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Over a year ago I self-published my book BAD RAP, The Truth About the Tragically Misunderstood Pit Bull, with I paid Bookwhirl (up-front - silly me) $2000.00 to publish two books for me. I have not submitted my second manuscript to them due to my experience with my first book:
Bookwhirl promised me a full page ad in a popular internet magazine which I have never received,
After having received no royalties and having found no book sales listed for my book on their website, I wrote to them stating: "Even if my book were the worst book ever published, I have to believe that there would be at least one dummy out there who would buy it!" A couple of days later I again reviewed my list of books sold on their website, and they had added the number "1" for the number of my books sold. I never have figured out just what kind of game they were playing with this one.
I have sent numerous e-mails and made phone calls to Bookwhirl and they have completely ignored all of them.
I have informed that I would like them to return my money for the second book I had originally planned to publish with them as a result of my bad experiences with them (I have not sent them my second manuscript). They have completely ignored my requests.
I have warned that if they continue to ignore my requests, I will file a formal complaint with the Attorney General's Office. This doesn't appear to concern them at all, as they have not acknowledged any concern nor desire to refund my money for the second book. Thus, my next step will be to file this complaint to the Attorney General's Office. In closing, it has been my experience that one cannot be too careful which self-publishing company one chooses!

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