Big Motoring WorldQuick to sell my car which would fail its next MOT due to broken headlamp brackets

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purchased my Jaguar XF at what I thought was a fair price (within my budget) and a treat to myself as I had always wanted one since seeing these vehicles on the road locally.

I was happy until I discovered that my O/S headlamp unit was loose while un-peeling the EU light converters I had put on earlier that day when I did a day trip with the car to France. I initially assumed it was a clip that had come loose. On further inspection I could see that the securing brackets for the headlamp units were broken yet this was not noticeable when washing/cleaning the car.

I contacted Big Motoring World as the car has done less than 800 miles since the day of purchase. They were dismissive of any responsibility and advised I contact the warranty side (extra cost when I bought the car) . I did this and was told to take the car into Jaguar for a check/report then submit this in a claim. I did and today, I was told I this repair is not covered, nor is the split N/S/R brake caliper gaitor covered!

I am now rather angry that the expensive car which was to be my pride and joy now needs over £2000 spent on it to pass it's next MOT! Satisfied, I think NOT. This vehicle was not properly inspected by Big Motoring World prior to my collection even though they told me it would be, with any defects rectified!

If you plan to buy a car from these people be sure to get an independent inspection done on the vehicle first. Also do grill them on any warranty (extra cast) as the sales reps are pretty vague when talking you through them

Dec 18, 2014
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      Mar 21, 2013
    Big Motoring World - Additional fees
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    I specifically asked Big Motoring World for a diagnostic test for my truck and no services to be done. Upon arrival to pick up my truck, mechanic asked to wait 20 more minutes to finish the full tune-up. I explained only a diagnostic test was supposed to be given. Now they ask me to pay for additional work.

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