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Blue Sky Hotel / Online job scam

1 United Kingdom

If you receive any email like this it is a scam Dear Applicant, Calvary greetings to you, thanks for your qualification identification documents (CV). we have gone through it, we want very serious God fearing faithful workers to join us in our hotel/restaurant here in (The Blue Sky Hotel). But before we continue any further, we will like to know the following from you which after, we shall provide you with the list of the various positions available at our Hotel which you shall be the one to chose the best suitable position you can handle to your ability.So we will like to know the following from you? 1) Are you a Christian or Muslim?(what is your faith?) 2) Do you go to church always to praise God? 3) Do you have faith in God? 4) Do you smoke or take any kind of drugs? 5) Do you drink, or take excess alcohol? 6) can you drive(car, bike, truck)? 7) what are your likes and dislikes? 8) Are you sure you are the right person for this job and you are very serious to join us and handle your work with lots of care and contribute to the growth of our organization with your skills? 9) And lastly, how soon do you think you can join us? because we are ready to see that you join us within any moment from now since processing your traveling documents won't take us much time due to the position of our proprietor who works at the British consular office in U.S.A. Please we will like honest and sincere answers for the question above, I hope you understand why we are doing this because we are looking for the best and not only that, also applicants who belief and trust in God to come and join us because we are God fearing Christians and we want very serious, honest, faithful and hard working worthy applicants that we can trust to join us in managing our organization.From here we will then wait for your sincere respond which we shall then email you with the details of the various openings for you to chose that as related to your cv which you will be able to best handle. Thanks and waiting soon. The Blue Sky Hotel. Dear applicant, Calvary greetings to you. Thanks for answering our questions and without any doubt, we can see you are serious about this job and what we are in need of.I am Mrs Stark who is an attorney by professing .As you know, Blue Sky Hotel, Restaurant is governed with rules and regulations. So all applicants are obliged to be discipline, should possess good partnership at work and above all be competitive or effective during working hours.Our salaries range from the following domains and is due per month. SALARIES aviation worker...GBP £5, 400 Teacher...GBP £4, 600 Translator...GBP £4, 700 Accountant/banker...GBP £5, 500 hotel Nurse...GBP £4, 700 Barman ... GBP £4, 500 Chefs ...GBP £5, 500 Sous chef ... GBP £5, 400 Teachers...GBP £4, 700 Bartenders ... ... GBP £4, 400 Servers ... ...GBP £4, 000 Runners ... GBP £3, 500 F B & Casino Cafeteria Supervisor..GBP £5, 500 Line cooks ... GBP £5, 300 Launderers... GBP £5, 100 House keeper supervisor ... GBP £5, 200 Security guards ... GBP £4, 300 Part-time Guest Relations... GBP £3, 900 Day and Night watch ...GBP £4, 600 Concierge Assistant...GBP £4, 400 Marketing Assistant...GBP £5, 200 Bell Man ...GBP £3, 800 Electrician... GBP £4, 600 Drivers ...GBP £4, 600 Beauty treatments, programmer...GBP £4, 200 Steward...GBP £4, 500 car mechanic/technician ...GBP £4, 500 IT... GBP £5, 600 Waiters and waitresses... GBP £4, 400 Room division manger ... GBP £5, 000 Masseur/Mesas GIST...GBP £4, 500 Clerk Reservation... GBP £5, 000 Front Office Department... GBP £4, 400 Receptionist ... GBP £4, 600 Payroll Clerk... GBP £4, 500 Voice Communication agents ... GBP £4, 200 Maids and ushers ... GBP £4, 500 Leaders and organizers general ...GBP £2, 500 Cyber cafe attendant ... GBP £3, 800 Furniture man and woman... GBP £4, 200 Laboratory technician... GBP £5, 700 Farmers to come to work in the hotel's farm...GBP £4, 800 Our working hours are listed below, MORNING SHIFT : Mondays - Saturdays: 08:00 am...12:00 pm AFTERNOON SHIFT : Mondays - Saturdays : 2:00pm...6:00pm NIGHT SHIFT : Mondays - Saturdays : 8:00pm...12:00pm Your contract with us will last for 2 years and renewable.we also cease this opportunity to let applicants knows that we shall process your flight documents and other traveling documents as well as issuing your visa since our proprietor works at the British consulate in U.S.A which means processing will be facilitated. so we require the following from you to start the processing of your traveling documents. WRITE OUT THE REQUIREMENTS. 1) FULL NAMES AS ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE 2) SCANNED COPY OF PASSPORT 3) SCAN ID CARD COPY 4) PASSPORT OR IDENTITY CARD NUMBER 5) PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH 6) COUNTRY OF ORIGIN 7) YOUR CURRENT HOUSE AND STREET ADDRESS WHERE YOU LIVE NOW 8) CELL OR CONTACT NUMBER THESE DOCUMENTS WILL BE PASSED ON TO THE PROPRIETOR OF OUR RESTAURANT WHO IS THE DIRECTOR OF THE BRITISH CONSULATE IN U.S.A TO PROCESS YOUR TRAVEL DOCUMENTS. You shall also be issued an application form for an employment authorization of the Department of Homeland Security, U.K Citizenship and Immigration Services. which will aid you to obtain a works permit.This form shall be handed to you as soon as your documents are viewed.Once again, we thank you and expect to read from you soon. Employment Management of The Blue Sky Hotel. Dear Applicant, We just received the document and forward to our proprietor to complete the processing of your traveling documents. so he is already working on that and immediately he is done, we shall notify you. we are very much certain that you are a good applicant indeed and will work with a very serious and cordial relationship with all the staffs and employers of Blue Sky Hotel and we shall contact you once our proprietor is done. Thanks and receive a cordial greeting from the entire staff of our organization. Best Regards Dear Applicant, we have attached an employment contract, so please take note, if you know you are not serious about working with us then don't fill out the documents and send and any misuse of this documents will let you to a serious problem with us because our proprietor has already gone far with the processing of the necessary documents require for you to join our once you fill and send back to us the scan copy of this document, we shall immediately forward to our proprietor to get done with the processing which we shall let you know what to do next. Thanks once more and may God be with you. Dear Applicant, Congratulations my dear.The processing of your traveling documents have been successfully completed. A higher authorized working permit was approved for you and employment permit granted so that, you can come over here and work with us Also a back up to stay permit was also granted but only as a worker until your stay is long enough for you to be granted a citizenship passport as a citizen of UK . Our Proprietor said you shall be issued a Multiple Entry Visa which means you can go home to your family at anytime to visit them and come back anytime you want. The proprietor have finished and taken the documents to the delivery agency SPRING GLOBAL MAIL which they shall deliver them to you after payments of the delivery fee has been made but you will be the one to pay the courier service because the Proprietor has used a lot of money to do those documents over with and also this is to show how serious and willing you are to work with us. Your traveling documents have been completed as said above and you have to contact the courier SPRING GLOBAL MAIL SERVICE COMPANY right away and pay for your documents to be delivered to you at once. just tell them Mr Robert Carson from the British consulate asked you to contact them and pay them the delivery fee so as to get the documents deliver to you as soon as possible okay. He said that you can contact them through their email { } and you are to pay 200 dollars to them . He also said that when you receive the documents, you should get us informed so that he can contact the embassy over there to offer you a visa at once okay. So just contact them right away and here is their email again {} thanks and waiting to hear from you soonest you get those documents with you. God bless you and you are very much welcome to our organization

Jan 14, 2016

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