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BR Language School,
Phetchaburi (Thailand) [Teaching Agency]

Please be warned: Never sign up with this company! They deduct 20, 000 baht from your first month's salary (calling it a deposit). I've now completed a full year of teaching (May 2013 until February 2014). I have asked for my deposit back and now, shock horror, they REFUSE to give it back!

Also, you will be out of work for 6 weeks in September/October (no pay). They don't pay for sick days either. They are the only teaching agency to deduct a percentage of your salary for so called tax...

If you try to contact them it’s nigh on impossible: they’re rarely at their office; they don’t reply to e-mails; and they very rarely answer the phone or sms u back!

I know of many past teachers who have worked for them who have been treated very badly too. It’s much better to apply directly with the schools in the area. Please stay well away from these cowboys!!!

Mar 22, 2014
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  • Br
      23rd of Apr, 2014

    The fact is he has signed 2 years contract to start working from June 1, 2013 until May 31, 2015 with the conditions of payment on actual teaching date and agreed to be deducted 10, 000 baht for 2 months.
    We received his email on March 18, 2014 informed that he got new job and would move to new place on May 1, 2014.
    There are also many negative contents that are not true which we had already filed complaints for the defamation for all posts done to police on March 27, 2014.
    BR Language School

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  • Sc
      6th of May, 2014

    Good day, I write this response in defence of BR Language School.
    They have treated me with respect and have always been upfront about all business conduct, contractual rules and the way they conduct their business.They have gone out of their way to ensure a healthy and professional business relationship at all times and would like to re-assure any parties concerned with the matter.
    Kind Regards
    Chris S

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  • Ch
      9th of May, 2014

    I worked for this teaching agency for a full academic year: in that time almost all the new teachers who worked for them I met left before the end of the second semester because they were fed up!

    I can't think of any school or teaching agency in Thailand who actually deduct money from their employees for a deposit. In fact, many agencies and schools give you a bonus when you complete a year's teaching.

    All schools and virtually all agencies give you a flat salary (usually 30k/ month), however this agency pays per teaching hour which means your salary will vary widely each month. For example, my school cancelled many classes regularly for exams, sports events, etc. In July, school was closed for a week, as well as December. Being paid hourly meant I had substantial reductions in my salary.

    All Thai schools close for October (school hols). Most agencies, and all schools, will give you a salary for this period. This agency doesn't! In fact, my agency told me to finish school on 16 September until 1 November 2013- meaning 6 weeks of no salary!!!

    And please can someone tell me why this agency never gave me a copy of my contract, even when I asked for it many times????

    All I want is to advise potential teachers to apply directly to schools; don't waste your time with any teaching agency.

    Schools usually pay you a full salary each and every month for 12 months. They won't deduct your salary for cancelled classes due to exams and other activities (of which there are many!). You'll receive a salary for the October holidays. You won't have any of your salary deducted for so called tax. And on and on...

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  • Ch
      15th of May, 2014

    In my defence regarding the above response:

    1) When I signed up with this teaching agency I always believed the deposit would be given back to me after completing one year's teaching (regardless if I continued working for them). Please understand, I know of no other agency/ school in Thailand who deducts money from a teacher as a 'deposit' when you begin working for them. I sincerely, and now it looks naively, believed the deposit would be returned to me after finishing teaching in the first year; that it was the agency's way of ensuring teachers’ complete a full year of teaching for the assigned school(s) and that if you leave before the end of the school semester the agency will retain the deposit (which I would have no problems with). To emphasise, I completed teaching at my assigned schools until the end of the sch. year.

    2) I have never been given a copy of my contract. I have asked repeatedly for it, yet they will not give me a copy.

    3) When I began working for this agency they told me October (which is a sch. holiday in T'land) would be unpaid, which I accepted. However, I was not told the duration of being out of work during this period would in fact be 6 weeks (starting from 16 September until the first week in November). In fact, I worked at my school for free between 16 Sept until 30 Sept as they needed me (my agency not paying me for those two weeks).

    4) As I've said before, this agency deducts a percentage of your salary every month for tax (no other agency does this- they give you your full stated monthly salary!).

    5) There are no excuses not to answer the phone, respond to sms' or e-mails. I think it's very unfair when employees can not contact their employer.

    To conclude, all I advise is potential teachers are better off applying to schools directly: you'll receive a guaranteed monthly salary (no deductions!); sick days and schools holidays will be paid for; usually the school will pay you 12 months of the year (unlike agencies which usually only pay for 9, at most 10, months of the year); and you won't have any communication issues either.

    This may only be 'Thailand' but you can get much better working conditions by avoiding agencies like these and working directly with the schools.

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  • Ge
      15th of May, 2014

    BR Language School is a great company that treats their members with the utmost respect. They have helped me a lot these past few months and even gave me a place to stay free of charge. They are very professional when it comes to business and they inform you of all rules and legislation before you sign the contract. I haven't had any problems with BR Language School and would gladly recommend them to anyone.
    Yours sincerely
    Gerdus v.d Westhuizen

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  • He
      16th of Dec, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    I thoroughly agree with the complaint about BR language school (it's an agency. we'll get to that later). It's actually worse than the first person stated. They don't treat employees with respect, they don't pay on time, don't pay for sick leave or for the ridiculously long holiday periods. Also their website is blatant false advertising you never achieve 30, 000 a month also it's not based in Bangkok.

    The reason BR language school will not show you the contract is because it doesn't hold up to Thai law. As a "school" rather than an agency they should not be able to employ people outside of Phetchaburi but they do employ people to work in Nakhon Pathom and send them to work in other schools there. (like an agency would do...). Anyway it is near impossible to get a work permit from them for these reasons they cannot (legally) give you a permit to work outside of Phetchaburi where they are registered. This would get you and them in legal trouble so they will keep it from you or not grant you one in the first place. This is accurate from a few years ago. One of my friends recently told me of an agency in this area employing him and the terrible experience he had I was worried it was this agency even though I would be surprised they are still in business. They really are bad especially if you are working outside of Phetchaburi (some of the people there say they have good experiences.) I guess people are harder to ignore if you can turn up at their doorstep with problems.

    There are far better more reputable agencies out there. Do not choose this one.

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