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Boost Mobile / scam and fraud!

1 Irvine, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-tlk-more

Bought boost phone for my daughter on dec 22, 2007 as christmas gift. First month is free. When free month was over I took phone from my daughter for disciplinary reasons. Around feb 13th or 14th I called to reactivate and was told that I should wait until due date of feb 22nd because if I paid at that time I would be charged $55 and then have to pay $55 again on feb 22nd. I did as I was told and made 2 payments on that date which would have covered through april 22nd. On march 23rd or so, phone went dead. I called customer service to find out why and apparently they credited 1st payment to january, which was free...

I threatened to go to cricket if the situation wasn't taken care of. Only response I got from the csr was there's nothing I can do. She acted like she was in a hurry to get me off the phone, not solve the issue. They are losing a customer over $55 not to mention the bad publicity they are getting.

I then emailed their customer service. The response I got was they were sorry for my issues but that they needed more info and I need to call customer service again. Why would I wait on the phone for so long to get the same crappy customer service. I responded I had already did that and that got me no where. Never rcvd another response from them.

I would advise anyone against boost. Should have known better since they are part of sprint.

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  • Pa
      21st of Jul, 2009

    I have also had a simular bad experience with boost. I do not recomment anyone to buy into that service. I prepaid last month one month in advance so I wouldn't get cut off and now they cannot find any record, so I had to pay another month at $54.12, it went threw my bank account and was deducted, I was on the phone with customer service that speeks very little english and can only say I can not help you. They tie you up for over an hour and still can not help you. They are just a rip off company and I don't advise anyone to buy there service.They can't even help you reset your pin # so someone who might be able to help you can.
    B-O-O-S-T M-O-B-I-L-E P-H-O-N-E IS A R-I-P-P-O-F-F!

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  • Ba
      17th of Sep, 2017

    @Patricia Cartwright watch and use pre paid cards.and dont put your money in till its actually your due time.they have been removing money sooner then there suppose too

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  • Ri
      4th of Sep, 2009

    i just found out my 3 bostmobile phone s had a differnt address it was from CA im in biloxi MS my area code is 228 if i put my bank card some one in CA will take my money so yes i agree

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  • Ba
      17th of Sep, 2017

    @rickey williams I got thrown off the community board cause i told them if i get enough people i am filing a class action suit.They are messing with me bad my data is slow as slow and i have unlimited.A guy named Montel from excutive office called but i had it.Anyone that wants to get our own group.together to dicuss things please email me at [protected] had it with them and something needs done.They violated my first amendment and thry have ripped us off money this month and have trued charging us two days early for past 3 years and thats it.So please no harsh words if you afe eith me iknkw a attorney who has dealt and won two prior cases agai st them i wasnt involved but he touchedbase with me and would be happy to speak with us.

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  • Ba
      17th of Sep, 2017

    @Bango50 Ricky theynthrew you off too.Touch base with me dude.They threw me off too and i had a attorney contact me who has won two cases against these people and he emailed me and what there doing to us along with other stuff they have done to me and others we can have another class action.I dont know what its gonna take to stop these people they pay out but keep repeating it.But they threw me off cause i said i was suing them and talking sbout them ripping me off on my plan and my daughter.Anyone thst wsnts to but must prove there a customer.somehow email we will somehow get a private group and have the attirney come in and figure how to go more.private.[protected] we cant have this.i am sure there not much better but i sm trying metro pcs

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  • Sm
      18th of Nov, 2010

    Boost is THE WORST phone company I have ever encountered! Their "customer service" (and I use the term loosely) is a joke.
    If you come even close to a Boost Mobile store, run, run, RUN the other way!
    My story is too long to post here, but I am going to write about later and will post a link here.

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  • Bo
      20th of May, 2011

    Boost mobile is advertising for $35.00 a month/unlimited, which would no doubt beat Straight Talk's plan at $45.00/month for unlimited access, but you need to yet again read the fine print. You must be a customer at $50.00/month for unlimited access for 18 consecutive months of on time monthly payments to get to the $35.00 a month. You can move down from $50.00/month unlimited to $45.00/month unlimited after 6 months of consecutive ontime payments. Oh, Joy!! Isn't there a reason we choose to have a prepaid phone, so we are not locked into monthly payments.
    I would suggest that you go with Straight Talk for $30.00/month for 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, and 30 MB of Data. Or you could choose their unlimited plan for $45.00/month-unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages, and unlimited data. There are no HIDDEN rules or regulations for straight talk. They are the cheapest as of now, May 19th 2011, at the prices I have given you. Please join me in boycotting the BOOST MOBILE CRAPATHON!! As long as you can pay your bill on time for 2 years and get through the horrible customer service (HA, HA, HA) then you may be all set. Good luck!! And props to Straight Talk!!

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  • Jo
      18th of Jul, 2011

    Boost mobile is just SACAM, they ask for your money before you know if the system work, and if not ### usually (coverage map is false) you never, never will get your money back.
    Never buy a phone from them, you risk more money.

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  • Ri
      12th of Jun, 2013

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am contacting you to search my rights as a consumer who has been abused by the service representatives of your company - Boost Mobile, and your inconsistent policies. I am copying this email to the appropriate authorities, and would like my case to be appropriately investigated as I just wasted half of my day on the phone for a simple request that I believe I was entitled to as a customer. This email will also be posted online in appropriate blogs, sent to the media, and shared with my family and friends as I believe I need to inform people to protect them of similar unfair practices towards them as consumers.

    The situation is the following - I have been a Boost Mobile customer for several months and I have diligently paid my monthly balances on time, making sure that I consistently have extra money on my balance before the following period for my payment. Currently I have $71.30 on my account balance, and my next monthly payment is due on June 19, 2013 (the monthly charge is $55).

    Recently I have had huge issues with my coverage - I wasn't able to have coverage at work, and then it escalated to me not being able to have coverage at home either. After several attempts to communicate with my friends and family with terrible service (they weren't able to hear me), I decided that I should switch my provider. In addition, I wanted to get the $71.30 back since I haven't used Boost Mobile's services for the following month yet and not charged my account with it. I just don't see a legitimate reason why I wouldn't be able to get money back for services I haven't used!! This to me is clear fraud and abuse of your customers.

    Moreover, your service representatives keep stating contradicting things. When I call your customer service, your representatives claim that it is possible to get my money back, and then they transfer me to people who claim that there is a "no refund policy" so I wouldn't be able to get my money back. No matter how clearly I state that I do not want a refund, because I just want a bounce back of money that I haven't used yet for your services, they keep forcing a termination of the call by saying "we are sorry, we can't do anything about it, but have a nice day." When I call customer service again, they say "this is bizarre that you would get such a response, and YES, it is possible for you to get your money back since you haven't used it on our services. Let me transfer you to someone who can help"...then the "person who can help" says the previous thing and I keep getting into this devil's circle!!

    One of your customer service reps, Robin - claimed she spoke personally to your credit services reps and that they assured her that it would be possible for me to get my money back. Then she asked me to ask the credit services rep to read her notes explaining this situation on my account. She transfers me to Chris who claims that he can't see notes from customer service, only notes from credit services on their end and that truly it isn't possible to get my money back. I am not sure who she spoke to, or how this whole situation happens!!

    Another customer service rep gave me Boost Corporate's email address, so I am contacting you and asking for an explanation. I spoke to quite a few people in a matter of 4 hours and I keep hearing contradicting statements. I was given direct numbers, direct transfers, and I keep going through the same circle. I even spoke to a representative from Wipit (his name is Steven), and he suggested that I go to a physical store for the refund - I just don't see how this makes sense!! Some of your reps are very nice, but nevertheless - why would you waste my time saying different things, and why wouldn't I be entitled to money that I haven't used for your services yet?? How is this fair and logical? And why isn't there consistency in knowledge of your policies among your reps?? I don't really care about the money, I just care about my rights, as well as your attitude towards me as a customer, your fraud and abuse, and the unfairness of the situation.

    I hope I save more people from going through the same horrible experience. I appreciate your prompt response and attention to this matter, and I appreciate proper investigation from the Department of Consumer Protection who are copied to this email. I will see what other people have to say through blogs online.


    Your Former Customer

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  • Tu
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    Boost Mobile - Unresolved Issue after 1 Month
    Boost Mobile
    United States

    After a month of frustrating emails back & forth with the so-called support personnel, and being dropped from no less than 4 support calls, my issue of not being able to install Gmail email on my Samsung phone remains open and unresolved. They are requested to email me stating when they will call me so I can be talked through the problem, instead they just call and leave their inane voice-mail message stating they attempted to contact me. They repeat this message in emails and all I want to do at this point is speak to supervision or management.
    The install of my gmail account fails with an unknown error to Boost Mobile, so that last support rep said someone in an advanced part of support would get back to ma and of course, never has. The entire problem may have something to do with the password I use for my gmail account, and since it contains special characters at the end of it, especially an asterisk, there seems to be a fundamental problem with the process accepting it on Mobile's end.

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  • Tu
      3rd of Jun, 2016

    Boost Mobile is by far, the worst form of cell service in terms of fixing problems I have ever witnessed. I cannot connect to my gmail account and after a month of frustrating encounters with what I assume are aliens from another galaxy, it remains unresolved. I need to contact someone in charge. is there anyone like that?

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  • Ho
      3rd of Jun, 2016

    If I post a complaint here, will it be resoulved to the point I DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER PHONE NUMBER AND HAVE MY PHONE RE-SET, it was just re-set 3/25/2011 and I still have the same issues. I had them again the day after the phone was re-set.

    I NO LONGER WANT MY PHONE RE-SET as this clearly is not working! What I want NOW!!!, ,

    You may not post this on your page, BUT, I will bet you it will be herd!!!

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  • Ma
      30th of Jun, 2016

    Expected to receive referral bonus payment. My friend that I referred to boost mobile has already received her payment. Since I was the one to refer her I should have been paid at the same time. Never happened.

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  • Ty
      8th of Jul, 2016

    Cindy Castillo former employee at boost mobile call center 814 34th st . Bakersfield, Cal. 93305 while employed at call center took consumers credit card numbers and made a lot money making false dummy accounts . She needs to be investigated thoroughly for her illegal fraudalent activities . Her current account (805)236-2902 is an illegal account . Its not fair for consumers to be bilked out of money while trying to pay phone bill .

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