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Dear All,

Let me introduce you to a Black Magic World scam.
Black Magic World will trap in the following manners.
They offer free spell cast, once request received you will receive an e mail confirming receipt of the request with the Schedule of spell casting followed by an e mail that e mail has been casted and it has a positive effects and five days later another e mail will dance in your in box contradicting what was initially said and will state the following.

I fear for the result of your Revenge Spell!

Black Magic World ([protected]
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Greetings M,

It has come to my attention that you have a dark cloud of energy around you that will hinder the spell from connecting with your subconscious mind. Even if the spell would be able to penetrate this negativity, it's certain to weaken the spell so much I fear it might even turn back on you and make the situation, you wanted to deal with, worse!

M, I strongly recommend you to use this guild approved karma and aura cleansing service to counter the negative energies. It's the only thing that can help right now. It will boost you with so much positive energies that no negativity will ever stick on you!

Do not hesitate Mohammad, the karma and aura cleansing, performed for you by High-Priestess Alexandra, is about to close the sign-ups (She can only do the cleansing for a certain amount of people at this time!).


Warlock Eeno

Andserson 15
Torino Torino 17454

This is the way they will try to scare you off and smartly start to ask for money which is a scam and a fraud. I urge al dear ones to be please careful from these scammers and under no circumstance contact them in any form or shape. Enquiries has been made which revealed that the owner of this business is hidding his identity and the contaxct details. I numerously requested their contact number but m y request was ignore. It is certain that you will lose money if were to deal with them. only positive bit is their fancy website which is supporting their scam

May 31, 2015
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  • J0
      18th of Aug, 2015

    Yep, I just got the EXACT SAME email in my inbox (except for my name of course) in response to a love spell I asked Black Magic World to cast a week ago. I hate to admit it, but I clicked on the link for the Aura And Karma Cleansing. Because, the "spell" did not work but in fact had the OPPOSITE effect. So I actually thought, because my whole life is falling apart right now, there MUST be a "dark cloud" over me and of course the spell would have "bouncef off of me", right? So I became suspicious though, when I realized the following: 1. The link to the Cleansing has NO AFFILIATION with the Black Magic World spell casting. 2. Black Magic World did not offer to re-cast the spell once I was cleansed. 3. The Cleansing site has a disclaimer that they are in no way affiliated with any spells that may have been cast by any spell casters previously. 4. I searched online and you can do your own Cleansing, free of charge!!! Thank God I smelled a rat and did a little research instead of giving my credit card info!!! Lesson learned, and Black Magic World emails deleted!

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  • In
      2nd of Sep, 2015

    Guys, SAME story. I also asked for the love spell and the message was the same - with only the names changed as well. It's a load of garbage! There was never a spell cast on anyone so don't worry.
    It's all a money-making scheme to trick people! DO NOT even bother with people that are willing to offer the spell nonsense for free. No true and a real spellcaster does that!
    Peace guys

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  • St
      13th of Apr, 2016

    We have the same situation mine is money spell.

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  • Ca
      25th of Jun, 2016

    I had exact same .Had E : mail sent with a Spell Chant .Then another .Claiming ."Have a Negative Energy Cloud around "Will have to Contact "Madam Moiria for "Speacalist Cleansing Aura to be performed" First Month .Free .Then £ 14.95 a month.Thanks to your Site .I have not parted with any money .A total Scam. "These People do not exist .They are "A n Automated Web Site"...

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  • Al
      4th of Jul, 2016

    Yep!!! Same EXACT story here! I had a love spell cast and got the same responses in the same order as above. And the SAME TRICK is used by TALISMAN SPELLS TOO. DO NOT USE THEM EITHER. I don't know how these people sleep at night.

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  • Tr
      15th of Sep, 2016

    Black Magic Family

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are a Family currently Working and living in Dubai, and would like at your own discretion to publish the below mentioned incident we have suffered on the hands of one evil Lady Cammelia Jacob (now D’souza) also working and living in Dubai.

    We would sadly and humbly like to inform the Media in India, that we have been tortured for nearly One Year now, with Black Magic spells cast on us by this Witch Cammelia Jacob through her very Notorious Family living in the filthy suburbs of Khirki Village, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. These people have harmed many innocent people in their lives, and lately tried to harm my Family with deadly Black Magic spells which were cast on us, to seek revenge, to kill us and confiscate our money & property. This Diabolic Lady Cammelia Jacob (now D’Souza) is married to one Sunny D’Souza, who has also joined her by giving Financial and other support to harm our family. This Lady visited our house several times showing deceitful kindness to us, collected some under garments of ours and took them to Delhi to hand over to her evil Family mentioned below, to cast Black Magic spells on us by using these items. She returned from Delhi with some powder and materials containing Demonic powers, which she sprayed in our house whenever she visited, and activated the Spell through Mobile phone, after connecting with some member of the evil family in Delhi. (Suspects are Shammi Jacob and Bina Hawes), We have noticed these things, doubted her and caught her many times from the very beginning but were not aware of her evil capabilities.

    They used some Aghori Tantrik Baba’s Evil powers in Delhi, to cast spells on my Family, by sacrificing Animals, which can seriously harm anybody. We know you may not believe in all these Super Natural things, which we did not believe before, until you experience it as we did. We were cured by a Powerful Holy Tantrik in India, who disclosed to us about the Names and all methods of their Black Magic spells.

    We promise you that we will give you our Names and identity, and relations with mentioned family, if required at a later stage, but currently we are reluctant to tell you who we are, and I hope you understand why. These are the Jacob (Yakub) Family whose details are given below, and we have experienced and witnessed the tremendously Evil doings of this Jacob Family who practice Black Magic taking money from people, and harm innocent families as a livelihood.

    We came to know from few sources that Black Magic is a Family business of these people, which may be hereditary and going on for a long time, and nearly all the Family members (Brothers, Sisters and their children), are jobless, and living only on Black Magic and various other scams. They are originally Muslims (Yakub), by birth, but now they are pretending to be Christians, and renamed themselves as Jacob. They seem to be sweet talking people when you meet them, but in real life they are very dangerous, and harmful, who can harm you for anything they want from you. They shift from house to house every 6 months. Their Daughters dance in Night Clubs, and they all Drink Alcohol every day, and practice Black Magic for their daily bread. They store many Alcohol Bottles hidden, under the Mattress of their Beds, and they hold Drinking parties every day.

    If you contact and speak to them, you will not believe that these are the same evil people we are talking about, since they are all Actors, Liars and Sweet talkers, but a smart person, will slowly know their real colors and deceitful behavior.

    Please find below few Names and details of this Family, who practice Black Magic :

    1.Cammelia Jacob (now D’souza): Evil daughter of Linda and Eric Jacob, knows all steps/procedures of Black Magic, and is the main person who cast Black Magic at our home in Dubai.
    She Married Sunny D’Souza, who is also a part and partner in her Black Magic Crimes.

    Cammelia Jacob D’Souza
    Working at: Aramex
    P.O.Box: 3841
    South Zone 1, Jebel Ali Free Zone,
    Near Gate # 6
    Plot MO0245
    Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Phone: +971 4 8860606 +971 (4) 881-0880

    Sunny D’Souza
    Working at: Neptune Maritime Security Group
    1404 Jumeirah Business Center
    PH2-V1 Jumeirah Lake Towers
    PO Box 644854
    United Arab Emirates
    Tel +971 (0) 44 215 507

    2. Shammi Jacob: Brother of Eric Jacob, is one of the main culprits of Black Magic and is jobless. It is told to us by one of his family enemies, that he arranged to kill his own Father Alen Mathu Yakub with Black Magic few years back. His Mobile No. 09717740704 / 09990809858.

    3. Rico Hawes (Jobless Husband of Bina Hawes and Brother of Linda Jacob, said to practices Black magic as a profession and has harmed many innocent people) – Mobile No. 09871808778.

    4. Bina Hawes, (Wife of Rico Hawes, who is said to be the Number ring leader of Black Magic, and has inflicted injury to many innocent families). – Mobile No. 09971029025.

    5. Linda Jacob (Wife of Eric Jacob, and Mother of Cammelia Jacob, Practices Black magic with the assistance of above. Very sweet talking evil lady, who will betray anybody), Mobile. No. 09910643063.

    6. Eric Jacob (Husband of Linda Jacob, and Father of Cammelia Jacob, a Very Sly looking and notorious man, who practices Black Magic with all above who are related, he is a drunkard and livesg on his two daughters earnings – Mobile No. 09818442984.

    Dear Sir / Madam, We are well wishers of all citizens in India and Delhi, hence we have done our duty by giving you the above information of this dangerous family, and leave it up to you, to bring it to the publics notice, or not to, especially those who interact with them.

    We have broken all contacts and doings with them, and will never visit Delhi again. These people deserve to go to Jail, and I pray to my God to persecute them for their evil doings, so that they cannot do Black Magic and harm anybody else again. We have attached few photographs in the sequence of family above.
    Thank You for reading and God Bless you all,

    Below is the law passed on Black Magicians who harm people :

    Prohibition of Black Magic:
    There are two Bills passed since 2003, by the Parliament in Delhi, Both the bills prohibit the promotion, propagation and the practice of Black Magic. The December 2003 Bill also prohibits the promotion, practice and propagation of Aghori practices. This also included people who abet or attempt to commit any act punishable under this Act.
    The March 2012 Bill provided that any person who contravenes the provisions of the Act would be punishable with a term extending to seven years or with a fine extending to fifty thousand rupees or with both. The revised version of the bill however provides a minimum sentence of six years, extending to seven years along with a fine, the minimum limit of which is provided at fifty thousand rupees. Hence the amended bill comprehensively necessitates the imposition of both imprisonment and fine.

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  • Su
      31st of Mar, 2017

    Is it so bad with his honesty? I am a bit confused. Can you tell me which sepllcaster is th best? I need good magical help to get my girlfriend back.

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  • Sh
      25th of May, 2017

    @Susan Beoff I need some help also...I know this person who stole my phone and saying he didn't all I want him to do is give me back my phone.

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  • Gi
      25th of Nov, 2018

    @Susan Beoff I don't think you can really find honest online spell casters...
    The only honest one I've ever found was a Latino one that asked for a picture from the palm of my hand, because I was sure my bf and I were under a curse... He replied saying "I see no dark magic around you, but I suggest you go to therapy along with your love one because I do see conflict and some undealt mental issues"... And he was right, I'm on medication now... If you are interested (and if you speak Spanish) I can look for his information

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  • Gi
      8th of Feb, 2019

    @GinGiny I would be interested in his name Susan

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  • Sh
      25th of May, 2017

    Please I need some help...

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  • Me
      29th of Jul, 2017

    wow, holy [censor]!!! there were a couple of sites I tried out and I got the same email!!! oh my god, this is unbelievable and since I can't afford to dole out money I'm still getting the emails. this is absolutely sickening!!!

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  • An
      17th of Aug, 2017

    This is a true story and happened to me. A black magic gypsy scam ruined my life. You can read my story here...beware..

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  • Mr
      29th of Oct, 2017
    So called Ajarn Koh of Pattaya is NOTHING BUT A BIG FRAUD> He will communicate with you till you transfer the money via western union and then he will stop communicating untill he gets the cash on his hand.. We have forwarded his conversation details and proof of payment to Investigating Authority in the USA and in Thailand and they working on it. CCtv footage are being collected of the girl who received the money on hios behalf with fake identity and we will expose him soon
    Dont waste time on this con man and dont believe a single word he says.

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  • An
      11th of Nov, 2017

    This Guy Ajarn Koh Pattaya is nothing but a [censor]. His [censor] girl friend Jarunee Jaijun is a professional [censor].bE careful sending even a single bath, all [censor]. The [censor] will be caught very soon.

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  • Ka
      6th of Aug, 2018


    Friends please read how i am cheated by Astrologer.
    1 hindu name, 1 Muslim name --RAVI KANT SASTRI, JA***** BABA
    In Hyderabad, there was an scrolling in citi cable. Ja****** baba. His Ph no 9930708514.
    He asked me 11400 Rs to complete my work and will be done in 5 days.
    He told shop keeper account as below
    52207464576 SBI BANK
    IFSC SBIN0021422

    He started my work, and in middle of work tells Kali mata is asking you some more pooja to be performed and demanded 20k, If you unable to pay in 1 hour, he is going to reverse the process against me and my family which is going to kill us. He cannot stop in between otherwise it will give problem to him. His another ph no 8171626458.

    I upload his picture as well . So Be AWARE OF THIS FRAUD.

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  • Ho
      20th of Aug, 2018

    @kanth262 thank for giving update about this, .did u find any more now, ..i m searching for some one like this, .help me in getting my love back

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  • Yy
      3rd of Sep, 2018

    Is this related to this site with a slightly different name but similar MO?

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  • Mr
      8th of Feb, 2019

    This is what happens when you dip into the occult.

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