Brooklyn Beefcake Bullies / english bulldog puppy

1 Brooklyn CT, US

I bought a puppy from Julie Duncanson on Oct. 22, 2017. Upon bringing her home, I immediately noticed she was urinating excessively which is indicative of a urinary tract infection. I brought her to my vet and she was put on antibiotic drops. Her condition escalated to where she began peeing blood and she was then given an antibiotic injection. She continued to have blood in her urine and went in for an ultrasound and xrays which showed that she had bladder stones and a hiatal hernia, both of which are congenital issues. I contacted the breeder throughout these issues and she offered to refund money but at this point I had already spent $1369.71 on vet bills. I asked her to give back some money towards these vet bills and she has refused. It is my belief that she knowingly allowed us to purchase the puppy with obvious signs of urinary problems.

Nov 28, 2017

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