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Bell Sympatico / Internet Speed Throttle Admitted

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Hi All,

Below is an actual online chat conversation I had with a Bell Sympatico service rep tonight in regards to them throttling internet usage to its paying customers. They are regulating your speed that YOU paid for. I am by no means fully version in computer terminology etc, but I do know what I pay for...enjoy can almost tell where the guys boss advises him on what to say.

Forward this to eveyone on Sympatico...(this chat was copy/pasted from their chat menu) - session ID and SCI changed to protect their employee's job.

System: Welcome Peter Session ID:360656
System: Connecting to server. Please wait...
System: Connection with server established. Please wait...
System: Adam (SCI-11639) has joined this session!
System: Connected with Adam (SCI-11639)
You: Adam,

Adam (SCI-11639): Hi Peter, welcome to Bell Internet Services, my name is Adam (SCI-11639). I see that you have questions regarding your network access, how may I assist you with this?

You: How do I get Bell to unthrottle my internet service that I am paying for?

Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, I certainly help you with the information regarding Internet throttling.

You: Great! How do I get Bell to take me off it? I didn’t switch to Bell to get throttled.

Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, Shall I take a minute. So that I can check your account details thoroughly.

You: Sure thing. I am on the 7 Mb plan but am getting throttled on P2P applications...didn't pay for that and being limited to well below my paid for 7 Mbs is an issue

Adam (SCI-11639): Okay. Let me check your account details.

You: Sure thing. Can you unthrottle my access? Appreciate the help

Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, I will give you a clear cut idea why we are throttling the Internet usage.

Adam (SCI-11639): The reason Bell has a responsibility to maximize the ability for all customers to use and enjoy their Bell Internet service and a responsibility to deliver bandwidth fairly to its customers.

You: Sure thing, but it’s not "enhancing customer experience". Besides, I didn't pay to be restricted below what I paid for. Would anyone pay to have their maximum paid for be limited below that. Is that fair to its customers it brings on board? Can I be unthrottled? I just want what I paid for, especially since I use my internet during the peak throttled hours.

Adam (SCI-11639): P2P file sharing will take more bandwidth, In peak hours your Internet usage will be throttled. This is to ensure all the Bell customer receive the same performance on Internet usage.

You: If I pay for the 10Mb service program, will I be throttled there too?

Adam (SCI-11639): We do not throttle Internet usage, but Bell follows Internet Traffic management to provide fair service to all customers.

Adam (SCI-11639): This is not only for you. This was followed for each and every customers in Canada.

You: bell states that the 7 Mb service is for "Download high quality music files, stream video, or play games". I do online gaming and am finding my P2P being throttled.

You: But I am paying for 7 Mb...what about at 10Mb, what level do they realy get?
Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, we do not support P2P file sharing.

You: How should I go about getting unthrottled? Please advise. Rogers had a much faster internet. Can I cancel service with Bell without penalty?

Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, We are not throttling the speed. we do not support P2P file sharing. If you use P2P file sharing your Internet speed will be decreased. This not only with Bell, But all the ISP over Canada is following the same Internet traffic management.

Adam (SCI-11639): The slow speed is caused because you are using p2p file sharing.

You: Bell admitted to throttling. Please advise.

Adam (SCI-11639): Sorry Peter. We do not support p2p file sharing.

You: It's Ok...thanks though
Adam (SCI-11639): You are welcome.

Adam (SCI-11639): Is there anything else I can assist you ?

Adam (SCI-11639): Peter, not to hurry you. Are you still with me ?

You: Can you get me off the internet traffic management?
Adam (SCI-11639): Sorry, Peter. We are not throttling the Internet usage.
You: Have a good night.

Adam (SCI-11639): Same to you.

Adam (SCI-11639): Thank you for choosing Bell and have yourself a great day.

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  • Va
      11th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes
    Bell / Sympatico Internet - Service is a crap!
    United States

    I have high speed internet through Bell Sympatico. I have seen dial-up quicker then this crap. Also, their security services (virus protection) is full of problems.


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