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1 United States Review updated: is a phony scam "Music" website! The scammer that "Owns" this so-called "Music Site" is Roy Elkins.

This loser is a cheap scammer that runs his "business" out of his cheap little apartment in Madison, Wisconsin.

Here's what the scam at entails:

The "CEO" (Brother, what a joke, it should be CS for Chief Scammer) Roy Elkins makes big claims that he can get your music in front of "Big Music Producers." That, is a bold face lie!

What this loser really does is work off a sheet that he bought for a few bucks, and one that anyone else can buy, if they care to waste the money, (including many other scammers like that "Lists" all the "Big Music Producers" that are "Searching" for music by folks that have not been published!

This scammer Roy Elkins tells musicians that he can in fact get their music "Heard" by these so-called "Big Producers." What a crock! And, he gouges these people for hundreds of dollars! He robs people of their money, their hopes, and their dreams!

These music producers are not interested in musicians that are not known! Nonetheless, Roy Elkins tells these trusting people that "He's different. He can get their music in major motion pictures, commercials, television programs, and a big list of other lies.

Roy Elkins also runs other scams that involve "Contests" and other major scams to sucker hopeful musicians into his den of thieves!

Recently, this swindler Roy Elkins hooked-up with ASCAP, (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) to peddle his lies to the members, which account for over 300, 000 people. ASCAP has a "Community" website, (Actually a Social Networking Site) where musicians and others can upload most anything. HOWEVER, now that this bum Roy Elkins has teamed-up with Mark Palermo, of ASCAP, the "Moderator, " members are forced to "Join" just to rate other people's music!

Of course, Mark Palermo of ASCAP lies and tells members by message board posts that is "Legit." Yep, I guess it's easy to say it's "Legit" when Palermo is getting a money kick-back from this scam artist Roy Elkins!

ASCAP should be sued for false advertising! ASCAP should have to pay each person that is forced to join a fee for allowing such a scam to be on their site! However, that's not going to happen because ASCAP will just deny that is a scam! Also, Mark Palermo, the "Moderator" on ASCAP's "Social Networking" site is a lawyer, and we all know how "Honest, and trustworthy lawyers are."

For all ASCAP members that are reading this scam report: You need to band together and force the big-wigs at ASCAP to get rid of and Mark Palermo for allowing this dirty scam to be part of the "Social Networking Site!" Also, keep reporting ASCAP and to the Better Business Bureau! Post messages in every place you can think of about the scam that is pulling.

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  • Br
      Apr 01, 2011

    Hi! Broadjam stands behind our service and all the licensing opportunities we provide, which have given thousands of artists placement in major media as well as real paychecks. If anyone has any issues whatsoever with Broadjam's services or commitment to songwriters and artists, they can contact us anytime at We're here to serve our community and work for the success of all independent artists. Please ask us about any questions you might have because we strive to contribute a transparent and legitimate service to all independent musicians!

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  • Na
      Jul 08, 2011

    If you are as transparent as you claim Broadjam then how come you have once again started this years 6 pack contest 2011 without establishing the rules clearly for everyone and more importantly you have still not addressed the many concerns made by artists like myself from last year about your crap ###in rules and also regarding the high level of cheating going on with multiple profiles.
    You still have yet to tell everyone why last years winner H.J.Carney suddenly disappeared off the face of the ###in earth without a trace within days of winning the contest ????? In last years contest you also changed the rules mid contest and once again the same people from previous years surprisingly ended up on the leaderboard. Also last year you decided to stop any kind of negative posts appearing in the blog ( and there were many aimed directly at you broadjam). You denied people freedom of speech simply because they were calling you out and you didn't like being found out! They all questioned YOU broadjam on changing the rules mid contest and the use of multiple profiles where people were voting for themselves and YOU broadjam did nothing to stop it, in fact you went the other way and ###in encouraged it from which several artists deleted their song entries in disgust as well as a large number of artists who left the website because of the sheer lack of ###in transparency from YOU broadjam who CHOSE not to answer any concerns or issues raised by them. Where is H.J.Carney??????? winner of the 6 pack contest 2010??????????? One of broadjam's many many fake profiles to encourage gullible artist to part with their cash to line your ###in pockets! Transparency? My ###in ###!

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  • Ma
      Nov 08, 2011

    broadjam is an awesome company .. i totally trust them and have had many legit placements with my music as a direct result of broadjam listings . they dont steal your money... they actually help you with reviews, web hosting, contests and make it easy to meet other musicians all over the world.. to me that alone is worth it.. if you dont want to spend money hey even have a free membership where you can post 3 songs for free... it is a great community and i have been very happy with broadjam.
    margaret mcclure

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  • Bu
      Nov 08, 2011

    I've had a lot of success with Broadjam! The song contest furnished my home studio and the cash I won from ad placements was sweet! My publisher found me on Broadjam and Roy Elkins got me a meeting with the president of New Line Cinema. Roy was gracious in explaining the music biz to this newbie. I know the original complaint wasn't filed by NJ/ Protilius because Broadjam has found the hard working serious musicians making friends and collaborations and I'm proud to say that he is one of my friends!. Maybe if you stop masquerading as someone who is finding a lot of success through hard work and persistence, and stop whining that nobody likes your music, you could use your time wisely and work harder at improving your craft. Then you will get the success you so desperately crave.
    LIz MIller

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  • Jo
      Nov 08, 2011

    I've had enough of the entitlement generation. Let me be perfectly clear and this might hurt a little: The world doesn't owe you, me or anyone else anything.

    So broadjam offers a service for independent musicians. Judging by the licensing successes they're not doing too bad. The same goes for sonicbids, taxi and all the other licensing sites.

    Since participation and membership on the web site is voluntary I can't say gouging takes place. In this time where everything is "supposed" to be free it is hard enough to get paid for actual music downloads and copyright. Do you think Roy Elkins can run a company with several employees without income or revenue? There is no scam there, just a paid service.

    Interestingly enough ASCAP as one of the protectors of songwriters' rights and income pairs up with broadjam.

    Did I have many successes through broadjam? I didn't have any licensing successes through any site. My music is not mainstream and does a lot better on stock music sites and download sales. But I enjoy the different opportunities on broadjam.

    Remember, you have a choice. You don't have to participate.
    Oh, and you, second commenter - you can choose to stay anonymous but impersonation is illegal

    Joe The Shredder

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  • Ia
      Nov 08, 2011

    Anyone being taken in by this complaint should read the following carefully :- The person who made this complaint is one JohnnyUK..or Johnny C (you'll have to search the internet) he is calling himself NJ for starters...he's accusing Roy Elkins and various other people of dishonesty ...em..excuse me...person with the false name...secondly .. H.J.Carney is a real person who did win the 2010 6-pack Comp (rich person submitted tons of material into the Comp)...which no one could compete with. Broadjam have since taken steps to close this kind of loophole. search.. Hugh J Carney.. I'm sure you'll find some interesting reading...and it will prove he is a real person.

    Yes...I am defending Broadjam and in particular Mr. Roy Elkins, Broadjam has replaced most of my equipment in my studio thanks to the prizes I've won in Broadjam Competitions, I have been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with loads of top notch musicians and song writers from different countries and have worked with many of them...collaborating over the internet, which is btw...what Roy Elkins intended when he launched Broadjam...for us unsigned muso's to start getting to know one another and collaborating...hoping that what we do together...would be greater than what we could achieve alone, the ranting about people voting on their own songs using more than one account... is blown out of proportion...
    For whatever level I'm at in music...I've had The Most Pleasurable Musical Moments of my life since I joined Broadjam...I've met some of my Best Buddies through Broadjam ...there's no one forcing me to be a member of the Broadjam community...quite the opposite ...It's a Total Privilege !

    Ian Kenny

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  • Na
      Nov 08, 2011

    To the Poser Nathaniel Jones posting above.

    Fraud is a huge offense and I’m not above suing you. has done nothing but help me build a modest career in music production and engineering over the course of four years, I have met some of the most talented and driven artists through their website that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced to, and am humbled to be a part of such a diverse and eclectic pool of musicians and producers.

    The opportunities they provide are opportunities. Not promises of fame and fortune. If your work is good enough to make the cut... Someone will likely notice and good things can and realistically “will" happen for you if you work hard and stay the course (provided you can be professional and find a way to take criticism well that is.)

    Posing as a successful producer affiliated with this site and slandering both my reputation and the site in question is surely counterproductive to both a professional attitude and your ability to take “No” for an answer.

    My advice to you is:

    1. Grow a pair. If your music sucks... Don’t go bashing the system because they didn’t worship your high noise floor and crappy hooks on arrival. Just do better work.
    2. Music production isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you may be better suited blogging about your contempt for the music business on Myspace.
    3. Again... Fraud is a suable offense. I’d recommend you never use my name to do your hating ever again. If you’re so adamant about being a hater... Feel free to tarnish your own rep at any point. Leave me out of it... and learn how to ###ing write.

    Archive Lead Producer

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  • On
      Nov 22, 2011

    Some hard facts would have allowed us to judge your 'argument.' However, the fact that you need to swear and shout so much without actually managing to

    say anything illuminating says it all. You've actually made me want to sign up for Broadjam now, so thanks for that. By the way, I only found this complaint because
    Broadjam linked to it, so they're obviously not too bothered
    by your foam-flecked rantings, dude!

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  • Mi
      Dec 12, 2011

    Hi there. Im relatively new to Broadjam. Been submitting to op's here now for probably the better part of 3 months. I stumbled upon some of this negativity and slagging somehow and am a bit confused. If there service doesnt work. How is it that their are actually people having their music placed. As long as that is happening, then something must be working. To me it does sound a little like the person or persons who started this never landed any placements, possibly due to bad luck or bad music. Who knows. I find the website easy to use and think the whole system seems to work pritty well. Gonna stick with this for a while. I know i have some great music and im confident that i will land some placements with it. Im just a little confused about this complaint stating broadjam is a scam. I mean people must be landing placements for the site to still be running.

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  • Le
      Aug 02, 2012

    The reality is the gaining any form of success in the music business is an absolute crap shoot. With most professional endeavors in life, the equation is simple: talent + very hard work + dedication + attitude + little bit of luck will eventually lead to success. This is true if you want to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Engineer, Computer Programmer, or Indian Chief or any other non-glamorous profession. It is definitely NOT true if you want to be a superstar such as a famous musician, actor, or sports figure or any other profession that attracts the egotistical and self-centered. The equation to succeed in any of these "glamorous" endeavors is largely beyond our control. The equation looks like: talent + hard work + dedication + attitude + a stroke of luck equivalent to winning the lottery. Sorry, that is the reality of the situation. I have seen too many talented musicians end up selling strings in Guitar Center for $6/hour. Now, there is a HUGE cottage industry in selling products to those millions star-struck wannabees. This includes tons and tons of musical products you can buy to make you sound like your famous idol. For example, there are hundreds of manufacturers selling replacement pickups to make you sound like Stevie Ray, and another set of manufacturers selling you pedals to make you sound like Hendrix, and the list goes on. We also have a ton of businesses claiming to "get your music heard" such as Taxi, Broadjam etc.. These businesses are doing nothing wrong. The only people who are foolish are the consumers who pay these companies hundreds of dollars per year. In summary it is a lot easier to succeed creating a business like Broadjam, than it is to try and get even one song sold. Hats off to Broadjam for poaching the most gullible consumers in the world, namely Musicians. Go Broadjam!!!

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  • Li
      Aug 28, 2012

    @ Ian Kenny - Hugh J Carney does not appear to be on youtube, nor do there seem to be any relevant hits on Google. For someone who apparently makes so much music ("submitted tons"), the absence is notable. Just saying.

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  • Th
      Nov 11, 2012

    Its funny how the people who claim has had big success from broadjam actually saw this site and commented at the right time when someone has a problem with the site!! Just a little sketchy to me!

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  • Ha
      Jul 11, 2013

    Led Zep, you sound like a little whining ###, which you are. Musicians 'the most gullible consumers in the world' ? Uh? What the hell are you talking about? I am actually a smart guy and so are many musicians, idiot. Don't confuse 'wannabees' with 'musicians' and speak for yourself

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  • Ha
      Jul 11, 2013

    and Led Zep, if to you a doctor needs the same luck as a teacher, you need to grab something solid and hit yourself on the head with it. And so what if a musician uses pickups used by Ray Vaughan ? It's like saying that a boxer who uses boxing gloves like George Foreman's, makes a difference. It doesn't, dimwit, no one buys a record because the guitar player uses a certain type of pickup. I am pretty realistic about life and even pessimistic, but paranoid idiots like you who see some sort of conspiracy for every product sold, should really stop being little and grow up. Just a little advice, yeah?

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  • Mi
      Dec 18, 2013

    I am an ASCAP composer for many years, have some success and many failures, I do know one thing in my 55 yrs in the business, any claim or criticism that is made anonymously is just "blow'in in the wind" and cowardly in my humble opinion. So many critics...very few authors...Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah..Michael Rosandich.

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  • Sh
      Jul 03, 2014

    I signed up for a year on and currently have 2 songs on the Top Ten Country - Boogie listing. I also have had one song on the Country - Honky Tonk Top Ten list. I have had no benefit from being picked for these lists. advertises 1/2 off submission fees for Top Ten songs but I signed up for the Primo membership so when I submit a free submission which Is part of the package I do not benefit from the 1/2 off deal.When I submit songs I always make a note that the song is Top Ten etc. The song is "Play Something Country...That's All". All of this makes me wonder is there any real benefit to being a Top Ten songwriter? The explanation of how Top Ten songs are selected is vague. The only solid benefit that I have found is that it looks good on my Facebook page. I am exploring other websites, but so far is still my top pick. I guess that the Top Ten listings do work by feeding my ego??? Denis J Quilligan Jr aka Asbury-Slim

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  • Su
      Jul 10, 2014

    There is a bottom line to all this...simple mathematics using the laws of probability:
    If 10 people submit to an opportunity and you are one of them, you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting a placement.
    If 1000 people submit to an opportunity and you are one of them, you have a 1 in 1000 chance of getting a placement.
    Like all art, music is a subjective medium, what one person thinks is a great piece of music, another will hate, so the actual "quality" of the music is totally irrelevant.
    I am an old hand in the "music for media" business, with placements in Hollywood blockbusters, famous name brand TV adverts, HBO series, Discovery Channel documentaries...the list goes on and on, but never through any "pay to pitch" online site.
    I did try a few such as Broadjam, Taxi, Sonic bids etc...never a single placement. And some of these were non-exclusively licensed tracks that had already had success in some of the above productions!
    So sure, if you have no better way to try and pitch your music for moving image media productions, then go and buy your lottery tickets and submit to the likes of Broadjam. There (just might) be a winner and it could be you!!!

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  • Ds
      May 25, 2015

    I am an independent artist/ producer and I was given a free membership for Film/TV from ASCAP. While I can't say that I've had great success with placement, I also can't make that statement about any other service so far. I have paid them nothing, they allow me to upload my music for free and it's exposure. Not really sure what you were expecting from them but I'm pretty sure that nowhere in their T&C do they "guarantee" anything. So for me, if nothing else, it is another site where I can post my tracks, which only helps my SEO for my name and music.

    Parts of your argument seem like pure speculation with nothing to back it up. If I'm wrong, I'd love to see more evidence to prove what you are saying.

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  • Pa
      May 28, 2015

    This may be speculation and an educated guess but here is my experience with Broadjam. After posting featured tunes for six or seven weeks I noticed a pattern. The ratio of the views and actual plays were nearly always the same. Perhaps there is some software inflating the numbers mixed in with the real plays to keep the customers coming back for more. I've been around the block a number of times and after seven weeks I would expect maybe, if I am lucking, to get a dozen plays. But here I got over 1200. Perhaps my music sucks big time so the inflated numbers does jump out at me. Given that it would be hard to believe anything they do is legit. Perhaps Broadjam needs to be correctly audited.

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  • Pa
      May 29, 2015

    Just wanted to add another thought on this issue. This is regarding the number of plays. It reminds me of Youtube when one purchases fake views. Not many or no comments (unless of course you buy them). I found the number of plays on Broadjam disproportionate with the comments and ratings. Granted I did get a precious few of those from real plays.

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  • Ji
      Oct 24, 2015

    Wow. Right from the start, you can tell this so called musician is lacking talent and the dignity or intelligence to present a case. He's clearly venting like some whining kid on a playground. If you have to begin any complaint, or argument, or case with school boy've lost. You're just that loud cry baby throwing a tantrum in Walmart. Kick and scream while flailing on the floor all you want. A real writer, musician knows discouragement and works thru it. Instead of waiting for someone to give you a career because you paid $5 to have your masterpiece be the next number one song...LOOK, really look at your material. Is it recorded shabbily? Is it boring, or is it innovative and fresh.
    I've been using Broadjam for at least 3.5 yrs. Have not landed a placement to date. But I continually look at who is...reevaluate my songs after the opportunity closes, and ask if I can be presenting better material? Better recordings and mixes...better content...submit to more appropriate opportunities...etc. I have a feeling if this sophomoric name-calling complainer was honest with himself, he'd admit that there is more work to do.

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  • Pe
      Dec 01, 2015

    I am not in the position to decide whether Broadjam, and companies like Broadjam are a spam or not. But more I see how they work more I am convinced that the system is wrong.
    Just try to imagine the same system in a -let's say- restaurant business. In that setting the musicians are the restaurant owners, the costumers are the "opportunity providers". They call you and the order sounds somehow like this: " i would like to have something which tastes a little bit like apple pie, a little bit like cat fish and it needs to be a chicken...When you deliver the meal, the costumer has the right to say: " Sorry this is not quite what I had in mind, so i am not paying for it...And the bigest problem is that you, as the restaurant owner have to pay for a company which delivers you such orders. On the top of all, I am not convinced, that the persons how are making the decisions, have any sence of taste, not to mention qualifications.
    I know, this is a so called art, with no specific or if so, than with very subjective criterias, But, yet, can anyone imagine the same or even just the similar way of dealing with any business in any other area? Musicians are nowadays so vulnerable that it is unavoidable not to take advantage of them.

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  • Pe
      Dec 02, 2015

    My most recent experience (a day ago) with Broadjam:
    The description from the "Opportunity Provider": "TV show looking for music. Music needs to be upbeat and energetic. "
    Not much specific information, is'nt it?
    When the selection process was over, all what the provider had to say was, that he did not find anything what he was looking for..
    I have asked Broadjam about these kind of feedbacks earlier. The reply I got was, that indeed, some of the providers do not know exactly what they are looking for until they hearing it. Considering that hundreds of musicians are uploading and PAY for uploading for such opportunities, this is a very weak explonations.
    It is true that this is a very subjective field, with not so many specific criterias. But there are quite a few criterias which could be explained, but for that one needs to know something about music, and that comes either from talent or education or ideally both. But definitely, descriptions something like, "energetic", or "sad song" or "song which puts you in the mood" etc.. are very amateur. I have read several comments about how many musicians-and bad musicians- are submitting, which might be true. But nobody actually speaks about the validity-or invalidity-of the people who are making the decisions.
    There can be endless debates about these issues and the final result will be always that this is how music world works. But in that case it should not have any legal opportunity for companies like Broadjam -by taking advantage of this setting-collecting money from the most vulnerable participants of the game.

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  • An
      Jan 06, 2016

    Hey I've been a member of Broadjam and have had some music placement but nothing big. Some winning selections I didn't agree with but that's how things go. I've also won a few competitions and won some gear so it's not fair so slam them. The only thing I don't like is when they want music for film or video but don't show any video sample, scoring is very precise work, 1 wrong chord can throw off the mood needed and you won't be selected. I'm very sure I could have had more placements if providers had video clips available so I can see if my music will match properly or not. It's a bit depressing when you're not selected and you know the music is pretty good, but one should look at it as likely a need to improve one's work.

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  • Is
      Mar 23, 2016


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  • Mi
      May 20, 2016

    Hi Marley,
    This is Mike Huberty from Artist Services at Broadjam. Because you didn't actually enter the contest through Broadjam, but at the IMSTA FESTA in Chicago itself, then you weren't automatically sent an update through Broadjam when the final winner was announced. The IMSTA website had the final winner, Adam Avery, listed on their Songwriting Contest page -

    All the finalists are listed on this page, including yourself, from the Chicago event -

    Customer Service acknowledged talking to you about trying to fulfill your prize. They were waiting on an answer from you on whether or not you needed a Mac or PC version of the software. For more questions, just contact us at [protected] and we'll point you in the right direction to get your prizes fulfilled from IMSTA.

    Thanks for your patience and please contact us directly in the future and we're happy to help,
    Mike Huberty

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  • Us
      May 23, 2019

    BroadJam sucks!! Do not use their site! If this were 2000 I would maybe suggest using it, when they were in their prime, but the last 5 years it has gone downhill. The owner has publicly stated that they cannot keep the site running and have been in the red for years. This is very clear by the outdated website. They put up fake "opportunities" for people to "submit" to and then your song never even gets played by the provider and about 98% of the time they send a default message saying something along the lines of "We decided to go with an artist outside of Broadjam." Believe me, this is not me being bitter for not being chosen. I have had many placements outside of Broadjam and have been somewhat successful in the music business on a small scale. Save your money and keep grinding.

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  • Mi
      May 23, 2019

    @user2020473 Hi, this is Mike from Broadjam. I work with the publishers, song pluggers, and music supervisors on Broadjam and am happy to answer any questions you might have. Please let me know which opportunities you have submitted to where your song hasn't been listened to and I'll check on it and I can get you in touch with the provider as well if you have questions about it. We keep track of each listing in the system and double check to make sure every artist gets heard.

    Sometimes providers can't find music that works from the submissions they get on Broadjam. But all the providers we work with select Broadjam artists for a majority of their listings. I'm not sure where you heard Roy "publicly state" that we cannot keep the site running, but there's thousands of artists and dozens of providers that login every day to listen to music, select it for contracts and pitches, and communicate with each other.

    If you've had lots of placements, that's awesome. We have had many artists get their first publishing contract, make their first contact with a music supervisor, get their first song in a TV show, etc... with the connections they make through Broadjam.

    Anyone with questions, feel free to email me at [protected] or call our customer service at (608) 616-9539. We're happy to help.

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  • Mi
      Jun 02, 2019

    @[censored]Broadjam Hey this is Mike again. Yeah you are pretty right. I just got fired from them and It's so true. I have worked there and collected my paycheck for too long and not said anything. I was covering it all up and I feel like an idiot. I myself have tried on there for years to get my music licensed and never was successful. I'm sorry to all those musicians we tricked.

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