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Bell Sympatico / Consumer rip-off!

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Bell Sympatico sold me their Hi-Speed Internet Services a few years ago and I just found out that all along my residence location is not qualified for such services. Bell Sympatico had charged me for a service that they never provided from Day One. Yet...they refused to redress the problem by refunding me the amount overcharged. They only offer me the ridiculous solution to downgrade me service !

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  • Le
      2nd of Sep, 2008
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    I totally agree. I signed up with Bell Sympatico almost 1 year ago for the 5 MB/sec. package.
    I have an AT&T Modem the 2700HG-B.
    The package they were offered according to them now they say was for a connection speed of 1.5MBsec. - 5MBsec. My agreement was for 1 year, First month was free and the preceeding 2 months would be at a reduced price.

    My connection speed for the first 3 Month, (Trial Period) was over 3MB'ssec.
    After the 3 Months, all of a sudden, My connection dropped down to what it is now... 1728 KB'ssec.
    Less than a 2MBsec. connection but still over the 1.5 MB's that the package they now say I have.

    I know for fact that they dropped me to a different switch for those who have the 2MB's sec. deal.

    Sympatico is now ripping me off.

    I am only gettting a 2MBsec. connection yet they are charging the rate for a 5 MBsec. connection.

    2 MBsec. connection was worth something like $22 /mth. plus taxes.

    I live in a high-rise apartment building less than 1Km for the service center and get less than a 2MB'ssec.
    Yet, I have 2 other friends. One that lives approx. 2 Km from the service center and he gets a 6 MBs connection. He is a Microsoft certified tech. and knows what he is talking about. They tried to pull the same trick on him. After a little comference with bell and having a service tech come to his place. They didn't even come in the door, upgrade his line or anything like that. They simply moved him from one switch to another.
    I have another friend that lives approx. 5Km from the service center and is signed up with another ISP but still uses the Bell lines. His connect is just over 3MB'ssec. but that person doesn't do alot of downloading however so maybe thats why they keep him on the higher switch...

    All I can say is buyer beware. Do not sign up with Sympatico. Sign up with another ISP like Acanac which offers you a 5MB connection. Harder to screw with people that belong to a different ISP other than Sympatico.

    Sympatico offer a modem but is blocked from you ever entering into it to find your true upload and download connection rates.

    Buy yourself another modem and check your speed.
    Chances are they have screwed you like they have me.

  • Sh
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    right now i'm an employee of bell. i work for billing. there might really be some flause on it, but it's not really the people or even our bosses screwing up, it's the system. everythinh on the system is automatic, it's programmed to do it. that is why bell some up with providing customer care call centers to address this type of concerns and that this system as well is made so it will allow adjustments and corrections to be done. it's hard working with bell, efforts and all that, but what i can say is that i'm very proud of bell and it will always be the best!!!

  • Al
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    The same thing happened to me - the high speed wasn't available in my area - but Bell gave it to me anyways and charged me for it! After a year, I started downloading songs from iTunes and that's when I realized I had been scammed. I fought with Bell for weeks and then finally threatened to sign up with another service provider. In the end, they reimbursed me for the year they had over-charged me. I'm still with Bell because since then they've treated me very well -- for now!

  • Ob
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    I'm in the same situation as you guys. Was told by many that I was too far away to recieve decent hispeed, but sympatico sold it to me anyways. They failed to mention the fact that I had to pay for internet that doesnt even exist. it only works late at night, and even then its shoddy at best. They offered me a "courtesy", meaning I dont have to constantly get ripped off for their terrible service anymore, but honestly. even dial up would be better than this so called courtesy, im honestly thinking of switching back to dial up, believe it or not. sure it slow, but its faster than sympatico unplugged. High speed my a**. Whats even worse is whenever I call them to complain, they have the nerve to say its my modems problem, or its a connection error on MY end. They're sellin me s*** and callin it sugar. i hope anyone who's thinking about getting sympatico reads this first, their service is pathetic.

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