Blessed Kennels / Not vet checked selling puppies with heart murmurs

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purchased golden retriever female pup April, 2, 2016 guaranteed health. driving a hour and half to me at a store parking lot not at there kennel where you can see the parents should have got suspicious.
Issues with blood in stool from beginning the constantly trying to go and shacking .
took to vet and found a heart murmur at first she said if it didn't go away in 12 weeks we will replace it .should not have sold the pup with out being checked by a vet and also raise a pup for 12 weeks and if it doesn't go away .want me to spend 12 weeks taking care and raising the pup my time is worth something.
After doing some research on the net found people complaining about the breeder i wish i would have done more before hand .
i offered to keep the pup and give me half the money back she still insist that she will replace it. its like my time is worth nothing anyone who raises a pup knows how much you have to do the first week or two

Apr 11, 2016

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  • Ni
      May 20, 2016

    So you're just gonna give the dog back knowing damn well it will be disposed of? Yeah your time is worth something- sorry a dog you picked out is an inconvenience until you get it replaced.

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  • Ro
      Jun 05, 2016

    I contacted this heartless women, spoke to her on the phone multiple times about various dogs, what would be a good fit, how old, health record, up-to-date on shots, etc., breeding line (parents, grandparents, etc.)? Each time I spoke to her, at the end of the conversation, I asked WHEN could I visit their kennel. And each time, she said the same ole thing "we have many puppies and do not want them to get sick with so many people visiting". Ya, right! If they get too sick, they'll just kill them. These people need to be CLOSED! Put out of business, fined & prosecuted for dog abuse. The Great Lakes Golden Retriever Rescue of Michigan needs to step in; hopefully they can save a few precious lives. Thank you for reading this, please pass it on!

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