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Company left a big gap on the side of the house after the installation
of the new roof and now we have bats coming inside the attic. This
situation could turn into a very serious health problem. The BCR
representative claim that it is not their problem. They company answer
to this was an a quick fix by offer to cover the gap with foam. I told
them that this approach will not only be inhumane by killing all the
bats inside, but also an illegal action since bats in Georgia are
protected by federal and state laws. It will also create an issue inside
the house by the smell of death bats or bats trying to find a way to
get out. The entire process from the beginning, the contract, the work
and the billing was a mess. This is a company that I will never ever
recommend to anyone.

Aug 08, 2014
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  • Fy
      Sep 24, 2014

    I had a really bad experience with this company as well...The have TONS of BBB complaints for screwing customers.

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  • Ro
      Jan 03, 2016

    I had the same problem where they left a gap at roof line because they did not run the shingle long enough to cover the vent gap. The project manager came out and tried to tell me it was a problem with the construction of the house, not the new roof. So I called the County Building manager and he told the opposite of what best choice was telling me. In the 60's house had vent gaps at the roof line that must be fully covered by the shingle. I argued with them back and forth for months. I got two other roofer to come look and they both gave me an estimate over $2, 000 to fix the problem. Best Choice finally said they could fix the problem but would have to charge me extra. Why would I want to pay them more to fix what they didn't do right in the first place. Months went by we got mice, rats and squirrels that came to live in the attic. All the time I was arguing with Best Choice Roofing my mother was dying of cancer. I am still dealing with the mice in the attic and as of today because of their incompetence. The worst part is that all they had to do was fix the problem once it was pointed out by the county building supervisor. I refused to pay them the balance and now they have a lien against my mothers house. It is obvious they are subpar in construction and customer service. Find another roofer!

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