!!! We woke up this afternoon with a gut feeling something wasn't right. Didn't have to go anywhere all day until later that evening. I go to leave and my vehicle was gone and someone else was parked in my parking stall that we've been parking in for 4 months now, not once been told different! I call the police to report it stolen, mind you it is 11:30 at night and they tell me it was impounded for illegal parking. And its a civil matter, we were given the stall when we moved in so how is it illegal? So we called the towing company and they told us that we were parked infront of a buisness for 3 days which technically we were in our stall not in front of the buisness.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Buena Park, CASo that was 1 lie that the apartment manager said, the 2nd lie was when we talked to the towing company and they said they stickered our vehicle 2 days in a row in which case we left both those days where we do have proof!!! And seen no sticker anywhere on our vehicle. I now have to wait until management comes in today to talk this out with them and expect cooperation or legal actions will be made because we have proof, more proof and even witnesses that will say we were right.
I am not happy one bit with this company. We recieved a letter on our door when we got up saying it just went under new management... Our vehicle is in their computers, they are just too lazy to go in there and look. Obviously. So in all reality who is to pay for the towing? Sure isn't going to be me. Very unprofessional!!! I wouldn't recommend staying at any apartment complex ran by these liars (Assuming they are all ran the same since its the same company and all) all in all this is grand theft auto!

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