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They scammed my grandma out of 200.00+ for an email fix? My grandma couldn't get into her email so she thought she found hotmail support but then was told she has a virus on her network and the she was hacked? Called in to get a refund and was hung up on 4 times when calling in to all of their departments.

Jan 22, 2015
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  • Ca
      Jan 22, 2015

    I was scammed too, they called me and said I had to let them run a test on my computer, then told me I had to pay to have my computer cleaned. I just needd to login to my email. I keep calling to cancel and I cant get hold of anyone!

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  • Th
      Mar 18, 2015

    Box support called me and said I had Malware and many bugs in my computer. They told me to do all this stuff which I did. You
    have to understand I am 76 years old and I'm not tech savvy . My daughter is a internet genius but she is out of town. They told me I had to pay $349.00 too get if fixed and I told them all I had was SSI and this guy told me my computer was compromised and I shouldn't use it. I told them I was going down to the Apple store and talk to someone because my daughter knows everyone down there. Also, my daughter will not let me buy anything because I got scammed once before. Then I got online and found you guys, Thank God and
    found out they are a scam. I did call them and told them I was going to the Apple Store. They hung up on me. I hope this helps someone else. Also when I was going through all the complaints this company came on and said they thought I was doing something illegal so they
    wouldn't let me look at anymore complaints.

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  • Ma
      Apr 10, 2015

    First off, Box Support is not a scam. They removed malware infections from my computer, but the service I paid for is NOT just that. I also have tech help for whatever concerns I have (like sending an email with a file attached) and my computer is protected from other problems. When I call in for help, I don't get charged or asked to upgrade or anything, they just help me. I understand that some people (like I did) think the price is too high for the service, but I shopped around and there were a few other places that offer this. Best Buy was more expensive and wanted me to signup for a membership, the local guy (I made a mistake here) cleaned my pc, but I had the same problems not 2 weeks later. Box Support cleaned my pc and I have a paper showing what work was done. I trust them and they have treated me very well. I got exactly what I paid for and love the services I have gotten!

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  • Pr
      Apr 27, 2015

    They did this to a family member of mine. Her email was hidden, a screen popped up stating she would be called within 5 minutes, 5 minutes later her phone rang. After a few hours her computer was "fixed" and she gave them $349. for removing the virus (which I am guessing was generated by them). Has anyone had any luck in getting their money back? Also, has anyone received additional charges or computer issues?

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  • Td
      May 09, 2015

    BoxSupport IS a SCAM!
    My mother was unable to get into her Gmail, and clicked on a popup 'Need help accessing your email?"
    They had my mother enter a code, and they took control of her computer. She did NOT know they were going to take control (remote access) her computer. They then told her she had 70 programs running, and it would cost $299 to fix the problem.

    I am now at her house, she is offline, and I am researching to see what they may have done. I suspect they installed spyware/ hacking program. VERY DANGEROUS to give a stranger remote access/ control of your computer. They can access your webcam, microphone, browser history, files... keylog and worse!

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  • Ch
      Jul 31, 2015

    Almost exact same thing happened to my 83 year old grandma. She got a call from Box Support and thought she was talking to AOL. Told her she had to pay $350 to "fix her AOL" when she couldn't get her email icon to work. I called their company and they gave me some canned speech about not discriminating based on a customer's age, and that her clicking on agreement terms is a legally binding contract.

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  • Pa
      Sep 18, 2015

    The same thing happened to me! Couldn't get into my yahoo account, clicked on help...this box support popped up. Clicked on it thinking it was yahoo help. It was crazy. I asked if they worked for yahoo. I've had my yahoo account for years, I trust them. "we have alot of yahoo customers" he tells me. Yet during the conversation he seemed to imply he was working for or with YAHOO! He started out with this $350 deal to fix and support my computer for a year. I said, No WAY was I paying that much! Not on your life. Then he asks if I was in the military or had a relative in the military. I said my first husband was. Well then, lets see what we can do. I mean we talked for a long time...going back and forth on pricing. Me telling him, this better not be a scam. If he lied, GOD would get him. I hope God did. Cause he got me. HE LIED. He said I'd get a years support just like the $350 deal he first told me about. I went over and over this with him. I paid before receiving that online contract. Obviously not reading it well, but you don't see it until you've paid. He was so friendly. I was so skeptical. He said I had googles of virus on my laptop. I had to give him all my passwords so he could work my computer remotely. I hated doing that. I had to go to work. He fixed the problem...supposedly. I got a call from another guy at work about 2 hours later. He wanted to know if the computer was fixed. I said I guess so, I got into that email account. Then I mentioned that contract was wrong. That's when he told me, no, I only had a one time fix. A ONE TIME FIX. I said no way, the guy I talked to said it was a full year, not just once. I kept telling him about what I was told was going to happen and the guy hung up on me. He didn't have to listen to me give him a blow by blow of what the first guy said. I reread that contract and sure was only that one time deal. How do I know they didn't put the blitz on that email account just to get money out of me to fix it. I was so mad. So appalled how that first guy lied. I had to go in and change all my passwords that night. I was worried. What else could they do? I had been so surprised when I couldn't get into my was disconcerting, because I hadn't any problems gaining access before. He worked me. How crucial it was to get those bugs off my laptop. Like right now. Nothing else was wrong with my computer that I knew of until I couldn't get into that yahoo account that morning. I bet they don't have a that conversation recorded. I looked at their site first. Had recommendations on it. BBB on it. Other icons of distinction. BUT IT DIDN'T SAY BEWARE WE WILL LIE TO YOU TO GET YOUR MONEY. I think they could rack it in, without lying to you. If it's a con/scam by tampering with your email account to get your mola...then they are dispiscable. I called my credit card company immediately. They said, they'd take care of it. I'd get my money back. I haven't. Don't expect too. They normally get right on it. Something made them not do it. I need to call them. I've had 2 statements and nothing shows a credit to me. They might being doing something good, but if they are doing something wrong to do good, they are WRONG! The fact that I was so brazenly lied to royally boils my blood. After reading the above complaints paralleling my exact situation...there is duplicity and deceit involved. That's no way to run a legitimate business. Shame on them. I guess I was lucky I didn't agree to the $350. They duped me though. I;d like to dupe them.

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  • Al
      Sep 27, 2015

    I'm sorry, but YOU all actively made the decision to purchase the service. As a small business owner, people like you disgust me. Do your research before handing over your credit card info. You've been on this earth for quite some time. I would have hoped that you might have learned something during this time. Apparently not. Hopefully it wasn't passed on to your kids.

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  • Ja
      Jan 21, 2016

    I used to work for Box support, they're such scammers!! beware of this company!! They have different prices for the cleanings on your computer, but what they do is give you the highest price and you get the same job done as if you were paying for the cheapest cleaning. They rip you off and the people that work there are all very trashy and some have really bad criminal records!!

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