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Bi Dec 13, 2018 Best Canvas Inc

New Order Nr. CAA120000111284

I ordered a canvas print of a picture taken by a professional photographer from .ca usually represents a Canadian company. I ended up dealing with a print shop out of Florida.

Picture was sent in and after a wait I got a canvas print with the family off to the left side. Not acceptable, looks silly. I complained to best canvas. Long waits between e-mails but they offered to photoshop my picture and re-print. Why they would have to photoshop the picture was beyond me, it was already centered. I then got an e-mail that they would not proceed until I provided evidence the original picture was destroyed. I took a razor knife to the print and sent them a picture.

Time goes by and I receive an identical print. Again the family off to one side. I e-mailed a picture of both the original and the replacement indicating a higher degree of dissatisfaction. They sent me the same picture! No explanation, no follow up, nothing!

This whole process has taken two months. I have received no response from my e-mail regarding he second print.

There lack of customer service is astounding. Their quality promise and seal displayed is a joke.

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