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Blizzard / WOW Bad service

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I want to ad this so every one Can see how I feel .

Hi and hello my name is Jaco van Niekerk, I live in South Africa and uses the WOW EU version !

I`m no the complaining tipe, but Not it is getting SERIOUSLY so not funny I`m am in need of some professional Help, let me explain, I live in South Africa, there is no other way to then to email or do a Query on my account ! its been a week and a half my account is suspended and I`m getting SO FRUSTRATED I have mailed like mad, done 2 to 3 Query`s a day, but no one has come back to me, explaining whats going on !

I have a a post that I have saved in *.txt format which I will now copy past in order to give you people in accounts a better perspective about what my Problem is !

Its like this :

15 hours 49 minutes ago by Wingnut [send email]
OK I`m posting a comment because of mm Frustration and lack of response of WOW GM`s .

its like this :

I was playing like every day, as I logged on the next morning at work I saw my Main Stripped and ghost form, as I knew I didn't leave him like that the last time I was on line !

Any way I tried 3 times to open a ticket as GM mail back They need detailed information of my Dilemma, well a noob got it going at the 3rd time !

They closed my account for some kind of investigation, I could not play 4 3 days ! and when they eventually reopened my account it was still the same, they did mail me saying they are still investigating the matter and soon I will have my goods back !!

After 5 days, now keep in mind my Cousin was helping me as he was playing to get me better gear while I was at work and he was on holiday, from school !

We also decided to change the accounts email 2 his 4 security reasons as I was afraid this hacker had my email 2 !

By this time I was so Frustrated as a mad man with a Shot GUN !
well I went and got the best fire wall -> Zone alarm, the Best anti virus -> Avast, the best anti spyware -> XoftSpy !

and still my account was hacked almost 6 times in a week !

Any So during the week I was hacked again ! My cousin opened ticket again ! the same story Again !!

The best part is that I found my Problem, it was a Virus called "moni32drv.dll" google it you`ll see !

I took care in cleaning it with Avast ! I mailed the GM team or left a Query by the 8th time I was thinking these people doesn't give a damm about me or my account I was BEGGING them Please I want 2 play !

But I`m still waiting 4 them its been a week still, an no reply !
its funny how a paying customer gets treated this way ! and best yet I am always helping my fellow m8`s and I`m one of the honest people I know !

Its the 1st time I get treated like this, I`m from South Africa, My Main Char is called Broodtmaster, and The server is called Terrenas !

I feel utterly disgusted with WOW and the fact of the Virus which could have been a linked that I was viewing on some WOW Forum ! and the Bad Service of GM in WOW !

Its like some one has taken away my life, I`m a WOW Freak !
and every day I cant play is like not living ! or rather dieing !

NOW I am begging again please some one help me ! PLEASE just let me know what the heck is going on !

I`m am almost in tears here, of being upset ! Bloooody hell why why why ! All I want to do is Play my DARNIT WOW ! I`m a victim of circumstance ? I wish the guy who had made that Virus a pain in the ### !

And If every I get the opportunity to work for Blizzard as a WOW GM or as such I will Increase the service delivered by a 100 fold ! And I have read dozens of on line mambo jumbo about how bad The service is of WOW and so on ! Now I get to see it first hand ! =( I know every one is busy and so on but 4 heavens sake all a man is asking is : Please in all do respect, let me know what the hell is going on !!!

I work at an Car dealership and Customer service is Prime priority !! is Blizzard Understaffed ? is their Crew not Skilled good enough ? or are they just lazy, don't they want to work or what ?

I am so utterly and Darkly upset about the BAD service and I cannot in this email or any email give forth my utter Outraging Climax of madness I`m am currently experiencing ? what can a man in South Africa do so he or she can get some Professional Help in regarding the account problems or any other a such ??

Now I don`t mean any disrespect please this is just because I`m so Frustrated and Angry ! Please understand people ! I have to pay to play wow, now I cannot m but I`m still paying, and by all the means possible Please Help me get my account up and running !

My account name is : VlerkNeut I`m playing on wow-europe`s servers on Terrenas Server . please Please help me !

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  • Jo
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    Blizzard is a cheap-###, stingy, racist, and conceited company, obviously because most of its decision makers have those traits. They have many very creative people obviously, because the creative aspects of many of their games are great. But other than that, they suck at everything else. Their programmers & coders definitely suck, otherwise their games, including World of Warcraft, would not have so many bugs. Their customer support is mainly rude & impudent, before anything else. Except for the in-game Game Masters, who try to be nice, but that is mainly because being nice is what allows them to do their job fast! Out of the game, phone and email customer support do not need to be nice at all, and they can actually finish their work faster by being a***oles, so they just treat you like crap, or more precisely, treat everyone like children. They make decisions and do actions just because they feel like, and because of their MMO market share, they don't give a monkey's banana about the feelings of the few frustrated & angry customers like you and me. Who cares about us, when they have hundreds of thousands of paying customers (no, there aren't millions, the millions advertised include free trial accounts).

    And just because Blizzard is a racist company, I'll be racist and say that quite a big number of the Jews who work in that company, some in executive & decision making positions, are secretly, but impudently, racist.

    And if you carefully study the games they produce, especially the lore, you will notice that they actually try to distract people from religion generally, while at the same time, shower them with superstitions. Have you noticed that "God" is never mentioned at all in WoW? While, at the same time, "Goddess" is often on the tongue of every Night Elf NPC. And they deitify "Light" in the tongue of human NPCs, slowly desensitizing & brainwashing your senses into believing that "Light" can actually make decisions, bless you, and has its own free will. When in reality, they are simply replacing "God" with "Light". Some ignorant ###s parrot what the company itself states about how the "lore" of the world of Warcraft requires that, and they don't do it intentionally, or how they do that to not offend anyone. That's a load of bull-****. Otherwise, why "Goddess", but not "God"? Is that really not going to offend anyone? The fact of the matter is that they do not give a crap about offending the vast majority of good Christians, Jews, and even Muslims, who all believe in "God", although refer to God in different names. While at the same time, they know the vast majority of ###s who will play the game don't care about religion at all, and will be quite happy being slowly brainwashed.

    And if anyone suspects the truth about Blizzard being a racist and cheap-### company, you only need look at their recruitment methods and the nationalities & religions affiliations of their staff members. For example, the company does not pay travel expenses in Europe to people who pass phone interviews and have to go to Paris for a live interview.

    Blizzard is simply an abomination of a company, with many creative ideas in it who, unfortunately, are contributing to acts of direct & indirect evil. What really shocks me is that no other company, until late 2008 today, was able to pull off an MMO that attracts some of its MMO market share. I surely pray that one day, they get aggressively taken over by a bunch of genuinely good executives or otherwise, hope that EA beats them to oblivion with a ground-breaking MMO, and I know that EA can pull it off, because their budget is much bigger than Blizzard...they just need to put together the right team of creative & technical minds to pull off a truly competitive next-gen MMO that would eradicate the WoW addiction plaguing many people in the world today. I sincerely hope Blizzard gets what is coming to it...the bunch of racist, cheap, and evil ###.

  • Fo
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This post spews the rants of a World of Warcraft addict who has divulged soo far into this fantasy realm that they cannot distinguish fact from fiction. The bottom line is that this is a video game and just solely that devs make it as fun as the possibly can with as much "FANTASY" as possible. They way you engulf yourself into these worlds is totally up to you.

    Nothing too see here, just another [censored].

  • Th
      29th of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Blizzard are scam artists. They have employees working day and night that join in the raids and take the gear and give it back to blizzard. They do this because if it takes longer for players to get the good gear then they have to keep playing, hence keep paying more money. This game is ###. a complete rip off and I can't wait til allt he petofiles that play wow go back to prison so wow won't have enough paying customers to keep it going and shut down. So many people with money trouble in this world and blizzard wants to take what money they have. I cannot wait til the new patch comes out so I can not pay and leave one less customer to wow.

  • St
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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  • Ja
      2nd of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Well i just tried to play this thing and after downloading the installer from there crappy server i clicked to install went to sleep and when i woke up it was still downloading stuff this is a joke 6 hours to play a crappy game i dont think so, and you have to pay what now??? !!! fk this id rather burn my money what a bunch of stupid ###s seriously thinking of charging for a waste of time DONT bother playing anything that takes up this much space on your computer as your saving them money on there servers and paying for it again fk that!!!

  • Ji
      10th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    well folks, ive played warcraft for 5 years so I would say that makes me an expert.

    on top of the terrible customer support that i've received from GMs and tech support which includes several blatant lies contradicted by their own employees I have to say the game rocks. That is if you ignore the constant psychological minipulation of players via the steady drip of success - youl only have to play another month to get that thing you want which will make you as good as the rich kids or the GMs themselves.

    Basicaly called marketing and generaly frowned upon when levied at children anywhere in the world, it seems that blizzard is impervious to moral/ethical standards of any kind, this is a tough accusation but easy to back up when you consider blizzard actively bans people for trying to get ahead and constantly seeks to make success harder (too many examples of this to mention).

    if you have children do not let them anywhere near blizzard entertainment products, take it from one rehabilitated addict, this stuff is as hard to shake off as any substance abuse problem and wastes far more of your life.

  • Ma
      13th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Well, out of the blue, I received an e-mail from blizzard regarding my World of Warcraft account to report a request for password change on the account. The problem is that, to my knowledge, I have never had an account--certainly have never used it. I sent back an e-mail stating that I was unaware I had an account and had not requested a change in password. I requested that they cancel any account they had for me in their records. The response I received was another e-mail exactly like the first one--notifying me of a request for password change. After that one, I thought it better to call the telephone number on the message and discuss it with a customer service representative. That was a mistake. After making several calls, I got the identical response... a message saying they were experiencing an unusually heavy call volume and (unlike what I'm used to hearing from other organizations--"please remain on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative" or "your call is very important to us and will be answered as soon as possible in the order in which it was received")... NOOOOOO. The message on EVERY call attempt was "we are unable to take your call at this time". My next attempt was to send another e-mail to blizzard and to wowaccounts@blizzard (or whatever they say in the e-mail) under the title "URGENT-POSSIBLE FRAUDULENT ACCOUNT" asking for their action and response by e-mail. I got the same response---either NOTHING or another e-mail notifying me that a request for password change had been made and that I should get in contact with them if I had not requested the change.

    SUCK!!! comes nowhere near describing the BS account services of this POS company. I still have no resolution and am getting tired of trying to contact them.

  • Pa
      3rd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Been playing WoW since the beginning, and to tell the truth, I am sick to death of Blizzard's attitude to customers. A WHOLE WEEK to get a response from a GM. They don't resolve the problem IF you are lucky enough to win the Blizzard lottery, and be chosen to be spoken AT.. not to. Also, by the time you do get a response, it is infuriating to get "you see a bright light and oldsmartypants appears to help you" Good evening, and how are you this evening" At this point you want to swear him. They lie to you, they tell you that all your toons will get the pet you PAID for, then you don't get them, and they tell you that it will be "one of your restores" LIKE HELL! I paid for the damn thing.. give me my vanity pet.

    If Blizzard want run a company with a totally biased attitude to one faction, it will be their own fault when Alliance players say "up yours, go play with yourself." Losing millions of dollars a month. They are relying on us putting up with them pulling the wool over our eyes.

    They get your money every month, they do not give a damn about customer service. They should also, not put a 12' orc statue up to show what a bunch of childish ###s they are, with no idea how to keep customers happy. They should have either put both factions there or none. EVERY battleground I have been in, the Horde have had a "glitch" according to Blizzard, where they can start the battle before the Alliance can even leave the starting area. Their towers are higher than the Alliance towers, so they can shoot out our gunners, but we can't shoot theirs out. May sound trivial things, but they are just a couple of irritating things. On top of the dreadful customer service. I am sure that other companies would like to have a piece of $135 MILLION business. They would probably jump through hoops for them too.

  • Ma
      21st of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    my account with blizzard has been compromised and stolen so many times i gave up on haveing it reopened the last time it was opened someone had stolen everything that i had worked to put togeather.try calling them and see how many hours you spend on the phone waiting only to be told you must send a copy of identification to get them to do anything with your account.i find it quite strange that my account to be compromised many times when you need identification to prove ownership and you must prove that before they will do anything with your account.

  • Mi
      1st of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    World of Warcraft is just a game and Blizzard is just a company that has an awesome fan following and an awesome customer support base. I am sure to the GM's and customer support agents, it must feel like the wild west. With close to 11 million playing and at least thousands of GM tickets per realm every day from people with some sort of issues that must be sererly more important then the last players problem.

    If you show some basic respect when speaking with someone, either on the phone or using the online GM ticket you will most likely get somewhere.. I have never had a problem with BLizzards customer support staff or Game Masters, I've always been respectful and straight to the point, and I have always recived the same treatment in return.

    I have played MMO's in general as well as World of Warcraft for close to 5 years off and on, and I honestly say that BLizzard puts forth the most effort attempting to solve player problems; with an in-game knowledge base, online game forum, "land line call center", and the option to speak with a Game master. Other MMO's have no immediate GM service that can help you "ASAP", and the ones I have seen that do seem worthless.

    Accounts get hacked usually because of faulty security on the players part; stupid passwords, the purchase of online gold and powerleveling services, and boasting your in game wealth for all to see..

    I am sorry for the rant, but it seems too many people complain about blizzards customers support, when in fact it is their own stupid fault they are in that situation in the first place. It is a real shame for the people who actually want to play WOW and come here looking for info regarding their customer support.

    create a strong password, stop looking at porn online, and stop buying gold off the chinese.. B>A>M hacking problem solved.. :P

  • Yo
      22nd of May, 2010
    -1 Votes

    my job is costumer service, so far no1 has complained about me i'm nice because i like it (it actually got me the most beautiful girl in this planet) so i would say is the best that i like about my self. some1 up there said be polite and you'll get somewhere, i've been polite and i really dont care about the game that much i actually play it to lvl toons because i really dont have time to raid (and to be honest i do not like to pay 15 bucks for an angry raid leader to yell at the whole raid and calling ppl Ahols). Any ways i got my account hacked somebody sold my gear, i just want to cancel my account but its been 2 weeks and no response from blizzard. The last message said the following

    Our company has to adopt some measures to safeguard our common benefits in order to strengthen the safety of mass players'accounts.We have the evidence to prove that your account involved in the controversial game currency transaction .The investigation will be continued by Blizzard administration to determine the action to be taken against your account. If your account is found violating the EULA and Terms of Use, your account can, and will be suspended/closed/or terminated.In order to keep this from occurring, you should immediately verify that you are the original owner of the account.

    i sent a message saying basically... "well thats cool can you just cancel my account please? so thats a win win i make ur job easier and make my life easier" because this actually happened the day i paid the month. like i said 2 weeks no response kinda sucks cuz im payin for something im not using. ill just keep trying if not well ill take a look at the EULA or something and prove them wrong and who knows maybe i can get some money out of them for selling me something i cant use or better described as broken or simply for bad costumer service hahaha... i do hope this helps (well actually just to point how bad blizzard's costumer service is).

  • Ju
      5th of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Blizzard does not give a [censor] about its customers. I think the only thing more horrible than their customer service is many of the other WoW players. Before this gigantic waste of time, I had never met so many disrespectful and arrogant Americans. Ltvermillion is an Ally subhuman immature little ninja [censor], for example. At least you're not playing on a US server!

    Seriously, though, to anyone considering playing WoW... It's a gigantic waste of time and money. Go buy an XBox or something. The customer service is way better!

  • Jy
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    So, an account ban after 4 years of consistent monthly play.

    4 years...

    Does a company believe the 4 year account holder or the 1 month old new account holder?

    Hard to decide huh?

    I'm done.

  • 51
      12th of Jul, 2010
    -3 Votes

    Jaco Van Niekerk - who wrote the original complaint is a [censor]ing idiot, needs to learn english and punctuation, and furthermore does not need to be logging in to WoW while at work. What a [censor]ing unproductive piece of incompetent [censor]. Also, I agree - he does need "professional help" as he mentions.

  • Br
      10th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    To the writer of above... lol @ you dude your even a bigger idiot for reading all this stuff. take a while think... you just waist-ed your life reading all this! ps: I would like to meat up with you and see if your as brave as you sound... I bet all my money on the fact that your a coward, and you wont have the "balls" saying it to my face! PS: this is Jaco van Niekerk. and My native language is not English. you nub !

  • St
      23rd of May, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I seem to run into hacking problems with this game and the support line talks to like your a child, the GM helping me pertened that he/she got the manager and was him. I knew stight away the gm was lying to me.

    They blamed my hack being a virus i got, well thats funny i use linux at that time and thats pretty much virus free and the fact i never give out my details any place.

    When they could not sort my problem out they irgnor'd me and close the chat, they typed
    we are happy was was able to help you.
    is there any other problems we may help with
    and then they log'd and i belive that was a marco they used because both pm's apeared the same time and then they was gone instant, no one on earth can type that fast.

    wow is a scam they do in fact sell the details in a attempt to make you buy a new game or more gametime.

  • Am
      31st of Oct, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I have played WoW for over 4 years now. The customer service has deteriorated, the arrogant 15 year olds have increased. My final straw was a customer service issue that resulted in my decision to cancle my account, today!

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