Blue Medical Spa Inc / Overcharged me and filed a false police report against me!

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Blue Medical Beauty Spa Inc
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On Oct 23, 2009 I went to Blue Spa had a consultation PRIOR to any services rendered. At this time I clearly stated I wanted to have Injections in 2 areas/sites, NOT MORE. After the treatment was complete and the product was already injected into my face, upon checking out I was charged for much more than I had agreed upon! I left a check for the CORRECT AMOUNT for services I agreed to. The owner of Blue Spa- Ronda Nofal said if I didn't pay the overcharges she knew a DISTRICT ATTORNEY and would report me. Ronda Nofal DID go to the Police and filed a FALSE police report! Ronda Nofal LIED and said I NEVER paid!
I have 5 different emails, from the owner Ronda stating she DID receive the CHECK (one is pasted below)
Based on distorted and dishonest information Ms. Nofal gave to the Van Nuys police- I was ARRESTED and was very deleterious to my life in all aspects. I DO NOT recommend BLUE SPA!
As I was leaving, I heard another customer at the front desk complaining about the same exact situation. I have done some research online and found there are several complaints about Blue Spa...overcharging people, incompetence, and many other unethical business practices.

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From: Ronda Nofal [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 8:09 AM
To: Tara
Subject: RE: ATTN: Ronda -payment.

I am in the office today. What time will you be coming by?
I will give you your check in exchange for the cash.

Ronda Nofal

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  • Ge
      2nd of May, 2010

    No owner is going to file a false police report against a client, unless they truely did not pay.
    I can tell this is not the true story.

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  • Bl
      4th of May, 2010

    Response from Blue Medi Spa. Jacqueline Potter is a patient that came to our facility only one time. After receiving services at our spa in excess of $1500 for 2 areas of Botox and Cosmetic fillers, she came to the front desk to check out and told the person helping her that she needed to go put money in the meter and that she’ll be right back. She left & never returned to pay.

    After calling her numerous times with no luck, we reported her to the police and filed a police report. They then informed us that she had several fraud cases pending against her, similar to this. The Detective handling her cases came in with a book filled with mug shots of her for us to identify her. They also provided us with her probation report.

    They then proceeded to follow up on this and other offenses committed by this individual; she was arrested and is in the process of being prosecuted for multiple criminal infractions and fraud cases including ours.

    A week after her initial visit she did post a check through the door for approximately 50% of the amount owed. Upon calling the bank we were told that the check would not clear and that there were a number of other bounced check issues with this client. We then e-mailed her & told her she would need to bring cash, in the full correct amount, not the 50% amount, to resolve this issue. This has still not been done.

    Since this time this person has slandered us across the internet under various names and logins and for various trumped up reasons. We are in the process of serving her with anti-deformation and cease and desist notification.

    She is now demanding a $20, 000 settlement, in exchange for her stopping the threats & slandering online. She is also making other types of threats to harm our business.
    This person is a con artist and is playing a confidence game with our company. She is ripping off a small business who works hard to maintain our reputation; it is all that we have. From what we have been told, this is not the first time this has happened. Please help us to figure out how we manage this situation.

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