Big Cat RescueFakes rescues to collect donations

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Big Cat Rescue has lied to the unsuspecting citizens that have donated to them. They have tried to divert this attention by discrediting there competition which would be anyone that owns or houses exotic animals. They preach not to buy animals and were one of the largest breeders of exotic cats with ads posted in animals trader magazine and videos and books for sale on how to pick out the best exotic cat for a pet. Seems a bit hypocritical to tell the world not to do something than go ahead and do it yourself. They also claimed that the cats on the property for which they collect donations for are abandoned, abused, unwanted, and neglected. These are nothing more than fictional sob stories made up to swindle you out of your hard earned money. And you would be supporting the very place that causes these animals to suffer. Because they buy and breed most of the cats that they have claimed as rescues. Most of these cats came from loving homes bottle feed and raised in doors. But according to Big Cat Rescue website they were under weight and abused. These lies need to stop. And if you truly love animals you would not support such a place. Carole Baskins aka Carole Lewis has done nothing more than turn her private pet collection and breeding program into a sanctuary to collect tax benefits and get the public to pay for her pets feeding and care. This may sound like here say. How would one prove this well that's easy she says it in her own words you will see her phone numbers on the for sale ads posted in the animals trader and a new broadcast reporting on it as well copy and past this url into your web browser and take a look.

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  • Bi
      Aug 11, 2009

    Exactly the opposite is true. Big Cat Rescue is trying to end the abuse and abandonment of big cats and our opponents only tactic is to try and discredit our good name. There is no way to justify what they do so this sort of libelous slander is the only devise left to them. Find out the truth about Big Cat Rescue by checking with real accrediting agencies such as the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Guidestar and Charity Navigator. A visit to our own web site will tell you all about our past and our evolution.

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  • Wa
      Jan 19, 2010

    Of course you disagree with criticism of your organization.

    It's YOUR organization.

    But don't take my word for it. If you want more proof? Go here and read the commentary.

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  • Pe
      Feb 04, 2010

    Being Australian I had never heard of Big Cat Rescue before so had a look at Big Cat
    I know this dog will win the vote this week hands down but please do not let it win the competition. For a start I dont think Big Cats are classified as pets so the charity would not fall under you're guidelines. Secondly the woman who submitted this dog pic owns the charity so it smacks of a rort to me. She must know that a big cat isnt a pet or she would have posted a pic of one of her big cats for voting. This woman is also very nasty and vindictive & I strongly feel that Bissell would not be doing themselves any favours by associating themselves with her.
    I found this story of theirs on their website and am about to use a whole lot of Aussie Expletives - What a pack of self serving, sanctimonious ###... If I had a big cat I couldn't look afer I wouldnt give it to them for fear of the nasty [censored]e they would write about me...
    Regardless of their personal opinions the woman lost her husband for god sake - who the hell are they to make judgements on how another human being chooses to grieve!!! they should be there for the animal and making personal attacks on people is not constructive any anyway shape or form... (stepping off soap box now)

    Excert from the site...
    "Marilyn first contacted us in October asking us to take her dead husband's cougar but she didn't want to sign a contract saying she would never own another exotic cat so she tried everywhere else she and her friends could find, but no one wanted or would take the cougar. She finally gave in and signed the contract, but refused to even pay the $250 for a carrier for her. The story she gave the press is that she can't afford the cat, but she lives in a $353, 000 home on what Scott said looks like 25 acres, with horses and in a very posh area. While her husband was dying in the hospital with leukemia and documenting his battle with the disease on YouTube (see Rob Loppi) she was vacationing and remodeling her home and rarely mentioned her husband on her Twitter account until after he died and then it was all "poor, poor me..."

    After Narla left she finally did open her door to the press, but just to applaud herself for finding such a wonderful sanctuary. She failed to mention that she dumped the responsibility of caring for Narla for the rest of her life on us and that she exposed the cat to yet another harsh New England winter rather than letting her go last October. In the news there have been dozens of comments posted about what a great pet she was and how Marilyn did such a wonderful thing by shirking her responsibility. It was a missed opportunity to really get the message out that it never works out well for the cat when people try to make pets of them. Hopefully the video Chris shot and that taken by the Animal Planet crew will rectify the situation. Narla is much better off here, but having your fun and then turning your back on your pet when your life changes should not be promoted as the responsible thing to do.

    This is just nasty vitriol and I think if that is the sort of thing she says publicly I can only imagine what she is saying and doing behind closed doors...
    I agree that Big cats shouldnt be kept as pets. In Australia its illegal even zoos have to go through thorough certification prior to owning any wild animal... but attacking people who wont give you money is just childish and savage...and really just public bully tactics..

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  • Bi
      Sep 07, 2011

    Big cat rescue owned by Carol Baskins goes after many other facilities and falsely accuse them of acts of animal abuse that she herself does. She has had 118 cats died (that we know of) at her facility and it has been proven that she has taken the dead to a taxidermist to be skinned. She lies about how they died (one tiger was strangled to death during transport but she said that it died from cancer). She is still collecting money for several of the animals that are now dead. She is also collecting money for animals that she is not getting. I have seen picture of skinny, malnourished cats living in tiny, rusty, weakly made cages that are never cleaned out (except for what the poop stick can reach). She collects millions of dollars for the cats but then spend it on things such as big diners and parties. She then attacks other facilities for taking in donations that are actually used for their animals and not for their own selfish wants. I hope that people will start seeing the light and stop supporting her. I also hope that she is shut down and her animals are sent to a better facility, or someone more qualified takes over there after she is thrown in jail.

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