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Bertucci's Brick Oven Restaurant / Dread you can't wait to eat

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Bertucci's Brick Oven Rstrnt

27 Enon St
Beverly, MA 01915

Doesn't Bertuccis advertise their rolls as "bread you can't wait to eat"? The other day I got 3 take out entries (cost $37.26) and would have walked out without my side salad, had I not asked "Is the salad in the bag?" Then, I asked "Are there rolls in the bag?" No. The employee walks off with a bag, comes back with the bag. Home I go. Get home, open the bag, and there are TWO rolls? Geez, how stingy can Bertucci's get? They charge $12.50 for baked tortellini and can't offer rolls to their customers? By the way, I was feeding a family of four: two adults and the little kids were splitting the Gratinati.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    I think Bertucci's serves the most wonderfully prepared meals.
    I think their cuisine as a whole is absolutely delicious, every bite. That said, I wish to comment on the cheapness of their service in the way my baptism party of 14 people were served. I booked a room in their Amherst store for this joyous occasion, long ahead of time, with the request that a pot of coffee be served to my guests since it was a 10 a.m. event and after the ceremony we all walked downtown to Bertucci's for a brunch- style meal. My guests had to go to a nearby Rao's coffee shop because Bertucci's would not open the doors until 11 a.m. even though my party was visible through the glass door entry way and we could see them.
    I requested that pizza and ravioli be served along with their free salad and rolls in order to save. This would make it possible for me to satisfy the appetities of my hungry guests. I paid over $6 for coffee and only a few guests drank a cup. I love coffee but realized I couldn't even afford a cup for myself at this rate. Soda came to another $4.70, tax not included on this item. I usually buy soda, when I splurge for this, at 88 cents a two liter bottle or less. And my one guest who ordered apple juice for their child cost me a dollar and nintety nine cents! I was astonished at this charge, as I was with many others. I had spent so much time conversing with the staff at this restaurant. I came out of these conversations with the understanding that they understood this was not going to be an easy expense for me but one I would treasure for years to come.
    I helped the one waitress who so graciously served my party by clearing the used salad plates on to a side table and making sure the pizza was evenly distributed among the many guests. I cleared the table several times anticipating the next course. I still do not understand how any pizza, no matter how delicately it is cooked and handled, can cost seventeen dollars and ninety nine cents and this again is without tax. So as delicious as the food may be at Bertucci's, when a person books a party asking for certain accomadations like a pot of coffee, I think the least an establishment can do is come through. When the doors finally opened, not a second before 11 a.m., the coffee was not even brewed. The food was very good--but the expense was a shock.

  • Tt
      2nd of Sep, 2010
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    I realize this complaint was from a couple years back, but I must say something.

    For one, if a restaurant says they open at 11.. they open at 11, maybe 5 minutes early if you're lucky. The hour to two hours spent before they open is prepping food for the day and preparing the restaurant for business. If they were to open at 10 am just because there are people outside then there would be no way they can make that guests food and prep in time for the rest of the day.

    Secondly, as far as prices go... everything costs more because they have to pay the cooks who make your food, the lights so you can see, the servers (although very little) who bring your food and replenish your drinks, the trucks who bus in the product, and so on and so forth. The prices aren't high for nothing. If you want an inexpensive meal, then go to the grocery store and make it yourself.

    The only thing reasonable about your complaint is the coffee not being brewed.

  • Di
      27th of Jul, 2011
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    I received a coupon for $10 off an online order from Bertucci's so I went online, registered for the service and attempted to order online. But the local restaurant wasn't coming up so I called them directly. The kid I got in the to go section said they weren't online until tomorrow so he could take my order but wouldn't honor the coupon. Spoke with the manager and he said he was sorry but without a coupon code, he couldn't honor the coupon! I expect better than that in today's world. If you don't give your manager the ability to honor a coupon for $10 what kind of decision making authority do they have! Very disappointed and will think twice before I choose Bertucci's in the future.

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