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Friday had lunch @ benihana, food always good.

Sat at a large table & for awhile we were the only ones.
Then 5 blacks come in w/attitude!

Sat down @ a round table & ignored us, put their backs to our face.. We were ready to say hello when this began.. So we just sat & ate.
Should have changed tables.. But thought we'd tough it out.

3 of them on cell phones most of the meal & when they were finished walked out like we were invisible.

What made matters worse, waitress was a young black woman who waited on them first.
When we wanted tea had to ask.. Also no water unless you ask.
We were pretty invisible to her too.

When I came in told gal at the desk my reservation is open table.
Could have been speaking greek.
Repeated it when we left.

Of course ot did not get anything from them
Never again.. Food fine
But meal uncomfortable & then aggrevation to g et points that were mine
Had to call 3x to get points for meal then ot did it knew I was there.

Jun 10, 2018
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  • Su
      Feb 05, 2019

    Of course the black waitress waited on the black customers first... as far as your fellow diners ignoring you, I would quite happily have ignored them right back. If they had no manners it may have been the first time they dined in a restaurant other than McDonald's.

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