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Bingo Parlor / Cheating

1 Vallejo, CA, United States Review updated:

Game Fixing (Tampering) by callers and staff with prior knowledge of winning cards dispersed, nightly!

777 Bingo Callers also physically and electronically manipulating final results to called games from behind the caller stand, thus rendering the same results of multiple wins to specific patrons (friends, family, and other co-workers) as pay-off and split-shares of nightly profits, through the distribution of specific game packs and card minding device to each specific players at buy-in.

777 Bingo callers are also allowed, to participate in nightly bingo games, receiving big pay-outs from the winnings on the larger bingo amounts, thus profiting from those large amounts even while working the floor as callers, or sellers, of bingo products.

This is allowed by the current management at 777 Bingo at their patron’s expense with full knowledge of the management/owner.

777 Bingo balls are not counted or changed during break periods, and they're not handling properly in accordance to the gaming commission. This allows changes and variables to their capacity when being jettison from the bin. On a few occasion multiple balls of same ID were found inside of bin or outside.

This establishment (777 Bingo) needs new management and new licensed callers to be legal Bingo establishment for non-profit charitable organizations.

Also the 777 Bingo parlors also needs better monitors or a monitoring system in place behind the caller stand, to ensure compliance with gambling commission rules, that really dictates to the "fairness" of every game called.

Floor-workers, callers, family, and friends of any employed personnel of 777 Bingo should be restricted from playing floor games at same place of employment eliminating the perception which can be witness or implied as misconduct or impropriety.

The negative perception regarding the 777 Bingo parlors hinges on basically whether or not; it can restore the respectability, honesty, trust, and integrity, of its management and personnel as it relates to their business practice and their commitment to fair gaming.

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  • Ma
      27th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I personally saw player "tip" caller 250.00 after 1000.00 win. And is it possible that the number to verify winning pattern could be 321 for multiple (like 7 or 8) games?? A player next to me called bingo, when verifying win on monitor they showed non winning card, but then another employee told caller to use 321 and winning pattern showed in monitor. I witnessed this on Sept 06 2013. That same evening after playing speed X game Caller went 42 calls without calling a single N number and I asked if maybe they forgot to drop N numbers back into mix before start of next game. I heard balls then drop and they caller denied any impropriety and asked me if I thought I was some sort of math expert when I questioned odds of calling that many balls without any Ns.

  • Ca
      10th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Same type of Cheating going on at The 777 Bingo in Vallejo, Managers playing bingo on other Managers night and winning, Volunteers pulling numbers for certain players, same players winning all the time, very hard to hit any game it you hit it is a stroke of Luck. Have seen certain callers calling and same people winning every night 7 days a week. Some of the games being verified you can tell the card they show is incorrect but will allow it to stand, callers allowing balls to drop back down, stopping balls like the machine stopped all of a sudden actually saw caller open the door and put a ball to come up in chute and same person that has been winning under them bingoed. The workers are playing bingo and working the same time. Just bad all the way around, This is Oct 2015 this Bingo Hall is a mess. I also saw a worker putting Flash on her husbands machine and no money was exchanged.

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