Bid Tv / Taking more money than required

1 Romford, England, Essex, GB

Tried to purchase an item on easy buy thought this was going to be easy as never had a problem before. Recevied several calls which became irritating then when checked my bank they had taken the full amount out plus 7 first payments of the easy buy first instalments totalling £482.62 on contacting. They informed me there was a problem with my card. Yes obviously it released to much money. Can't seem to get them to understand that at no time did I agree to the full amount being taken out nor did I want my account to be asked for 7 lots of first payments only one. If there was an issue why did someone not telephone me back and let me know instead of me almost going into the red on my account. So disappointed in Bid TV and their customer services. As a Customer Services professional I am so disappointed with the service I have received and no real apology just keep calling me mam which I hate. Can't send them an email as can't find an email address need help


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