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Broadcreek Malinois


AKC Puppy Mill

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Broadcreek Kennels
United States
The Broadcreek Kennel owners breed both Belgian Malinois and German Shephards. However, they are more interested in making money off the multiple litters than the care of the dog. THis breeder has VERY skittish dogs, because they've never been in a house. These pups are sold based on the fame of her one Grand Champion, but she breeds so many litters that she doesn't know their birth dates or even their health. This breeder is registered with the AKC, but she cares little for where her dogs end up, and you should be warned that getting registration info from her is like squeezing blood from a rock. Don't be fooled, this is not a reputable breeder. Look elsewhere.
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D  28th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We visited the kennel. Not a happy place. She has way too many dogs and they all live outside in small pens. Stick to a reputable breeder if you are going to spend that much money on a dog. Don't support a kennel that just cares about the money. http://www.malinoisclub.com/abmc/abmc-breeder-information/abmc-breeder-list
N  19th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I own this kennel I live on 11 acres and have had the #1 Malinois in the country for 18 years I breed very few litters and show our dogs every week. We have produced over 200 champions. You can not do that if you do not take care of the dogs, socialize and train them. Our competitor's do not like us because we win ALOT!!! This is what stinks about a website like this because the complaints are a total lie. I am contacting a attorney about a law suit for slander.

N  19th of Mar, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I can give numerous references of people that have bought dogs from us. We have people come back to us for more than 1 dog. It is sad that people are this hateful to make false statement's about a breeder like myself. We drive hundreds of miles every weekend to show our dogs. We are known for having the best Malinois in the country. Debbie Keith has bought more than 1 Malinois from us her dog Hunter is a champion and has more than 30 working titles. Michael Lewin has 2 of our Malinois and are 2 of the top rated agility Malinois in the world. People should not be allowed to go on the internet and post false crap about people that have worked as hard as us to improve the breed. I loose at least $20, 000 per year because we spend so much money showing dogs. I have only had 2 German Shepherd litters in 4 years.

N  19th of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
We produced the first Grand Champion in the country in Malinois. Our German Shepherd was the 8th Shepherd to get his championship. Mira and Kayla have their grandchampionship and Partner and Hunter only need a few more points to get their grand championship. It is sad that people stoop so low to lie about reputable breeders like us to try to get people from buying dogs from us so they think people will go to them instead. If we were a puppy mill we would not go to the large expense to show dogs. I have only had 2 litters of German Shepherds in 4 years. My Malinois only have a litter every 2 years. People should not be able to lie about people on the internet. We have worked very hard to improve the breed and have made a lot of people very happy that is why when they want another dog they come back to us.

N  20th of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
To EtTu Brute and Lakota42: It is hypocritical for you both to make such slanderous and defaming statements without signing your name to back your words. My name is Nina Schlack and I own 2 Broadcreek Malinois and 2 non-Broadcreek Malinois. I have my Broadcreek Mals paperwork and celebrate their separate birthdays every year. In fact, I usually post their birthdays on Facebook! One of my Broadcreek dogs I co-own with Susan and actively show in Conformation and performance (Partner). The other (Bam) was given to me as a retired show dog. Bam was a year and a half when he came to me but did not like the Conformation ring so as RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS, Susan and Larry Legg added me on as a co-owner gave me free reign to find a venue of which would make Bam happy! Bam is training in obedience, nosework and tracking, but is most happy sitting on my sofa chomping on meaty bones. In addition, I have been to the Leggs home many times. As for dogs not living in their house, I think Bandit would disagree with you! Their dogs are outsdide during the day getting plenty of fresh air and exercise as required by the Maryland dog laws. The Leggs maintain a Maryland kennel license and abide by the regulations set by the state. Every year when the officers come unannounced to make sure everything is compliant, Broadcreek always passes! As for the Leggs not caring about the dogs they sell... I just spent the last 5 days with Susan at the Celtic Cluster in York. I set up and reserved space on Tuesday and came fully prepared to take care of my own dog. Even though I am fully capable of preparing my dog to show, Susan insisted on grooming Partner for me. In addition, she showed me how to properly care for my puppy's coat (a non-Broadcreek dog) as she has collics/waves in her coat and my boys do not - so this is new to me. She also spent the week helping me to socialize my non Broadcreek puppy. Did she have to - absolutely not. Why did she - because that is what she does. We are already coordinating shows with a variety of Malinois owners (Broadcreek and non) so we can get ALL of our dogs finished (Broadcreek and non)- including a new friend we both made this weekend from Ohio. Can Susan piss people off, yes she can! She will voice her opinion bluntly which does not always go over very well! She knows this and everyone who knows her knows this. Lastly, I am positive I know the person who make the complaint and it was not valid. If anyone would like to have a more detailed conversation with me, friend me on Facebook. You can also email me privately at grayfarm@yahoo.com.
N  20th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have 2 Broadcreek Malinois and never have a had an issue receiving their paperwork. Furthermore, the Leggs have always been supportive. There are many people who have gotten puppies from the Leggs and have returned for another. My dogs are by no means "skittish". Visit with us sometime at a show and we would gladly introduce you to our Malinois.
Lynne Boyle
D  26th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I bought my dog from this breeder ten years and I have had the best dog anyone could ever have. They were truthfully about my dogs temperament and his health. I would purchase another dog from them again at anytime.
D  16th of May, 2011 by    +2 Votes
There can be no liability for telling the truth. Since I have evidence of Broadcreek's poor administration of paperwork it doesn't matter how many friends will write in to say that the kennel is great. I do not condone the kennel's activity, and so must speak up in the only forum available to me. The people commenting are clearly friends and have a stake in the kennel. The AKC is clear that just because you are a registered breeder does not mean you are a responsible breeder. I found out too late that Broadcreek is not well received by the rescue groups. I choose not to give my name because the dog world is small, and people are petty and vindictive. I never said they were horrible people, but this is a place to express to others that this was a very poor experience, and that if you are looking for a Mal that you should look elsewhere. You may not like that review, but this is not something I have not told Broadcreek already. You should work on making your kennel better, and not trying to defend a bad position.
N  18th of Jul, 2011 by    -1 Votes
My name is Ed Avellez I have been a public
school teacher on Long Island for twenty five years.
I have known the Legg's for close to eight years.
I purchased a female Malinois from Broadceek
three and a half years ago.
I first traveled into New York (Westminster) to
meet potential breeders as my rescued German Shepherd was showing his age. I was heart broken to see my magnificent GS's health failing due to hip dysplasia.
I sought the Legg's advice as to the purchase of a puppy at this time.
Susan and Larry Legg had strongly suggested against purchasing a puppy at this time due the age disparity.
Susan said it would be best for me to wait for my
beloved Pax to pass before getting a new dog.
So for the next Four years I continued to do my homework
and periodically attended All Breed Conformation Shows
in my area to determine if the breed was correct for
my life style.
During this time I was never put under any pressure to buy a dog from Broadcreek quite the opposite they were nurturing and made me feel like part of a family giving me all of there experience and knowledge. All of this with out actually knowing if I was serious about a purchase.
Never having any previous dog showing experience I have since been showing my Malinois female for close to four years now. She is currently a AKC Grand Champion
and has a AKC Canine Good Citizen title as well. (Thank You Larry and Sue and friends)
I have visited the Legg's Kennel in Henderson M.D. several
times and is as described above a sprawling setting well kept with various pens and runs for dog interactions.
My Malinois Elsa is a fine example of what responsible breeding will produce. http://www.akc.org/breeds/belgian_malinois/
As for the registration and paper work all aspects were seamless and done in a professional manner.
I am writing this for those who would believe that
Broadcreek Kennels is a "Mill" it is a shame competing kennels will stoop to such a level in order to advance themselves.
The person ; who I believe may be a competitor should be ashamed of themselves. It only shows what people are willing to when they don't have ability and passion for the
breed as Broadcreeck Malinos does.

If any has any questions about my experience you can contact me at Dawgwalking@gmail.com.
Ed Avellez
B.S. M.S. ED.
N  1st of Sep, 2011 by    +2 Votes
I, too, have been to Broadcreek Kennel, the smell is awful and the puppies and adult dogs have a horrendous odor. One of the GS dogs is kept in a dog run surrounded by shrubs with no view of it's surroundings. Susan Legg states that she has eleven acres, maybe she does, but the dogs are all kenneled on a 1/4 acre. One of the dogs is kept in a crate in her garage. The kennels I saw were filthy, I have also spent time with some of Broadcreek's dogs: they are skittish due to lack of socialization and human contact. Susan Legg is an intellectually stunted bully and her husband Larry is a lech. I am also familiar with some of the individuals who have commented in support of the Leggs and their mental stability may also be in question. Anyone with any moral standards and ethics would not waste their time on people like the Leggs.
N  2nd of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I don't really know the Leggs and haven't been to the kennel. We purchased a Malinois puppy from Broadcreek a few years ago. I'd consider myself a neutral party.
The bad news: The puppy did smell pretty bad, we had to give her a bath immediately. She was very skittish at first. She was comfortable being handled, but balked at things like going through a doorway. It did take months and several phone calls to get her papers. The litter was co-owned, don't know if this complicated the issue or not, but I was disappointed in how long it took to register the dog.
The good news: Susan brought several puppies to a show, and allowed us to choose ours. She seemed to know each one. We did receive her health records when we picked her up. The dog is still a little skittish, but she's a Mal. She's is also very affectionate and generally friendly. She's had no health problems. She is very smart and very trainable. Great pet.
My conclusion: If we were to buy another Malinois, it would probably be from Broadcreek, mainly because we are so pleased with the dog. I would also be more assertive in insisting on verifying the papers before I purchased the dog.
N  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Breeders are not in business of customer service. If you are not committed to getting a Malinois, it's beyond me that you would get one. Shepherds, in general, are high energy, intelligent dogs that need training. Frankly, all dogs need training, proper training, but Shepherds really need someone who knows how to handle dogs.
Whythelongfaces comment is appropriate as well. You can hardly expect a good breeder to hand over a dog just because you have money and want to get a dog the moment you decide you want one. They try and place their dogs with people they feel can understand and handle their dogs.
D  22nd of Feb, 2012 by    -2 Votes
You might consider how seriously to take the comments of someone who would characterize themselves as EtTuBrute. Does this person have delusions of grandeur (do you think yourself comparable to Cesar)? Or are you simply paranoid (do you think everyone is out to get you "Et tu Brute?" purportedly being Julius Cesar's last words before being killed by one of his closest confidantes)?
A  24th of Apr, 2012 by    +3 Votes
When I got my pup from Broadcreek, he was extremely skiddish, he smelled bad, had parasites, and, environment issues. If they cared for their pups/ dogs, then I believe that they would keep in touch, but I haven't heard a word from them. Everything is brutally true about how they live, an where they kept. They are kept in small pens ; in the woods; with no overhead protection from the weather; but only a small dog house. The house is in immaculate condition, because the dogs don't live with them. There were no scratches on the floor etc. There is NO LOVE just love for MONEY. And I NEVER got my registration papers.
A  30th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
"Et tu Brute" would be a reference to Broadcreek's Marcus Junis Brutus. He is the dog that Broadcreek is breeding the hell out of because he is a GCH, and putting him so deep into the show Mal gene pool that its likely to create a bottleneck in a few years. The Leggs talk a good game about their dogs and then stab you in the back if you become inconvenient. That is the reference, but I suppose that was too much of an intellectual leap for a regular malinois owner to make.

Breeders SHOULD be in the business of customer service. They should ALWAYS be available to call (and PLEASANT) to speak to if there is a dog issue. And ALWAYS take them back if you can't keep them, and rehome them themselves to ensure they don't end up in a shelter. Breeders are creating a life that they should take responsibility for ensuring is a good one. Broadcreek is known among the rescue groups for not asking questions, not taking dogs back, and selling to anyone that has the cash. My own experience is once they have the cash they care little what you think or need. I am sure that some people have had a good experience. But obviously some people have not. A breeder should be concerned about their reputation and how they are perceived, not just the "breeder of merit" badge from the AKC. Since Broadcreek has this particular badge, "breeder of merit" means nothing to me. I wish Broadcreek would use their influence with Malinois and GSD to improve the breed, but I just don't see it. It makes very sad.
Larry Legg commented recently on a FB board that their dogs have good muscle tone because they chase each other in paddocks. This is probably partially accurate, the dogs are pairs outside. The other half they don't tell you if they don't interact with the dogs, and don't allow perspective owners to interact with the dogs. GCH Broadcreek's M J Brutus was downright mean, and you couldn't go near him or, as they said, "he would bite." They initially sold me a puppy that was missing a toe, but were unaware of the deformity because they had not handled the puppy. So I return us to the original point of the complaints board, to state an opinion about a poor business experience.
We need more ETHICAL breeders, not just breeders. I encourage people with an actual experience to comment, but if you are just trying to undermine other people's name tags you should just go walk your dog.
N  25th of Nov, 2012 by    +3 Votes
I dont like to show my mal but just love him. Look at how aggressive broadcreek was threatening a lawsuit for slander!! I dont know anything about any of this but aggressive show dog breeders are most definetly a turnoff. If it was false it seems there would be no need for threats and for them to have 10 other people obviously commment in retailation. They have an immaculate house??? excuse me? my mals have always been a part of my "pack family" and are the most beautiful part of the experience of owning one. And yes the house gets cleaned but most definetly has a few stray hairs around- that im proud of. the fact that they dont take dogs back seems really concerning-if its true they should have their akc stuff pulled-? and if its true can a petition be started online? what dogs have they rehomed and how much money have they donated to the hard working rescue groups? sorry, but akc "champion" or not the overseas breeders have much better looking dogs.
N  19th of Sep, 2013 by    -1 Votes
My family has been involved in the dog show/dog breeding world my whole life, both personally and through other family members. All of us have remained dedicated/committed to our respective breeds and strongly endorse the same dedicated/committed efforts of the AKC in maintaining an arena of good sportsmanship while promoting the sport of purebred dogs, breeding for type and function. Part of their "core values" are protecting the health and well-being of all dogs. Every judge is educated about each breed they are eligible to judge. When showing a dog, the judge literally goes over the dog from head to toe/tail. He/she judges each dog on the over-all health, soundness, temperament, gait, appearance and conformity to the breed standard.

Being part of this sport, doesn't come cheap. It takes a tremendous amount of time, money, energy, dedication and love of the animals to do this. It is a way of life! This is especially true when bringing a dog to the ranking of #1 in the country, year after year, with different dogs. It is also true when achieving the accolade of the first Belgian Malinois ever to "Platinum Level." Unfortunately, when this type of commitment/dedication is involved, it is also a breeding ground for jealously and malicious mischief. Instead of rejoicing and patting Larry and Susan on the back for the advancements they have done for the Belgian Malinois breed, some people get enjoyment in spending their time spreading nasty, unsubstantiated, anonymous rumors. Did they ever stop to think that this kind of "malicious mischief" does nothing but undermine the efforts of the AKC, ABMC, and promotion of the betterment of the breed itself? Maybe if they put as much time and effort into their dogs as they do into maligning Larry and Susan, they may end up with a contender.

Yes, I do consider Larry and Susan Legg good friends of mine. I just lost my 16 year old Malinois last year that came from Broad Creek Kennel. So yes, I have had a long relationship with them. Currently, I have 2 Broad Creek ###. One of which is a GCH and the other is a puppy with a 4 point major already on record (shown 2x). My husband, my children and I have enjoyed their hospitality on numerous occasions, staying at their house(dogs included in the bed). No matter how much time has gone by since seeing them last, my girls are always so happy to see both of them, tongues out with tails wagging. They never forget where the love comes from. I have seen and had my hands on just about every dog on their property (11 acres, clean and well groomed). As I was raised, she too is of the thinking, "dogs first, people second, " meaning the dogs get fed, watered and walked before the people do. These Broad Creek dogs are well cared for and exemplify the all of the beauty, brains, movability, drive and affectionate nature a Mal should have.

As far as customer service goes, I have always gotten any and all paperwork at the correct time. This includes, but not limited to shot records, food and toy recommendations, continued shot schedule, etc. (lol, even though she knows this isn't my first time to this rodeo). I have witnessed the same in traveling with her to deliver a puppy, and with dog/puppy client's at shows. She always helps and lends a hand. My GCH ### is the first dog that I have had that is totally owner handled, and Susan walked me through it every step of the way.

I am not one of a collection of people organized to retaliate against negative comments. Rather, I am one of many people that they have built a relationship with over their many years of dedication to the breed. The Belgain Malinois breed isn't for everyone, which may explain a negative interaction with one. I am a firm believer that dogs are the best judges of character and what is right for them. A picture is worth a thousand words! See the picture of the vicious Brutus below <3

Lynn Daniel

N  22nd of Oct, 2013 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
I purchased a Mali (male, Strider) from Broadcreek over 6 years ago. He does have epilepsy. It developed around age 4 and has been an ongoing struggle ever since. I notified Susan Legg the day of his diagnosis. I do not know if they discontinued breeding his line. She did say that she guaranteed her dogs and that I could get another when he passes on. That's neither here nor there for me, because I care about Strider in the here and now.

Strider is bit skittish and has been from the start. His skittishness unfortunately is a driving force in regards to having a seizure episode. He is on two medications twice daily to control them. He typically has them in clusters of 6-8 over the course of 2 days with a frequency of weeks to months in between each cluster. Recent research into Belgian breeds, particularly the Tervuren shows breed issues with epilepsy, greater than in more common breeds. This isn't a complaint about the Legg's, just general knowledge that purchasers should know about. I never had any follow up from them, besides my phone call, since I got him.
N  8th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
I just stumbled across this site... I am outraged about this.. I have known Susan for over 27years. I found her back in the 80"s. She was breeding Rotties at the time. There was a segment on wboc about her kennel I was 17 at the time, My boyfriend at the time which is now my husband went and meant them. We were interviewed several times and got the opportunity to purchase a puppy from them. As time went buy they were always helpful and help my husband and I training, We only showed our male 3 times he won a four point major after that I told Susan we weren"t gonna show him anymore, Susan was NEVER MAD OR NASTY about our decision.. We then rescued a female that Susan had sold to a couple that was having a nasty divorce, she told us about her, So to say Susan doesn"t care about her dogs that is false, She help us the whole way.. When we brought her home she was in heat and our male and her got together .. Susan was upset .. so to say SHE doesn"t care again is a LIE, She knew my husband and I had not a clue about having puppies.. Susan was with us the whole time she came over in the night when our female was in labor did all the work and never ask for a dime... It"S sad to say after having my babies for 10 and 12 years they passed.. I called her and she was so sad for our lose she offered a Mal puppy to us for free. We declined for many reasons .. Then when we were looking again about 4 years ago.. I called her not for a puppy but just to go visit.. We were at her house.. She showed us all her dogs puppies etc.. They were all beautiful not dirty etc.. We ended up with a AWESOME puppy which he is show quality but we aren"t in to showing for this same reason .. You guys are horrible to each other, We told Susan we didn"t want to show she was never mad At us, As a matter of fact we purchased a female 2 years ago, We got pick of the litter, Have never shown her and ended up fixing both of our dogs.. THey are the best dogs to have as far as them being flighty...Please read the AKC Breed for These dogs. Its goes as stated...Intelligent and trainable, the Belgian Malinois possesses a strong
desire to work and is happiest with regular activity and a job to do. A
relatively easy keeper due to their medium size and short coat, this
confident breed loves their families, but may be somewhat reserved with
strangers. They are naturally protective of their owners without being
overly aggressive.This is not something Susan or anyone else can make them be .. IT IS THE DOGS NATURE TO BE RESERVED TO STRANGERS.. All I can say is please do your homework on getting any dog . I can"t believe this page is even on here. IT is your right to feel the way you do.. but the facts should be known.. Not just hurtful words from people, because maybe Susan didn"t return your call asap or etc, but I can guarantee one thing ever get in a jam or your dog gets sick etc.. I can tell you SUSAN WILL BE THE FIRST THERE GIVEN YOU ANY HELP THAT SHE CAN... PLease do not resond I could care LESS what you think..
D  11th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
We got our Mal in 2010 from Broadcreek and both Susan and Larry were only concerned with placing their dogs in the most appropriate homes. We had several interviews and visited the property twice. We had nothing but an absolutely wonderful experience with the Legg's. We received AKC paperwork within 2 weeks. Our Mal is now 4 and one of the most obedient dogs we've owned period. There's always those that will go out of their way to bash a breeder behind a computer keyboard. Before you pass judgement go visit the property, form your own opinion and make an informed decision.

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