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Bernadt Vukic Potash And Getz / Lauren Fine

1 Cape Town, South Africa Review updated:

Like everyone else I take offence that Lauren Fine has not been struck off the roll and is still practicing as an attorney. It's highly annoying to find out after using her that she has a dubious past. Surely her past should be disclosed to clients upfront? There is now way in hell anyone would go to her for advice if this information was disclosed to us up front. It reflects badly on BVPG that they are complicit in this deception. Like others I will take my business to a proper law firm.

Bernadt Vukic Potash And Getz

May 17, 2015
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  • Pa
      19th of May, 2015
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    Lauren Fine was not meant to be in the original NW story. In his first interview the guy in the story described her as beautiful and intelligent. These are hardly the words of someone trying to hurt her. Two months later he was given her responses to the questions that had been put her. Knowing that her statements would not come across well he then asked NW to contact her parents. This wasn't done to embarrass or hurt her it was done because they were looking for a way out for Lauren. Sadly no attempt was made to contact him so the story went to print. The second story happened because Vermaas lied to Lauren and told her that the picture that they used of her in the first story had been hacked by NW. NW had actually just taken the picture off a google images search. Lauren didn't check if what Vermaas had said was true and got the police to accuse NW of hacking Vermaas's computer. NW then published the second story. I think that like most people in CT I would like to see this story taken down.

  • Se
      25th of May, 2015
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    In our faith these kinds of issues are meant to be dealt with behind closed doors and not in the public arena. It reflects badly on both Lauren and her family that they never dealt with this situation. I remember being at a party and all that Lauren talked about was Jimmy Choo handbag that her mother had bought her and Chaplin. She went out of her way to attack his character. It didn't make sense to any of us at the time as we all remembered them being great together. Weeks later the Noseweek article came out and then we all understood why. I think she was embarrassed by what she had done to him and just didn't want anyone to know. I have heard from several people who know Chaplin that to this day he refuses to say anything bad about Lauren or her family and that he also wants this story removed from cyberspace. With hindsight Laurens attacks on his character were really unnecessary and not called for. She created an impossible situation where ultimately she became the looser. If Chaplin tried to contact her or her friends she would just claim that he was harassing her so he just left it and walked away.

  • Re
      10th of Jun, 2015
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    Lauren Fine is a compulsive liar. She lied to all of us when that story about that story in Noseweek. She told all of us that the editor of Noseweek had apologised to her and that the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. It wasn't even a month later that she was back in Noseweek once again. She obviously was lying. It isn't nice to lie to your friends. I think she is her own worst enemy. In life you will always get people like Danielle Vermaas who are jealous of who you are and what you get the secret is just to ignore them and make sure they don't have any power over you. Even to an outsider it was obvious that Danielle Vermaas was going to extraordinary lengths to make sure that Lauren didn't speak to her boyfriend and that if she did that she wasn't to believe him. The letters I didn't understand but everyone said at the time that Danielle Vermaas was behind them. When the Noseweek story hit the shelves Danielle Vermaas must have known that if Lauren spoke to her boyfriend that she would be sued so it makes sense that the letters were there to aggravate Lauren and her boyfriend and let Danielle Vermaas cover her tracks. At the end of the day Lauren Fine should have known better and realised what the game was. Now it turns out that she wasn't even meant to be in the original Noseweek story and she only featured in it because she lied to the editor and annoyed him. I have also heard that her boyfriend went to great lengths after the story came out to try and contact her friends so that they could find a way to remove her from the story. He didn't know about the letters and Lauren tried to use this against him.

  • Jo
      17th of Jul, 2015
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    How on earth could you complain about a lawyer fighting for her rights??? Isnt this what you expect from a lawyer that defends you? Grow up and smell the coffee Zorro1.

  • Ia
      23rd of Jan, 2016
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    Hi Guys, I hope that you are well. Could you please review the above post. It does not contain any detail about an actual complaint, so this cannot be fair, surely? We believe this post has been put up as part of a vindictive campaign against Lauren Fine, purely because she is a successful attorney. In fact, Lauren has never lost a client, and even when moving to her new company last year, she took most of them with her. For an attorney, she has a soft heart, and works tirelessly as a volunteer for a Cancer charity in Cape Town. She does not deserve this vitriol which seems to be coming from 1 person who is posting across the net. This is not what your great site was meant for, I am sure. Any, keep up the good work. Thanks, Ian Gourlay

  • Yo
      9th of Mar, 2016
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    Ian I agree with some of what you said but not everything. I have some information regarding what has and is happening here. I do not want to hear from anyone connected in anyway to Danielle Margaux. I would however be happy to communicate with anyone connected to Lauren Fine or her family. You can email me on There is a dangerous game being played here and I am sure that the more information Lauren Fine and her family have the better they will be able to deal with this.

  • Yo
      18th of Mar, 2016
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    Ian looks like someone tried to access the above mentioned email address so am not going to even try and open it and see if you replied. Always the same game from Danielle Margaux and her family. If you cool for me just to email you on the address you provided above please just post here that that is cool. No big deal but I have some information that might help Lauren. I happen to know some of what was discussed in Danielle Margauxs interview with Noseweek and why her interview went so badly for her. You should know also that one of Laurens friends gave her copy of Laurens High Court application to Noseweek.

  • He
      13th of Sep, 2016
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    To understand what is going on at the moment you have to have a better understanding of Danielle Vermaas's family. When Chaplin said to Noseweek that Danielle wasn't his kind of women he wasn't kidding he meant that literally. Their is an older half sister based in Australia. Same mother different father. She has nothing to do with this game that is being played out on the internet at the moment. Danielle's father is a nobody. He was an estate agent. He doesn't have a cent to his name and is living in some one else's home at the moment because he can't afford his own place to live in. His only involvement in this was that he used to call Chaplin in the build up to the Noseweek story threatening him not to try and talk to Lauren. You can see why Chaplin got so upset by the whole restraining order thing. He goes and gets it thrown out of court and then Danielle's family start calling him and threatening him. It really is absurd. Then there are the three that are of interest. There is Danielle, her younger brother Emil and the mother. The mother she hides away because she is embarrassed by her. It's not cool to have a mother that is mentally ill. Guys generally don't want to date chicks whose mothers are mentally ill and have been in and out of mental institutions. Was Danielle's mother behind the letters that Lauren was getting? If Chaplin said so then I am sure he is right about that. He seemed to have a rather annoying habit of being right about everything else so I am sure he nailed this as well. The younger brother Emil has had run ins with the police before. There have been drug problems which mean he has to work for his sister as no one else will employ him because of a criminal record problem. Danielle's business was funded by a guy she slept with from Windhoek. He has a small estate agents business up there. I don't think she still sleeps with him it was just to get the money to start with. These posts on the internet targeting Lauren are linked to Danielle but not in the way you would think. I think this is being done for a very sick reason and it's really not nice. You can contact me but I doubt I know that much more that I can tell you.

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