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I would like to report a serious incident that took place against me while travelling from Berlin Airport to Abu Dhabi on Airberlin, the details are :

Flight Number : AB7494/EY1402
Travel date : 28, May, 2015
Class : Business
Departure time : 21:50

While in the business class lounge of Air France waiting for the departure of my flight to Abu Dhabi, I strolled down to the BON VOYAGE shop to purchase some magazines at around 20:15 . In the shop I asked a shop attendant politely about the english magazine section, the attendant who was wearing black and was the only one there, replied back in an extremely rude and arrogant tone by pointing out to where they were and his gesture was that I was wasting his time or that I am stupid for asking him ! He then started cursing something in German …
I was astonished at this and asked him “what is the problem, why are you so rude ? I am only asking you “ and he came down from a small ladder and in a very violent and threatening approach, came over to me and shoved his chest at me in a provocative threatening move and pushed me and told me to GET OUT, he then kept pushing me to react in fighting him or pushing him and I decided to leave the shop and see who I can file a complaint about .
I asked the cashier who is in the picture attached to this, about the manager, and he responded that he is upstairs . I asked where and he was avoiding me by giving me vague remarks with no patience at this humiliating position I was subjected to . I went and searched where he indicated and there was nothing to indicate that there is a manager or someone senior I can talk to, I returned back and another cashier had also started working, in which I also asked him and he replied back that the magazine section is “another company “ and does not belong to them !
In all my years of flying I have never been so humiliated or threatened in such a manner that would have invoked violence and would have put me in problems and probably would make me miss my flight if I had decided to push him back or respond with violence to the salesman .
This is a tarnish to Berlin Airport and tourism to Germany if you are to allow this incident to just go away without taking a serious position on this salesman and anyone else who subjects tourists or users to the airport to such kind of treatment .
I would suggest your authorities to check the video / cameras of the shop between 20:00 and 20:30 on the 28th of May in the magazine shop .


May 29, 2015
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      30th of May, 2016

    Only this afternoon I experienced astonishing and totally gratuitous rudeness from two Tegel employees. There seems to be a culture of this kind of behaviour at Tegel. It's a poorly run airport with minimal facilities and lousy operating systems, which may explain why it's people are so disaffected and with zero interest in customer service.

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