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I never do this online, but I had such a horrible experience with a home-run business recently that I must post this somewhere publicly in the hopes it helps others beware of Basham's Berners in Corning, NY. Heidi Basham agreed to sell me a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy for a reduced price on 1/1. We were away for New Years and Heidi agreed we could place the deposit on 1/2. That morning, she refused my deposit because she found someone to pay more money for the dog. I was clearly upset - we've been looking at Rosie for weeks - and I questioned Heidi's business practice. When the higher priced sale didn't go through, Heidi refused to sell me the dog because I offended her and she won't sell a puppy to someone who offends her (which really means that she is waiting for another higher bidder). Heidi isn't really interested in the homes her dogs go to - she cares about the highest price she can get. Who does something like this for money to good people? Her puppies may be great, but her business practices and ethics are anything but. If you choose to work with Basham's Berners, I strongly recommend you keep this story of greed in mind and avoid the heartbreak I've experienced, especially after finally deciding to get another Bernese puppy after Cooper's death.

Jan 04, 2015
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  • Hb
      Oct 21, 2015

    The truth is there are always two sides to every story. In fact the puppy in question was given to a family (yes given for free). When someone agrees to pay a deposit for a puppy and you don't hear from them for three days we have to make other arrangements. It's very hard when someone has a loss they go through a grieving process. When anger turns into accusations it makes things even more difficult. Bashams Berners itakes pride in finding a forever home for every baby we have. Whether it is sold or given away to a family with a medical need. We are so sorry for your difficult time but stand by our decision to place Rosie in a home that was best suited for her.

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