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Bell Canada / scam and cheating

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My Phone blew to pieces in an accident. I was already finished my contract and on a month to month basis. I asked for a replacement and bell told me that the only way i would be able to use my credit (255$) is if I would re-sign a 2 year contract. I wasn't interested in a yearly contract, customer for 6 years and have credit... please give me a new phone. Because I wouldn't sign the 2 year plan, Bell Canada threw my credit out of the window and slapped me an additional 30 day fee for cancellation. I was robbed my credit and billed for an additional month i would not be using, because my phone is busted. I am not renting an apartment, it's a phone, why should I have to pay for a 30 day cancellation notice??? That's just another way of giving it to you in a very bias unfair manner. I am disgusted and i feel robbed. What other companies have this 30 day cancellation notice??? It should be illegal.

WHat is the point of credit if they are simply going to waive it without your consent?

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  • Ro
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    I got a phone call from Bell. Saying that they could give me a cheaper bundle package with the same channels I was getting with Rogers, faster Internet 1600 kbps, and cheaper phone service. Total would be Monthly $130.00

    So they came to my place and installed everything. After it was all installed The Internet was very slow and I didn’t have the same amount of channels as I did with Rogers.
    In the end what I wound up receiving was a ‘’slower Internet and Less television channels’’ .In order to receive the same channels as Rogers I would have to buy three other packet channels, which cost $15.00 each. Total $175.00---$15.00 more than what I was paying with Rogers.
    Internet speed
    With Rogers I received 9943kbps Internet speed.
    When Bell installed by Internet I was only receiving 3321 kbps Internet speed. When they told me It would be 1600 kbps
    So when I told them I no longer want their service and I’m within my rights to leave the contract because I was still in my ten day grievance period . As a bylaw in Canada you are allowed to leave any contract you sign within ten days. The service provider said he understood and everything would be sorted out and I would not be billed.
    Month after month I was receiving bills from Bell. I would call their customer service And tell them the situation over and over again. They would continue to tell me That they would fix it. I returned all of their equipment And they were also were telling me that I had never returned a receiver of theirs. I still have the receipt From when I sent it to them.
    I just recently received a note saying that they’re going to go to the collection agency if I don’t give them their money.
    My message is spread the word there running a legal scam.

  • Me
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    Same thing happened to me! I was with Bell for over 3 years, the bill was over $81.44 a month with a 2 year contract which I only found out about the contract only after they installled everything. We don't watch tv anymore so I decided to cancel their services. When I was doing so they asked me why I was cancelling and was basically harassing me to stay with them for over 20 minutes. I have had previous problems with the service and wasn't getting some channels, when I called them they told me I had to pay for someone to come out and take a look. So anyhow, I cancelled the service on April 7 2010. I was told that they had to bill me until May 7, it would be my last bill and to pay the amount of around $51.33 because the billing date is April 19, so I had to pay from April 19-May 7. So I received the bill and paid $51.33. After that I kept receiving bills for the service for the next two months along with late payment fees. They cut off the service on May 7, but yet I receive bills for next 2 months? They sent me a letter stating they disconnected my services following my request, but they haven't received the payment of my last invoice, and they wanted to remind me that their invoices are payable upon receipt. I paid the last bill of $51.33. When I called, lady told me the billing cycle will eventually fix itself, lol. When I called second time they supposidly fixed the problem. I received another bill for $1.44 which makes no sense, I paid it hoping it was the last, (showed on the bill that I paid the $51.33, they finally got the payment)! Now, they sent me 2 empty boxes with instructions on how to send back the receivers/boxes/cards/remotes etc. I sent back the 2 receivers along with remote controls and the cards as they requested. Sent them on May 11, same day I received the boxes, sent with Canada Post, still have the tracking numbers and paper from Bell that is stamped by Canada Post as proof of shipment (as requested to be done by Bell Canada). I have checked the tracking numbers on and it states that both packages were received on May 17, there's a signature and everything. So, I just received couple days ago after months later, a letter and bill from Bell stating I haven't return the receivers, the bill is around $98.23 (not sure if that is for one receiver or two, won't be surprised if I can another bill lol). I called Bell and told them the problem and told them I have proof the packages were shipped and received, she put me on hold for 10 minutes, then told me that another department was going to fix it and she gave me a confirmation number. So now I'm waiting to see what else they're going to pull out of their sleeve. I have been a more than perfect customer to them for the over 3 years I have been with them, never a late payment, never a problem, and this is what I get! I know this isn't over, I can feel it!

  • Sg
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Bell canada are nothing but thieves, and they have [censor]s working for them. My daughter, who was 17 at the time, went into a bell store to look at phones, the agent there talked her into getting a blackberry curve phone free if she signed up on a 3 year contract, and a student plan, which all sounded pretty good. Two weeks after getting her phone the screen on it went blank, they charged her 40 bucks to send it off for repair. She didn't have her phone for a month and was charged for services not used, on top of that when the phone finally came back they told her it had liquid damage beyond repair, she never had her phone anywhere near liquid, water, snow, shower steam, none of that crap they were trying to say was there, for one there wasn't any snow yet at the time she had the phone, and she never took it into the shower, so give me a break, how do we know some incompentant employee didn't accidentally spill something on it before sending it off, or that during shipping it wasn't exposed to moisture. A lot of people looked at that phone before sending it and there were no signs of liquid damage, if there were the liquid indicator would have been pink or red, it was white. I talked to one person for a half an hour and demanded to speak with a supervisor, she asked me why and I told her because its my right to speak with one if I so choose, she asked me what I would say, and I told her it was none of her business and demanded to speak with a supervisor, she then proceded to tell me her supervisor would just tell me the same thing, again I asked to speak with a supervisor, she put me on hold for a few minutes and handed me off to a co-worker, I told the co-worker that I asked the last person to put me through to a supervisor and she did so promptly. After spending another half hour arguing with the supervisor and listening to his rude and smart remarks and him telling me if my daughter wanted another phone she would have to pay for it, I demanded my daughter get the same phone at no charge or they take her out of the contract with no penalties, they offered to give her a credit for the month she didn't have her phone but told us we would have to go back to the store she got it and go through all the same crap I went through with them over the phone and see if we can get another phone for her, he said they can send it back defective and she MAY be able to get hers replaced, considering she's still under warranty I sure hope so, otherwise I told him we will cancel her contract. I have never had to go through so much trouble, I thought companies were supposed to try and resolve issues to make their customers happy so they wouldn't take their business elsewhere? Bell clearly doesn't care about pleasing their customers, they have incompetant, and rude call center employee's, and most of the time I have to talk to someone with a heavy accent that I can't understand half the things they are saying, it's really frustrating. I think it will be a lot easier, and less of a headache to go with another provider. I hate Bell, and I know a lot of people who've had the same problems with them, I can't see Bell be in business for long, I hope they don't, or someone else needs to take over Bell and clean up their act.

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