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Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherds


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Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherds
Sarasota, Florida
United States
My Mother (who is 85) searched the internet for a blue merle male with blue eyes, who was registered with AKC & ASCA for breeding. She found a pup, who's parents had very impressive pedigrees, and the Sire was a beautiful black tri with stunning blue eyes. The Dam was a blue merle with blue eyes as well. The cost listed on the website was $450 with a $250 shipping fee. My Mother after having conversations with this breeder, sent her the money. My Mother lives in Tennessee, and this puppy was in Florida. Once the breeder got the money for the pup, she then told my Mom that she wouldn't ship him, unless she got an additional $600 for breeding rights. When my Mother told her that was NOT what the agreement was, she was told that she would send her money back MINUS a $500 "deposit". At risk of losing $500, she sent her the additional money. A month passed, and we still had no puppy. Blaming it on the weather, which may or may not be true. My Mother and I decided to drive to Florida to pick him up. We had wanted to visit her kennel, and meet the parents of this pup. We were sent two different photos of this pup. One photo showed two ice blue eyes, and one had one brown eye..obviously two different puppy's. She assured my Mom that this pup had two bright blue eyes. When we drove to Florida (a 1600 mile round trip) to pick him up, the breeder had excuses as to why she couldn't "meet" us at her home. She sent her son to meet us in a parking lot. The puppy (who by this time was 7 months old), was so weak that he couldn't jump in or out of the car. He was FILTHY, and obviously never socialized. At that point we noticed that one of his eyes were brown, and she did not send registration papers with her son. She sent a note saying that his AKC/ASCA paperwork would follow "soon". Reluctantly, we took the pup home. At that point, we still trusted her. Months passed, and STILL no registration papers. We then hear from her that the original Sire, who we based the purchase of this puppy on, was indeed NOT the Sire. She then told us that is was her other male, named Beau. She said that she had to get his DNA done before she could register the litter, but that she was out of work, and was standing in food lines. She mentioned that my Mother was in better financial shape than she was. First of all..that has NO bearing on this transaction, and secondly, my Mother lives off social security, and had saved money for a long time to be able to purchase this dog. Again, months later...I get an email that said that she had the papers, and she mailed them to my Mother. When inspecting the papers, we see that there is yet ANOTHER Sire listed as this pups father. This is a Sire who is only registered ASCA, and has a less impressive pedigree than the first said Sire. She would not have purchased this dog had she known that the breeded had no idea who he belonged to. We will send in the registration application, and a DNA. The Sire she lists (now) is listed on her website. He has listed that his OFA is "excellent", and that his CERF is done yearly. When searching for the OFA/CERF on the data base..guess what..it's NOT there. She then tried to tell me that this dog is retired. I told her the data base doesn't expire. After asking her to contact OFA/CERF for their certifications, she said she never sent them in, so they wouldn't be on OFA/CERF data base. She said that her vet checked the hips and eyes. I explained to her that OFA doesn't work that way, and she knew that. I told her that for her to have that on her website is basically a lie. So, now we have a dog that was Sired by only God knows, if he is the offspring of this latest Sire (Dakota), then he is only registered ASCA, has bogus health screening for OFA/CERF, and a pedigree that wouldn't have been a pup we would have purchased. When I told her that I was very unhappy about her scamming my Mother, she became obnoxious, and told me she would replace this dog with another. I told her he is a year old now, and we weren't going through this hell again. She then said, "this will be my last email to you", and that she has no time for "ignorance". I suspect she is a mill operation, or one close to it. A reputable breeder wouldn't scam a senior citizen out of $1350 by using the beautiful black tri as "bait", who was BOTH registries, and an impressive pedigree. This dog is not even in her state. He is in Colorado, at a kennel that I called, who said they are NOT sister kennels, and that his dealings with Sherrie Rouse were very limited...yet, she uses his Sire's photo to sell her puppies. Disgusting. I have every email and receipt. I can back up all of this review. I posted on her puppyfind site, and she removed it. I will put it back on. I hate to see others get screwed over. Billie Gossack Billegossack@aol.com
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N  30th of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
How the heck is an 85 year old senior citizen able to handle the needs of an Austrailian Shepherd? The dog would have outlived it's owner or ended up at the pound as a hyperactive animal. Seniors have "senior" moments and often get confused. When playing frisbee, my dog has accidently knocked into my shins on several occations, and bruised me. That could easily break an 85 year olds leg or knock her down.

Considering that this 85 year olds SON posted the complaint and not the actual purchaser would make any intelligent person question the credibility of what happened. This sounds more like a communicational error on Granny's end and a frustrated son trying to keep his mommy from going senile.

I definately reccomend this breeder! I also reccomend to DEAL LOCALLY. Living creatures are not to be bargained with. You wouldn't buy clothes online, why would a puppy be any different? Always meet your puppy and see if he matches your personality. Observe your future pup amoung his littermates. Is he Alfa? Hyper? Calm? Submissive? Mouthy? The runt or the brunt? Dog's are not a novelty, especially such an energetic breed like an Australian Shepherd.

Interesting. This is the only compliant I have ever seen posted on this breeder. I researched for 6 months before finally buying my Dog. I am also a "friend" on her kennels Facebook page, as well as 100 other satisfied Blue Eyed Beauty Aussie owners. Some of these people have purchased more than one dog from her. I hope to get another one in the future.

I purchased a pup from this breeder in July 2010. He was an older "leftover" puppy, about 5 months old. The breeder allowed me to visit her kennel. Her home sits on what seemed to be over an acre of nicely manicured pasture. Some dogs were running freely, and some were inside the house.

Before I was even ALLOWED to set foot on her property, she cloroxed the soles of our shoes ( My mother in law and my 3 kids as well) She wanted to minimize the risk of anyone bringing a virus, worms, or anything that would compromise the health of her canines.

Yes, my puppy was filthy...Then again, so are my kids when they randomly decide to dig up dirt in my yard after they bathed. The breeder had her children assisting her with handling the Sire of my puppy. He was clean, well groomed, had intense blue eyes and was a very friendly dog. Of course, at first sight he barked at me like he wanted to kill me, but upon the breeders approval he was a love bug. Typical Aussie behavior. I was satisfied to see this.

I didn't take my dog to the vet within 24 hours after the pup reached my home. It was fourth of July weekend when we got him. Our pup, whom we named Dakota (after his great grandsire) had some diarreah the next day. Based upon his symptoms, Sherrie knew what treatment would be best for him. Sherrie drove from Sarasota to meet me close to my house which was over an hour drive away and gave me some medications for him. She also gave me some "Sea Grass" which promotes good digestion. A vet check later, Dakota was perfectly healthy.

My Aussie is an excellent dog, and has all the wonderful characteristics that describe the breed. He is quite a ham, very intelligent and extremely calm (Which is a rare find in an Aussie). Overall I am very satisfied. She periodically checks up on her clients to make sure the dogs are in a good home, and offers shots, boarding and fostering/ re-homing of families that can no longer meet the purchased Aussies needs.
N  31st of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I also want to comment on this complaint. I have aquired two womderful aussies from Sherrie. She is extremely concerned for the welfare and health of her pups. Not to mention, findong the appropritate environment for her dogs. First of all, I can't imagine Sherrie doing this to anyone. And secondly, why WOULD an 85 year old lady want to purchase an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD unless she were an Ironman trialthlete master who would give her aussie adequate exercise?! I feel regardless of the complaint, this is poor research on the part of the interested owner...to 'order' a herding dog and expect the dog to be healthy and happy. I currently have one of Sherrie's aussies and she would be miserable without providing her with the exercise she needs (I run with her at least an hour per day during the week and add in XC skiing and hiking on the weekends... and that I regard as the minimum requirement for her). Remember Cesar Milan's mantra, 'exercise, discipline, love' and in that order...this holds true for australian shepherds ten-fold...they are extremely smart and active, not a house pet. I suggest whatever your beef with Sherrie, maybe you should consider another breed for your Mom. And find a local dog which you can screen thoroughly. There are so many breeds and dogs out there in need of a loving Mom. And even if this contrived story 'were' to be true, it would seriously be a blessing in disguise if you honestly care about the wellbeing of you mother.
As far as my experience with Sherrie, she is optimally concerned with the wellbeing of her pups. She makes sure her pups are handled and socialized prior to leaving for their new homes. Cleanliness and health are priorities with Sherrie. I have a wonderful dog from Sherrie, who is currently sitting under my feet. I could not ask for a more perfect best friend. I would not hesitiate to aquire more aussies from Sherrie in the future.
D  31st of Mar, 2011 by    -3 Votes
My family recently purchased a puppy from Sherrie. We are completely satisfied and impressed with her knowledge. She has taken her own time to inform us about raw diets and many other helpful things. We have also been to her home/kennels and seen with our own eyes how meticulous she is with her dogs. This complaint does not even sound like it is related to Sherrie or anything she does. She is a caring and knowledgeable breeder who has stayed in touch with us and gone out of her way to make sure our puppy is happy/healthy. Our puppy is awesome and has been a wonderful addition into our home. As they say "the proof is in the pudding". I definitely don't agree with this complaint and feel it's a farce! RH- Sarasota
N  31st of Mar, 2011 by    -3 Votes
The aforementioned complaint was a major surprise to me. I have gone through the adoption process with Sherrie twice. I had to sign a contract each time, which included details about my home and the people in my home to determine if we would provide a good home for this breed. I then received several photos of the puppies as they grew, along with numerous emails back and forth between my family and Sherrie. I additionally received photos of the puppies with their mother while they were nursing and photos of the sire.

The humorous part of this story is the fact we ultimately knew many personal details about Sherrie's past and present life. She was extremely open and friendly.

We were given the opportunity to visit Sherrie at her home/Kennel, which is located on a beautiful three acre land parcel. The adult Dogs have a huge fenced open area (Which is cross fenced.) along with covered kennels. The puppy area is actually attached to the main house. The whelping area is also part of the main house. And the entire property is enclosed in secure fencing and is used for the dogs to run and play.

My family and I have been to Sherrie's multiple times as our two puppies were born a month apart and could not be brought home until they were over 8 weeks old and had a VET certificate. I will also confirm the fact my entire family had to disinfect at the gate each time we visited the Kennel!

I have been in contact with several of Sherrie's customers and all of them have been very happy with their puppies and how Sherrie has interacted with them. I am also in touch with a hundred or so of Sherrie's customers on Face Book...I have never heard anything negative from them.

My puppies have had the usual bumps, bruises, and puppy ailments and I often called Sherrie at all hours to ask her what she thought. And then when my VET was open and I took my puppies to him he confirmed what she said. Even my VET has laughed and indicated Sherrie's suggestions indicate someone who cares for her puppies and is OVERLY CAUTIOUS!"

I cannot speak for the validity of the person making the complaint, but I have and will continue to recommend Sherrie to anyone who wants an Aussie.

One last note in closing. I have been in Law Enforcement 31 Years and I do my homework before I purchase anything!

N  1st of Apr, 2011 by    -3 Votes
WOW this is some funny stuff. I have known sherrie for several years now and have actually worked with her when she was living in colorado, half of her dogs i have helped raise when they were just puppies. I know her policies and procedures and know this is all pretty much a load of crap. Some people have no lives and WAY too much time on their hands.

Also, if the lady wanted breeding rights...SHE is 85 years old, its hard enough for a mid 20 year old person to handle let alone an 85 year old lady living on government benefits...
She is lucky she even got a dog from sherrie and i suggest anyone that reads this just blow it off and ignore it completely.
D  4th of Apr, 2011 by    -3 Votes
This complaint is absolutely crazy!!! Sherrie is great! My wife and I late last year lost out 1 and half year old blue merle due to an infection when he was born-from a different breeder. We were sure we would never get a dog again and if so not for a while, knowing they're a lot of work and call for tons of energy and commitment. With months of searching we found Blue-Eyed Beauty Aussies and could not believe how thorough she was and how much she cared for this animals. From the little things of making sure your feet were sprayed with bleach as soon as you walked onto her beautiful property with tons of land and amazing dogs, and even how the documentation and papers were always vet certified. Not only that, but I have seen her dogs and pups, so healthy and great energy!

Please ignore this complain and you will be better off calling Sherrie if you ever need the best Aussie around!

These people def. do not know what they are talking about or they are very much so lying out of their ---. We have a 13 week old pup who is absolutely amazing!!! We have never seen such a beautiful dog and are so grateful that the little guy came from her years of expertise in breeding this wonderful animal.

There were a lot of fears that we had to deal with when getting a new pup..."what if we lose this one too." My wife and I felt like we had lost a child when our blue merle Mowgli died. Yet, somehow God knew we would find Sherrie and we cannot believe how great the process was and how she made us feel so confident and secure through working with her. We had many doubts and questions knowing that we did not want to go through a tough time like that ever again and we were dedicated to find the best breeder in FL. Amazing all that came true.

I believe that this complaint is false, I believe it is absurd and they need to find another breed to handle in there care...no 85 year old woman needs an Australian shepherd pup on her hands. It takes a whole lot of energy, time, patients, and sacrifice through your everyday life.
N  8th of Apr, 2011 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
I'm glad you all had a positive experience, but we didn't. By the way..ask her why she took "Dakota's" OFA-excellent, next to his photo.. OFF her website. Enough said.
N  22nd of May, 2011 by    +3 Votes
Age is not the issue. If the woman had been an Aussie owner all her life, she would STILL have been able to see to its needs. I'm older, not that old, but have arthritis and can't do what I used to, but my dogs are well exercised anyway. They play with other dogs, they have a Go Dog Go machine, they have a Jumbubbler, and they are clicker trained to do tricks and useful tasks (in other words, a "job"). However, the issue IS that reputable Aussie breeders act differently than this person seems to have done, and they would certainly have asked how an elder would plan to exercise the dog before simply taking their money! NEVER buy from pet stores or over the Internet!!! These pups are almost always from puppy mills or unscrupulous breeders. The right places to get puppies are these: hobby breeders (get a breeder referral from the AKC or UKC only - and in the case of Aussies, ASCA, if a working style dog is desired); shelters that have behavior/socialization programs in place; rescue groups that have behavior/socialization programs in place. If you are unsure if a breeder is OK, contact a positive trainer or behaviorist in your area and pay them to help you determine if the puppy you want comes from a situation that will insure it fits into your home, lifestyle and budget (sick and genetically compromised pups will cost you a LOT at the vet). Reputable breeders should be able to show you a five generation pedigree, and should show you the results of the parent dogs' genetic testing with organizations such as CERF or Optigen (eyes), OFA or PennHip (hips). The breeder should ask you as many questions as you ask them, and not just be interested in your visa card! A guarantee should be unconditional for the life of the dog - in other words, at any time should you be unable to care for the dog the breeder should take it back. That way, YOUR pup never ends up in a kill shelter! Rather, it would hopefully be re-homed by someone familiar with your dog's breed characteristics. Also, please, please, please if you buy a puppy, get it in to a positive training class BEFORE it is 12 weeks old! Read this: http://www.avsabonline.org/avsabonline/images/stories/Position_Statements/puppy%20socialization.pdf. You will help insure that your dog grows up to be normally socialized, and that is so important. More dogs die from behavior problems than from disease! You can find a good trainer at www.trulydogfriendly.com.
N  28th of Jun, 2011 by    +3 Votes
NOW...we find out after doing a DNA on this dog, that the 3rd Sire is not his. Just WHO is the Sire? Who the hell knows! I see a court date in our near future!
Billie Gossack--original poster
A  7th of Oct, 2011 by    +3 Votes
The original complaint listed about Sherrie Rouse on this website is very similar to my complaint with Sherrie Rouse. At the beginning of our year long (so far) nightmare with her she was very friendly and knowlegable . We heard her the experience in our conversations, all about the special diet and beautiful coats, etc. etc. We were looking to purchase an older dog, not a puppy, for our female who was ready to breed. Mistake #1 of many, was that we sent her money for a dog she said we would get full breeding rights and proper ASCA papers. We thought we were sending her moneyalso for the health certificate and various other tests we needed for proper breeding along with buying the dog. Tests reputable breeders need to have for quality dogs. Days before our scheduled delivery she calls and says the dog we paid money for has died due to complications of anesthesia. The dog named "Glacier" which we were buying got into a dog fight with one of her other dogs and had to be treated by her Vet. She said I will replace "Glacier" with another dog of equal quality, sex, blue eyes and breeding papers. She gave us several choices and we picked out our dog. She shipped him to us but he was a 6 month old puppy (not ready to breed) which she said was older than he was. Yes equal quality, sex and blue eyes but NO Breeding Papers! and he was not ready to breed. When we asked where are the papers she gave excuses and said they would come very soon! She lied, they still have not come after a year. Her excuse was she needed to get DNA tests done. Tell me what quality breeder tells a puppy buyer that they are buying breeding rights and ASCA papers with the money they pay her and then turns around and says "Oh, I am still in the process of acquiring them and I will get them to you soon", sounds like the beginning of a SCAM. She flat out told us a lie! She was not upfront with the fact that she had not done any DNA testing on our dog or the parents or the Grandsire.Excuse after excuse, a family member died, the lab at ASCA is back logged, contaminated DNA samples, delays after delays. How does a breeder of dogs since 1984 contaminate DNA samples over and over and over? When I pressed her for answers she quit communicating with emails, Facebook and phone calls. Now she finally after 10 mo0nths tells me on Facebook chat that the Grandsire of my dog has died (Note the second dog that has died in her care, in a years time) from a snake bite and his DNA has not come back yet from ASCA. This means for me that the Grandsire was not registered (Beau) therefore his sired litters were not registered therefore my dog's sire which was from Beau is not registered which means his litter is not registered which means my dog will not get to be registered. Again I ask what quality breeder tells you are getting an ASCA registered dog with full paid for breeding rights who has not even gotten her dogs DNA done? SCAMMing buyer? Her breeding program is supposed to be based on having her dogs properly registered, DNA tested for breeding. The one she sold to me was not, all the way back to the Grandsire! She has broken a contract with us! She has not refunded any money, offered to work with us, or offered a replacement dog! She has done nothing except cut off communication with us, lied to us, taken our money and lost her integrity as a breeder of wonderful Aussies! She is closing her Kennel for a reason! Buyer beware is what the Better Business Bureau and AKC post on their website. I wish I had checked her out more thoroughly . We were taken and have a very expensive wonderful Aussie pet WHICH we cannot use for our breeding program. For those that have had good relations with Sherrie you escaped the trouble and loss of money we received. This is a hard lesson to learn and I want her to make this SCAM right! Will she or won't she that is a question a court will need to descide. Dunahoo/Georgia
A  9th of Dec, 2011 by    +3 Votes
I had the exact same experience as Dunahoo/Georgia. Here is the VERY short version of the story. I bought a puppy through Sherrie and at first, things were great and I really liked her, and the way she handled her business. We were told that after we had proof of neutering, (which is a whole other complaint, in and of itself) we would get our AKC/ASCA papers. I sent proof of neutering, and didn't receive papers. After owning the puppy for over a year, and complaining to the AKC, we finally got our papers. Come to find out, she never had any bloodtests done or anything on the dame and sire, and so she had to pay to get all of that done. She never had any intention of giving us the papers. After 6 months of trying to get papers, she told us that we were the only "parents" out of the litters that wanted the papers, and that he would never do agility, and that he wasn't good for show or any of that, and that the papers were worthless which made me wonder about the quality of her dogs. She turned vile, and nasty, and very profane once we got the AKC involved. Once we got the papers, she emailed us, and said she was going to turn us in for harrassment, and also told us where we could shove our papers. It's neither here nor there now, we love our dog and are purely happy with the results.
N  13th of Mar, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I will say that we had a very similar problem with Sherrie. After meeting with Sherrie and several long phone calls she had convinced me that she had the perfect adult that would fit my family. I wanted a puppy to raise but I felt that she had far more knowledge and was leading me in the right direction. We were told that he was housebroken and didn't hike his leg. All were false statements. Well after having some minor issues once we got him home and being in constant contact with Sherrie, we all agreed that this was not the ideal situation for this boy, he was not happy. We did keep him for almost a month to give everyone time to adjust, we knew it would not be a quick or easy transition, but he was miserable. Sherrie came and picked him up and OFFERED to replace him with a puppy. This was totally unexpected but really appreciated. Of course she never followed through with her offer of the puppy. Never heard from her again. She wouldn't answer my calls or return my voice-mails!! If she had no intention she never should have offered. I too was very impressed by Sherrie's knowledge and her concern for her dogs and puppies. I think she has done a lot of research and has raised a lot of puppies, however every good scam artist sells themselves and gives you just enough information to let you think you know them, but you really don't know anything about them at all.
A  19th of Apr, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Sherrie is a scam artist and anyone who has had a good experience with her is the odd man out. We purchased a puppy in good faith and were guaranteed many things, all of which were lies and fabrications. The puppy died two weeks later due to complications of worm infestation and parvo, of which two different vets said would be impossible if the puppy had had it's vaccinations, of which there was no evidence of, and had been present since before we took possession of the puppy. She immediately listed her business as closed the day we called her with the news and now won't return any calls, so we're seeking legal action against her. She in the meanwhile is continuing to take puppy orders as I called her on a friends phone and tricked her into answering questions before she hung up on me after screaming obscenities after she revealed she is in fact going to reopen at a new location in Sarasota. We are unfortunately out of pocket over $5000.00 between the cost of the puppy and the three days he spent in the hospital before he passed. Sherrie Rouse is the worse kind of person, no morality, cold, ruthless, and totally willing to destroy the lives and happiness of entire families with her toxic sales and sick merchandise just to make a penny.
N  22nd of May, 2012 by    -2 Votes
this breeder was amazing to me. I think that whoever had a bad experience either didnt communicate well enough if at all or your from a different state/ area looking on the internet not realizing whats what. im from clearwater and got my aussie from sherrie over a year ago. I have to say that my baby jewls is the best girl i have ever laid eyes on. she is beautiful, well tempered, smart and whatever else you look for in your family friend. For the person that posted this complaint, sorry i think i am the one the that bought the puppy you saw in pictures except shes a female not a male. Blue merle the most peircing blue eyes you have ever seen. the male you have im pretty sure i almost took him home to, blue and brown eye. so be happy you got him because he is one beautiful boy. I couldn't have had a better experience with a breeder. she was extremely informative gave me every piece of paper work you can think of and the one issue i had sherrie was there to help when i called. I asked sherrie about breeding my girl an i understand that sherrie doesnt want her pups breed with other just for pedigree reasons, sherrie would never know what you do with your puppy.

In all honesty in this economy i think your just looking for a way to make money buy sueing someone. Another thing i understand that your mother has had experience with aussies before but i am 25 years old and have jewls plus two other dogs and i can barely keep up with my girl. I take her to the dog park everyday and she out runs them all oh an not to mention she is less then thirty pounds.

So, I agree that your lucky that sherrie even went through the trouble of helping you considering thats its her decision to sell you her pups. like i am, be happy with the beauty that you have and love that boy like you love your mother. beggers cant be choosers.
D  22nd of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
.I'm glad you didn't have a bad experience with Sherrie, but we did (as did many others). And, in all due respect, you have NO clue what we went through with her.
N  14th of Dec, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Seems that "Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherds" has closed up shop. Unless of course, you make up a bogus website saying you're in New Mexico. Check out Dos Lunas Australian Shepherds. This website had photos of other breeders dogs, posted as their own. Even named them! All of the adult dogs listed for sale, are the same dogs as "Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherd" has. I have copied the entire website (with the dogs she posted as hers) before she removed them. Internet fraud is a pretty serious crime..don't you think? I would encourage all of those who had a "wonderful" experience with this breeder, to check out this website..you are bound to see familiar dogs.
N  25th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
N  25th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
See her mugshot from two days ago under sarasota mugshots
I have one of her dogs through a third party. We've spent over 2, 000 on vet bills, and socialization classes etc. dog is so afraid of people, we may not be able to keep him. May be the dog earlier posted returned. What a piece of trash this woman is. I bet she opens up shop again in Colorado. She had two dogs turned over to Florida Aussie rescue. She is worse than all the puppy mills put together, but she somehow made people believe she was better.
N  6th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have had wonderful experience with Sheri and Blue Eyed Beauty Australian Shepherds. My most beautiful, healthy and smart australian sheperd is the joy of our home. I also personally know two other Aussies that friends own that are from Sheri. One home is in Colorado, one in Virginia and I am now in North Carolina. We love our dogs which are healthy and the best temperament and intellect! All three dogs are great and happy dogs. My dog from Sheri is my third Aussie and I know Aussies. My girl is above average and gentle as can be. Blue Eyed Beauty Aussies raised and took care of the puppies and parents with greater care than other breeders I visited. The puppies received the best care and shelter as they grew. My experience with Sheri and her dogs has been wonderful and i highly recommend her. Yes, there will be hard times in all our businesses, yet my experience with Sheri has been forthright and honest. sincerely A. Heller Albershardt - toallteach@hotmail.com
N  19th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes

Public news story on this. If others have had issues...PLEASE come forward.
You can call the Sarasota Sheriffs office.

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