[Resolved] Bravado Media / They are Fraud

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Bravado Meida is located in Cluster X of JLT, Dubai. I am a victim of their fraud and many of my colleagues faced the same thing. i went their for the interview and they gave me a task and said this is an evaluation task if you do this you will be Hired. Very next day i got the offer letter and asked to join. I told them you need to apply for my work permit before i start. They said they will enter to dmcc panel and will give me SR number. In next two to there days I came to know that most of the people in the company are new and they themselves are waiting to get legalized. Now all of these people who worked there gone back to their countries. They are not even paid by them. And now they are hiring again. What they do, they hire people who go for interview and take a lot of work from them and never legalize them. Mohammad Sayfen and Daisy Lucas are two people who are behind this Fraud.

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    People of bravado media contacted us. Some of them also threaten . But since company is liquidated and most of the employees got new jobs. So this is the time to move on.

Feb 18, 2015
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  • Ma
      23rd of Feb, 2015

    I came in with about 20 people for an interview. I now have an employment visa. I’m now wondering for what reason you left and ditched the job like that. Anyway, good luck to you, there is obviously something I’m missing.

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  • My
      1st of Mar, 2015

    don't be a liar. They can't even process any visa. No one ditched the job. you must b one of them who use people. We have not ditched any job, they wasted our time and never paid us. They cant even make visas. Understand . don't be a liar.

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  • Mo
      12th of Feb, 2018

    I am one of the Victim as well. I came from Pakistan in December 2014, they gave me the offer letter and I worked there for a whole week on visit visa and they didn't paid me. They said in last go back to Pakistan and we will call you. Because of them I refused one another offer as well. Yes "Mohammad Sayfen and Daisy Lucas are two people who are behind this Fraud." I have proofs of my work, conversations with them and all of their promises record as well.

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