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Belden Jewelers / Poor customer service

1 United States

My boyfriend works in this store so as a gesture of friendship I thought I
would throw my business their way when it came time to buy for mother's day.
I had talked to him the previous week and made my selections, and in
addition to another order for a another person, it was going to be around
$300. I realize this isn't a large order, but I figured that any business
would be appreciated. The other thing is that I live about 60 miles away
from the store and needed to complete the transaction on the weekend since I
am not usually able to see the boyfriend during the week due to the distance
and work schedules and the order for the other person is needed before I
will see the boyfriend again.

On the Saturday before mother's day around the time the store opened, I
called and asked to speak to him so I could get the order squared away. I
was rudely told by the store manager that he was not in yet and that they
are very busy and she would appreciate it if I did not call the store today.
Before I could say anything - Let alone explain that I was calling regarding
a business matter or leave a message, she hung up. Around lunchtime I called
th store again. A different salesperson answered and told me that my
boyfriend was with a customer. I left my tracphone cellphone number with a
message to please have him call me.

Okay, so far all this is acceptable, but what happened next is not. About 5
minures after leaving the message, I get an irate call from the store
manager, Peggy, telling me that my boyfriend is too busy to talk, etc. I was
surprised, but explained to her that it was concerning an order that I need
to get squared away. She told me to "take care of it at home". I was
completely insulted being as that I am pretty sure she realizes that my
boyfriend and I live 60 miles apart and being that my call was business
related. She continued to verbally berate and threaten me for about 3-4 more
minutes and told me not to call the store again.

What I found ironic was the fact that she had time to pick up the phone and
call me on my private cell phone number unsolicited and basically chew me
out for calling when they are too busy. I just found it highly inappropriate
that a store manager would treat a customer in that manner. Just because I
know someone that works in the store does not mean that there should be a
negative difference in the way my business is handled. Honestly,
after this interaction, I really don't feel that I want to give their store
my business at all period.

I did call the customer service at their headquarters (Sterling) to complain
and spoke to someone very nice named Bobbi who said they would turn the
matter over to the right people for review. So we will see what happens. I
have read allot of negative comments about the attitudes on the part of
managers and sales staff on this web site from other people, so maybe
helping their staff gain better people skills and improved customer service
would be a worth while goal.


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