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Offender Information
Sexual Predator: No
Sex: Male
Race: W
DOB: 1968-12-20
Height: 6' 00"
Weight: 235 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Medium

County: Greenville Status: Residence
Start Date: 2009-09-21
End Date:

Criminal Charges
Offense: Statute: TEXAS STATUTE 21.11 Date of Conviction: 1993-12-01
Literal: INDECENCY WITH A CHILD/FONDLING State of Conviction: TX
Age Of Victim: 12 Sex Of Victim: F
Weapon: Sentence Release Date: 1998-11-30
Probation Release Date:

Additional Identifiers

Registration Information
Type of Registering Agency: SO
Last Scheduled Registration Date: 2010-06-01
Registration Due to Status Change: 2009-09-21
Date of Photograph: 2010-06-11
Date of Initial Registration: 2000-08-03

I didn't now when i started working there that the owner of the Greenville and Atlanta terriroies was a regestered sex offender. He hired me to be an administrative assistant, then tried to get me to run errands clean his house ect. When I told him that I wanted more money if I was going to all those things he told me to find another job.

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  • No
      Sep 03, 2010

    He also never paid sales people their commissions and he told an employee that has emphazema that she could not park next to the building even with her handicap sticker because that spot was reserved for himself and his operations manager.

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  • No
      Sep 07, 2010

    He was convicted of fondeling a 12 year old. i guess that's ok with you. i'm not mad because of that I just want people to know what they are getting themselves into. it's constant drama there. he grabs your butt and then tells you that you need to be especially nice to his girlfriend that works their, so that she won't get the impression that there's something going on between you two. I watched him change the prices on shipments after they where already booked because he wasn't making enough money off of them. I had several customers complain when they got their invoices. When i took it to him he said if they didn't have proof of what they where quoted there was nothing we could do. if they did have proof to correct the invoice. on one occassion the guy had proof, i took to joe and he said well i tried to get more out of him but he caught it. he then told me to correct the invoice and send it to him. he said that he now knew that he couldn't screw with that guy cause he kept a close eye on everything. i got the information because his current girlfriend got drunk and blabbed it to everyone. it's the only palce i ever worked where he allowed people to drink on the job. i should've know something was up when in my interview he asked if i'd ever cheated on my husband.

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  • Ge
      Oct 13, 2010

    Sounds like you just have an ax to grind. I know Joe. He is a great person. He is an honest business man. He treats his employees great. He ran into some trouble 20, again TWENTY, years ago when he was a kid. Cut the guy some slack. Every businessman has to fire people. It's just part of the job.
    It's shameful that someone would feel the need to begrudge a man a second chance over something that happened sooooooooo long ago. Again, JOE IS A GREAT PERSON. He tries to help EVERYONE. People like to take advantage of that. And when they do, he doesn't tolerate it.
    Again, shame on you.

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  • Je
      Oct 22, 2010

    I am Joe's Girlfriend. I am 22 and I have found the love of my life. He would never cheat. People who don't do their job and get fired should not be posting things like this about our business. We work hard to serve our customers and we never do anything dishonest. Just so everyone knows Tara was here for a month. Joe never spent a moment alone with her. We are always together. After a month she was lazy and careless and Joe fired her. That is no reason to deface someone, or to call me a dumb blonde.. That is jealousy! I always have the say of who is hired and who stays. WE PRIDE OUR SELF IN BEING A RESPECTABLE COMPANY AND TAKING VERY GOOD CARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS!

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  • Tr
      Dec 22, 2010

    Katie--u failed to mention your suicide attempts, you catching him getting oral sex from your roommate or him abusing your son? PATHETIC!! You also failed to mention you had an affair with him for a year and he left his family for you. Now you support him harasssing his ex-wife. Oh yes and you are 23 and he's 42. Real charmer he is!

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  • Tr
      Dec 22, 2010

    One more thing. Joe is out on bond for assaulting his ex wife. His SECOND arrest for that!

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  • Tr
      Dec 24, 2010

    This look like a good Dad to you???

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  • Do
      Jul 26, 2011

    Hahaha! You guys have got a real feud going here. Joe is obviously sick and Katie is obviously pissed that she was terminated and harrassed while working for Blue DisGrace. I absolutely love the part with Joe's girlfriend claiming the following: "WE PRIDE OUR SELF IN BEING A RESPECTABLE COMPANY AND TAKING VERY GOOD CARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS!" Yeah, so long as your customers are 12yr old chicks! I'm sorry but respectable companies do not hire pedofiles, let alone put them in charge of multiple divisions. Its a terrible PR move and it ultimately leads to things like this. And to all you dorks who keep saying this happened 20yrs ago and he was a kid when he did this...first, he wasn't a kid - he was 23 yrs old and he probably ruined some young girl's childhood. Also, I was 23 years old before and never did this. The way you guys defend him makes me think that you're all sickos and have priors. I love a good feud but sticking up for a 230lbs pedofile that assualts our youth is just a bad battle.

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  • Iw
      Nov 23, 2013

    He has now founded an "outsourcing" company called Infinite, in San Salvador, El Salvador. I worked there for a few months this year and I saw all kinds of hideous things I'd never thought I'd see in a "company". People rarely last more than one or two months in there. When I left Infinite they were in an old house with several rooms. One of the biggest rooms was his office. He was always locked up in there with shady guys (mostly deported Salvadoran felons or gang members), they'd be drinking and doing drugs, occasionally he brought over women with nasty looks...employees in the office used to make jokes that he was filming a cheap porn movie in his office. Everyone at the office knew about his sex offenses and his behavior was the evidence that he's still a junkie perv. He pays each employee around $400 a month for a job that in USA would cost over 5 times what he pays to Salvadoran employees, and calls himself a logistics business genious for that. Once, one of the employees asked for a $100 raise and he denied, but he told her that he could pay the extra money to her if she'd go do the "cleaning" at his apartment. He's often seen with women and gangsters coming in and out his apartment, seen at bars getting high/drunk...he's having the time of his life in a foreign country, at the expenses of young and naive workers that got into his "outsourcing company" looking for their first job experience.
    He's a dirty business man, he outsourced a back-office process from Blue Grace's corporate office, he tells corporate that he has 'x' amount of employees when in reality just the half works there, Joe takes the extra cash for him and her associate Eva Maria Cisneros.
    As a boss he's a pathetic human being, he often yelled at everyone in the office, cursing and asking for non-sense requests.
    I feel sorry for the people I met there, good and young people still working in there. Most of the people working for his franchise stay until late PM hours and get recognized nothing! They're pushed to the limit (where non-sense meets impossible) and are lead to believe that's the right way of doing business.
    Never, but never get involved in business with this man, a pervert, a drug-addict, a liar, a non-ethical employer. Check his LinkedIn profile, he typed in there he majored in business in ' then he was actually in prison for molesting a child. This guy is a joke...

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  • Rl
      Sep 17, 2014

    Does anybody have the current address for Joe lavalle logistic operation in el Salvador?

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  • Rl
      Sep 17, 2014

    Does anybody have a current address for the bluelogistics El Salvador operation

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  • 10
      Oct 19, 2014

    I have all the info you need on this person ...I am glad to say that he is doing bad...his business is going to hell right now...he smokes meth all dam dayday...sometimes he passes weeks without sleeping ...he offers girls meth and gets them hooked ..poor Claudia his last girl...nice girl was hooked bad on meth Patricia is going down hill too.. He raped a poor girl that passed by selling fruit ...sexual harassment is a daily torture for the girls working there ...why we as citizens of el Salvador allow this ? Let's get this ### out of here

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  • Du
      Mar 03, 2015

    Anyone reading all this, and believing it, is just as crazy as these people.

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