Brakeworld / wrong parts and inferior pads

Ra Mar 23, 2013

I just talked with John Montgermy one of your reps, i'm currently at our local Gateway Tire Center, having the rotors (i purchased from BRAKEWORLD). The techcian has just determined the front rotors do not fit. John and I confirmed the incorrect part was shipped after I gave him data from the order/box. John was very understanding and is shipping the correct rotors. Before i ordered the rotors i spoke with one of your reps to make sure these were the correct rotsrd and was informed they were. I don't know if the order got screwed up during the packing area but the rotor holes in the front don't match up with the axe bolts and i've wasted most of my morning.

Now the tech has discovered the brake pads are making a grinding noise while driving and when you apply the brakes.I called back to ask another one of your reps what kind of pads were these. He stated a composite ceramic.

I had to buy different brake pads and wait on them to be delivered. They were from NAPA part #
AD-7421 for $79.95. I will be reurning both sets o fbrake pads ( front & rear )alone with the front rotors.

John stated he was sending me a RMA for the incorrect rotors.

Meanwhile i've got to make another trip here.

1. How loñg before i recieve and RMA number
2. Surly I'm not paying for shipping the units back (i'm keeping the rear since they are installed

I should have somekind of compensating for trusting your company to deliver the correct and proper parts.

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