Brien Scott Powellunethical behaviour - fraud activity

Brien Scott Powell aka Scott Powell owns and runs Online Review Machine, EPI Digital Shift, GiveAway Masters 1. Scams Chambers giving fake reviews to split revenues Raleigh North Carolina 2. deceive other small business owners unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities wrongful deception intended to result in financial gain.
I joined because Mr. Powell offered a special program for Chambers plus a non-dues revenue system. It was my full understanding he had been doing this and had a proven track record for his offering.

I was told to help the chambers get the reviews by getting their permission to contact their members and ask them to give a review/feedback.

Later I found out the claims were full of false promises and misleading statements and claims. "By doing this, you should have between 30-40 four star and five star reviews on Google in the next 30 days."

After further digging, this is what I found to be true.

Knights Dale Chamber this is a short video of what I discovered. A far cry from 30-40 member reviews:

At first glance the chamber shows 39 reviews Here is the truth: 9+ have 5 stars but no actual review -which does not help the chamber at all. 6+ reviews are 2-5 years ago - You will notice 7+ reviews are from the GiveAway Masters Group who do not belong to the Chamber.

Snowflake Arizona Chamber of Commerce - Shows 24 reviews - Several are from GiveAway Masters Members and or Epi Digital. For example Marcus Kohl lives in North Carolina and is a member of a chamber there.The reviews are written from a period of 1-6 months - Nowhere close to 30 -40 in 30 days

Oconee Chamber shows as a participant on Mr. Powel's Online Review Machine and Epi website Both addresses Zero reviews

Pikesville Chamber of Commerce 2-4 months 13 reviews - 2-4 months - 13 reviews - Most of the members of GiveAway Master (and or EPI) people wrote the reviews. One person who gave a review Mohamed Ali Aouled Amer lives in Europe.

Mr. Powell even gave himself reviews which is against TOS and Google removed two of his Google My Business Pages (Online Review Machine and Epi Digital Shift)

Dec 02, 2018

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