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After receiving a brochure from this company excolling the many benefits of their product "bactium" i bought it, hoping to get the promised result. As i am elderly and suffer joint pains and stomach disorders, which the brochure specifically mentions would be cured in a short time, i was expecting at least some improvement in my condition. The headline of the brochure states "this tiny pill could put your doctor out of business by 2012" (I received it in 2011) and on the front of the brochure is a photo of dr. Earl mindell with this statement "for the second time in 40 years i put my name behind a product". My complaint is, that this has cost me a lot of money with none of the promised result. The company has a 30 day product - return police if not satisfied. When i called them before the 30 days, that i had no improvement, the person told me i needed to be on it longer. And call back in a month or two. When i called after that, of cause they would not give me my money back. Firstly their product is garbage, secondly their return policy is flawed.

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  • Mo
      3rd of May, 2013

    This exact same wording is now being used in advertisements for a product called "BactiPlus"! Buyers beware!!! Sounds like a typical switch scam; just rename it and peddle it again.
    I saw the ad in our local paper and thought of a friend that is having alot of problems due to over medication of anitbiotics by physicians and I thought I'd go online to see what I could find out about this product plus Dr. Earl Mindell.
    I am thankful that I went to this site and will not pass on this scam to my friend.
    Please pass this info on to others so they do not get taken for a ride and the company "Nutricell" that sells it nor the quack, "Dr." Mindell get richer off of unsuspecting but well meaning people looking for help with their health.

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  • Li
      14th of May, 2013

    I have experienced the same situation on different products in the past, because I wanted a "quick fix" does not work that way. You have to give the product a chance to work. I quit blaming different products because of my impatience. I was like a squirrel in a cage. After all, my problem did not get there in less than a month. Give yourself a chance with any product. You will see results. Took me a while to figure this out.

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  • Ju
      28th of Apr, 2014

    I have tried calling everyday at different times, with no luck, i have been waiting since 17th Feb 2014. Would appriciate some response to this,

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  • Ji
      22nd of Sep, 2015

    I have been on Bactiplus for more than 2years and I noticed a huge improvement to my Health within days that I now feel well again. II was unable to eat most things because of discomfort that Drs could not help me with for years. So listen to the people that want to get better and ignore the scaremongers because people need to know that bactium can hugely help some people have quality of life back. We all react differently so if it doesn't help one person it doesn't mean it can't help others so we need to stop bad mouthing to others and just say, " It didn't help me but it might help you"

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  • Mi
      4th of Nov, 2015

    This is text from the flyer for the product

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