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BACKYARD BREEDER. PUPPY MILL. DO NOT ADOPT FROM THESE ###. They can hide behind all the Bible verses they want but that doesn't change that they are horrible people and ABUSIVE to animals! I am friends with a few volunteers for a local rescue organization and they have had the unfortunate task of caring for, rehoming, and/or euthanizing dogs from this breeder. One of the goldens who came to the rescue was literally bred to death. On their website they list their retired dogs. They retire their dogs by giving them away! These monsters "threw" her away once they had no more use for her. The rescue had no choice but to put her down because of all her issues that stemmed from being over-bred. Another dog was given up because of genetic defects. Well, that's what happens when you over breed a dog! This dog was completely unsocialized, was fearful, and didn't even know how to eat food out of a bowl (at 1 year of age!). The dog also had a painful eye condition. And yet another puppy who went on to be re-homed was discovered to have the same eye condition, blindness in one eye, and had suffered blunt force trauma to the head while still in this breeder's possession. ALSO, they only guarantee the health of their dogs if you buy a certain brand of dog food, for which they get a kickback. If you must buy from a breeder, please do your homework and don't support puppy mills! Otherwise, there are thousands of dogs awaiting a forever home at your local rescue or shelter.

Jan 14, 2015

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  • Mo
      14th of Jan, 2015

    I AGREE!!

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  • Gl
      30th of Jan, 2018

    a little over 2 years ago we were looking for a golden that perhaps needed to be re homed. We had lost our last of a brother and sister pair to cancer (9 and almost 10 years old ) and were lonely for a pet but just couldn't do a puppy. I found this women when doing a google search and we meet her off site (should of known something was up then) it was obvious there was something wrong with his gate and she said he couldn't stay mounted for breeding. I was going to walk I didn't need my heart crushed so soon again. The wife had the door open and him in so fast it made my head swirl her statement to me was this ***** will put him down he needs us. Well we had him until last Tue when he simply couldn't get up or move around, but in the time we had him he was loved and the MASTER of our house, at least he had a little time to be treated like a golden should. if any of you readers had a pup out of DUKE you might want to have your vet check there hips I am sure he may of passed this trait along. How evil? Told us she had him artificially inseminated for his last 2 litters Glen&Denise [protected] if you need to talk.

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  • De
      7th of Apr, 2019

    @Glen&Denise I have concerns about this place now. Had sent a deposit and may reconsider.

    Your email is blocked out. I’d like to know more;

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  • Ch
      17th of Jul, 2018

    Not sure about others experiences but we got the best dog ever from her! We were welcomed at her home, saw the mother and couldn't be happier. Our boy is perfect. Not only does he get oohs and aahs from everyone because he is so beautiful, he is such a sweet cuddly guy! He's also super athletic and smart. I would have taken 2 if I knew how good he was! So, I'm not discounting other's experiences but ours was great! (Phil is the guy in the back!)

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  • Ro
      27th of Jan, 2019

    I purchased a puppy in December 2018 from this breeder. The kennel was very very clean. All dogs in appeared to be in good health. We saw the parents. The first day we cane home he was great. Second day he had diarrhea. I contacted Cheryl and she was extremely helpful. I did take dog to vet who felt it was stress related. Puppy was given flagyl to be safe. Cheryl kept checking with me to be sure puppy was ok. Our boy is sweet and very smart.

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