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Bellach's / Defective sofas and no response

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Bellach's Furniture Roseville CA: Rip off Business On 01/09/2006 I purchase two leather sofas, paid $6,070.00. they were delivered 4/6/2006. One was defective.

I called Aisah Olsen in customer service. She stated she would send out inspector, 2 weeks later inspector showed up agreed sofa was defective and filled out form to have sent in for repair. 2 weeks later they picked up the sofa. 5 weeks later they returned the sofa in worse condition than it was prior to repair. when they returned the sofa they forgot to include a controller unit for the recliner.

They promised to overnight the controller. 5 days later and one phone call they sent the controller.

When I advised them of the problem with the sofa, they stated that they did the best they could and I would have to live with it. I then attempted to get hold of the manager Michael. I was told he was not in, I left a message to call, was told he would be in in the afternoon, I left another message. 2 days later I received a call from Michael. When I spoke with "district manager" Michael, I requested a new replacement sofa. He said they never, never, never replace sofa's. Michael was to return my call, in one week and has not. The customer is expected to just keep sending the sofa back until the factory gets it right. Of course that means you are without a sofa for 4-6 weeks at a time. And may have to return numerous times until they get it right. So much for lemon law in furniture.

In between I checked out with State of Corporations California to find out that Jerome Bellach is the agent of service and president. Which from what I understand in ca is illegal. And he works out of his home: 66815 Redwood drive, Cotati Ca 94931 and his e-mail is I have send e-mails so the "president" with no response.

Aisah Olsen in customer service refuses to return my calls. Bambi in customer service cannot help me.

I inquired with BBB and they have numerous complaints. I am interested in filing a class action suit anyone else interested that have had poor resolve with Bellach's furniture? Also I am going to report to several local television stations to get publicity of how poor Bellach's customer service is. Following is report on Sacramento BBB website for. You will note Bellach's is not a member and they have an unsatisfactory report, many issues were never resolved or answered by Bellach's! Only 4 out of 12 resolved.

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  • To
      23rd of Jan, 2007
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    I also have had problems with my leather sectional ever since it was delivered. when it arrived, it had some damage to the leather and I was going to refuse delivery, the delivery drivers called corporate and I was informed that the order would not be replaced and I would have to take delivery or they would pursue legal action against me for cancelling an order. They sent a repair person out to repair the damage.

    Within the first few months, the cushions were failing and they had a service man come out and replace the two cushions, within a few more months, the replaced cushions are worse then the initial cushions that failed. I called Bellach's and they scheduled another appointment to have an inspection done today, 1/23/2007, I received a call yesterday stating that they would not be coming out and please call them. I called them this afternoon and I was told by Aisah that the distribution manager stated that they would not be doing any additional warranty work on my unit, this before anyone came out to see my concerns, since they consider the cushion breaking down as normal wear and tear.

    One of my concerns when I bought this unit was cushion breakdown, I was sold on this unit because of the "FIVE YEAR WARRANTY" the manufacturer had on the cushions, it appears that is as good as the paper it is written on.

    I will be filing a Small Claim Action against both Bellach's and the manufacturer, Palliser, whose information I have also included below.

    Palliser® Furniture Ltd.
    70 Lexington Park
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada R2G 4H2
    T 204 988 5600
    F 204 663 1776

  • Sa
      7th of Oct, 2007
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    I had a very similar experience, still going on, with Palliser couch from Bellach's. Did you resolve your dispute?

  • Da
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    Bellach's Furniture in San Francisco is very unprofessional.. I ordered a leather couch on July 4th, 2007 and it still has yet been made due to the store waiting 3 months to send the request to ELITE leather couch company for it to be made.

    I called on three occasions by Bellach employees and was told the manufacturer was in over their head and have major back-ups. This was not true as i found out on November 8th. It was never sent in.

    I find bellach's to be dishonest in dealing with its customers and needs to have professional training on integrity.

  • Es
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    I am having problems even getting the leather furniture I ordered from the Bellach's in Rocklin - Michael Reynolds, general manager, has not been forth-coming with any information, and we fear we will never see the furniture we ordered. If we do, it seems, we are in for lousy stuff and I am so sorry we ever went there to buy furniture! It will be years before we can afford to order again (from another company, obviously!) and I am so angry and frustrated with Bellach's that I hope NO ONE ever goes there to order furniture again.

  • Lg
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    We ordered furniture from Bellach's in Rocklin, CA in July 2007. It's January 2008 and we still haven't received it. Called the store at end of December and was told that the furniture is being held at the dock for Homeland Security reasons. I don't believe this for a minute because I've been calling the store every couple of weeks since the end of October and have been getting a different story each time about where the furniture is and when it will be delivered. I will never purchase furniture from Bellach's again.

  • Ap
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    We also ordered furniture at Bellach's and it has not arrived. I don't understand why they just aren't honest with us. The company is already in the doghouse with its customers. How much worse can our opinion be of them if they just came clean about the problem? Word of mouth and the blogosphere are very powerful tools for negative advertising these days. If the company would try to make amends they might end up with customers for life. I, for one, would be willing to forgive them if they would cancel my order and refund my deposit.

  • Bf
      9th of Jan, 2008
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    Bellach's reported they could order a custom Natuzzi couch and loveseat in Sep 07, and promptly took our deposit for half the purchase price. In late December, we were told the furniture could not be ordered, and were given a variety of reasons including "slow communication with Italy" as the reason it wasn't clear soon after the order. The regional Natuzzi rep has told us the order was never placed. No refund has been given, and we are now over a month after that request. Mike Reynolds, other sales people, and accounting have all been quite insulting and unhelpful - "you obviously don't understand the furniture business, as this happens all the time". Why these people are still in business is very unclear to me - we are seeking legal help for our deposit.

  • Go
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    On June 30, 2007, I purchased a set of furniture from Bellach's Leather at 4965 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara. I made a $1,601 down payment toward the $3,101 total cost and was told by the salesperson, and it was written on the receipt, that it would take 3-4 months for delivery.

    Toward the end of October, having not heard from the store, I phoned to make sure that my furniture would be delivered by the month's end. I was told that there had been a delay by the manufacturer and that it would be delivered before Christmas.

    The week before Christmas, I called again to make sure that my furniture was on its way. I was told by the sales manager this time that my furniture had arrived but it was at the port. I was told that it would take some time for the furniture to clear customs but I won't have them by Christmas and that it would be after the first of the year.

    On January 2nd, I called the sales manager again and he said he would call me back that day once he looks into it. I never heard back from him. I called again on January 3rd and left a message followed by another call on January 4th.

    At that time, disgusted by all the delays and fearing that I might lose my down payment if the store was having financial problems, I asked my credit card company to dispute the payment and sought a credit.

    On the evening of January 4th, I got a reply message to my calls from the sales manager that he was returning my call and that he would phone me the next day. I never got a call back from him, so I phoned and left a message for him. I called on January 6th again and left a message as well as another one on January 7th.

    On January 8th, I went to the store and confronted the original salesperson who told me he doesn't handle any of the deliveries and acknowledged being aware of my disputing the charge. I told him the reason I took that action and how disgusted I was with all the delays and deceit that I've had to deal with. I told him that the sales manager had told me the furniture as at the port before Christmas and I didn't understand why they were being delayed so much. He offered to call their warehouse to find out and much to my surprise, the warehouse said that they have no record of the furniture having arrived.

    By now, I was furious. I asked for the name of the owner of Bellach's and I was given Mr. Bellach's name and phone number. I called him on January 8th and after speaking to the receptionist and listening to her excuse of how this had never happened before and that several other pieces of other people's furniture had also been delayed, I asked that Mr. Bellach call me. To this date, I have not heard from Mr. Bellach either.

    At this point, I have lost six month's of time waiting for the furniture. Though I have recovered my money, I cannot recover the lost time and the fact that I would likely have to wait several more months when I find another set from another store. However, in all my life, I have never ever had to deal with such unscrupulous individuals than Bellach's. I was fed lie after lie after lie throughout the transaction and in the end, the owner of the store has no concern about this issue to even give me the courtesy of a phone call.

    The original salesperson was Meenu - (408) 248-0600
    The sales manager was Michael - (916) 782-2800
    Mr. Bellach is at (707) 665-0500

    I would never deal with this company and would encourage everyone to not do business with them either.

  • Ra
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    My experiences are the same as above. I did a little research and they owe 1.3million to SBA. I am not sure if they are trying to scam a few people like this and close shop sometime soon. I hope I can get my money back

  • Iv
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    Unfortunately, I've had the same experience with Bellach's in Rocklin; wish I had done some research before hand. Ordered a sofa in Oct 2007 and was promised that it would be delivered by X'Mas. It's now Feb 2008 and it's still not here. Each time we call we get a run around or the sales rep is not in the office. When asked for further details the response is "What do you want us to do about it?".


  • Te
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    I am amazed to see the same story over and over and it all matches my story! Ordered my couch and 4 theater chairs in Santa Clara on August 2007. Was told 6-8 week delivery times - Christmas came and still no furniture. Called Santa Clara and was told they could not help him - I had to call Rocklin. I was upset to buy locally and get zero local support! I talked with Michael - seems he's famous now - I can't believe he hasn't quit Bellach's already - heard the couch was stuck in customs. It came a few weeks later - 5 months total waiting time for a basic black leather couch. I still so not have the theater chairs - am told they are made in Canada whatever that means. Just called Michael again, he's not working today (Its a Wednesday).

    Bellachs is a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and steer clear.

  • Fe
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    I have the same problem and story like anyone here. I ordered a sectional couch at their Concord Store last 9/07 and it has not arrived until now. In December, I was told that my coach is in the next shipment that is going to arrive before the end of December. I wish i had read this site before buying something from them. Called the store several times to find out the status of the couch but no one seems to know. I spoke with one of the salesperson and I was informed that they were having a problem with their vendor, palliser. Spoke with the manager, Michael Reynolds, but still no results, they just tell you they'll call you back but they never call you back . I was told that they don't have a cancellation policy which makes me very mad. They don't know when the furniture is going to arrive and If they cannot deliver something enthing that they promised, then i should be able to cancel my order they should return the deposit. At this point, i don't know what to do. I just want my deposit back.

  • Gi
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    Wow, I really wish I would have done my research before setting foot in the Rocklin store. The famous Michael was working today (Tuesday 2-12) and he refused to cancel my order and issue a refund. Said the sales person had to do it. And he didn't have much to say when I told him the sales person, Josh, told me to talk to him. We ordered on 9-11-07 and have heard the same excuses as above. I've received horrible customer service and have never been given an estimated delivery date. Palliser is the brand of our furniture. I'm furious. I've filed a complaint with BBB, contacted KCRA Call 3 and am about to file a law suit to get my deposit back. Has anyone out there received their deposit back after canceling their order? Or even been successful in officially canceling their order.

  • Te
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    The saga continues... Never heard back from the infamous Michael - its been over a week and I have called at least 4 times. Just figured out my furniture is also from Palliser. I called Palliser today and asked what the lead times is - 8 weeks is what I was quoted. So, why has it been six months with no furniture? I think Bellachs is taking our money and not ordering the furniture. What else can they be doing? I just want my money back now. Will keep you posted on this nightmare...

  • Jt
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    I have a similar tale. I'm waiting for a call back (which I'm sure won't come) on a piece that was supposed to have hit customs weeks ago and been on the way to my place in days.

    Until I see if it is finally clarified, I will hold off on being too specific. But I will return and update.

    I'm sure their scam is that they are broke and using our money to finance themselves, waiting months to even place orders, trying to keep ahead of the bill collectors by using our money to pay rent, salaries, etc.

    One could argue that it does take time to order, ship, clear customs, and give them the benefit of the doubt, but their dishonesty and lack of professionalism eliminates any such consideration.

  • Jt
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    The update is that I did get a call back... and was informed my furniture is in a container due to port in a couple weeks.

    OOPS... they forgot that it had already just hit customs last phone call three weeks ago.

  • Do
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    Yep! I am experiencing the exact same situation here as my of the postings: ordered a Palliser sectional and waiting on six months now for my delivery. I'm calling Visa today to file a dispute. I already filed a complaint with the BBB, but have had no response. I'm so disappointed.

  • Do
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    I am interested in filing a class action law suit. Anyone know how we go about this?

  • Te
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    I kept calling the famous Michael held on the phone for him until he was ready. He has given me options! Can you believe it? I have been so nice to him through this whole thing. After all, it is not his fault I gave these crooks my money. He says I can:
    1) get a full refund (without restocking fee).
    2) wait longer and he has no idea when the furniture is coming (I am sure it was never ordered!) and he'll give me a "deep" discount.
    3) Take the floor model and he'll give me a "deep" discount.

    Will keep you posted...

  • Cc
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    Same story different tune. It appears that Bellach's is not going to return our money. How do these pepole stay in business. Went out to see him this weekend and it appears that they intend to do nothing. It also appears that the bad publicity does no good. Class action suit sounds good.

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