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Bel / Discount Mugs Non-Responsive to Quality Issues

1 6905 N.W. 25 StreetMiami, FL, United States Review updated:
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Here's a quick summary of my long running issue with Discount Mugs. The bottom line is I ordered merchandise, it was grossly defective. I jumped through hoops to get them to redo it. They re-did the order, it came back grossly defective. They have since then outright refused to call me to work through a resolution. I have placed over ten calls regarding this matter and no manager will call me back.

Step One Place Initial Order

I received the order in late June -12 mugs with my company's logo on it. I opened the box and looked at the mugs. The logo was grossly distorted. There was also a random splotch of coloration, that was not a part of the logo, and it was in the same place on all of the mugs. The mugs were simply not usable.

I packaged them up, then went online to figure out what I needed to do to return them. I searched around for a number to call, but was only offered an online customer service web form as an option. That raised a red flag. Why would there be a number for sales, but nothing for customer service? Well, I had no other option so I filled out a ticket. I went back and forth with customer service (Nimet), sent digital photos of the defect, and eventually got this response from Andy, who works in their Art Department:


Bel, Incorporated

6905 N.W. 25 Street

Miami, Fl 33122

From what i see, the artwork is ok, in comparison to what they sent in. they sent is a small jpeg for us to work with and we had to make thebest of that. Even tho it is a bit blurry it is still a very well recereated artwork. [protected]:46am

I then sent a Powerpoint slide with the pictures of the defective mugs clearly marked-up, so there would be no mistake what the nature of the defects.

The Powerpoint was received and Nimet indicated Andy would be contacting me that day via phone to discuss. The day passed without a call from Andy.

I finally get this response from Andy:


Bel, Incorporated

6905 N.W. 25 Street

Miami, Fl 33122

From what i see, the artwork is ok, in comparison to what they sent in. they sent is a small jpeg for us to work with and we had to make thebest of that. Even tho it is a bit blurry it is still a very well recereated artwork. [protected]:47pm

He literally cut and pasted the same exact response from before, same typos, same shorthand, same everything. He didn't even take the time to respond to the Powerpoint I sent. Wow. I was floored. This was shockingly rude on his part.

I sent an email to Nimet and asked her to escalate this to a manager. I received no call back.

I then called their Sales department. The upfront system spells it out that they do not handle customer service, you have to go online and fill out a form for that. I tried to explain the situation to the sales rep. She was impatient, explained they don't do customer service. She then abruptly said she needed to put me on hold. She didn't ask to put me on hold, she just did it. Five minutes later she gets on the phone and quickly says I'm transferring you. The phone immediately goes dead. I then hear a a "hello." I am silent, not sure who I'm talking to. After I ask a few questions I realize I'm talking to Andy from the Art Department. I didn't want to talk to Andy. I wanted to talk to a manager. I didn't ask to be transferred, wouldnn't have approved it unless it was to a manager.

Well, the conversation with Andy was the most unprofessional conversation I've ever had with a representative from another company. He spoke over me, wouldn't allow me to state what I wanted, no apologies, outright told me he doesn't have time to deal with me. He has everything he needs and will redo the order. At this point I just wanted my money back, but it was clear I would not be allowed to talk to a manager from their company and I was at Andy's mercy. I had no choice but to wait and see what kind of product I would get when I received the reorder.

Step Two - Reorder

Weeks later I got the reorder. Same defects as before and a few news ones as well. This is not nitpicking. The mugs are not usable.

So I called the sales number. I knew filling out an online form would get me nowhere. I got an agent on the phone who was clear: "we do not do customer service, we do sales." I explained the situation. This was a level or two beyond filling out another online form. He was adamant. We do not do customer service. He went on further to tell me that he has to let me go since he has three calls in queue. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there is no manager to speak to... Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

I filled out the form. In the form I am very specific with what I'm looking for and that is for a manager to call me. Simple request. No one calls.

I call a direct line that I got off the internet [protected]) and reached Diana in accounting. She mentioned that the Sales office does do customer service, and I could tell there was a little frustration in her voice. My guess is she's been down this road before with customers. She gave me the extension for Joanna Rodriguez, a supervisor. I left Joanna a message on 7/28/08, no call back, no out of office message.

I left another message for Joanna on 7/29/08, no call back.

I left another message for Joanna on 7/30/08, no call back.

I left another message for Joanna on 7/31/08, no call back.

No return call, not one single returned call from Joanna or a delegate.

I finally got an email from Elizabeth Ray indicating that she will contact me on 8/1/08 to discuss my issue.

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Bel, Incorporated

6905 N.W. 25 Street

Miami, Fl 33122

Assign To Johanna In Progress [protected]:16pm


Bel, Incorporated

6905 N.W. 25 Street

Miami, Fl 33122

Assign To Andy In Progress [protected]:44am


Bel, Incorporated

6905 N.W. 25 Street

Miami, Fl 33122


I left a voice mail for Elizabeth Ray on 8/1/08 asking for a call back. Of course, she didn't call back. Pretty amazing, isn't it? Please understand. Not once did I raise my voice to any of their associates. Not once did I use profanity. As things got worse in trying to deal with their company, I did get direct with what I expected. All perfectly reasonable.

It is now 8/12/08 and not one single person from their company has called me regarding my legitimate issue with the quality of the product they shipped me.

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  • La
      27th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have reviewed this company on other sites and checked there rating with BBB. I went ahead and placed my order of mousepads for my classroom. All I have to say is thanks for the great prices, the product was good, and I got three extra pieces. You've made one 5th Grade teacher very happy to be able to give something to her students.

  • Ja
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Discount Mugs Sucks! I placed an order on 8/12 and they took two weeks to get back to me and tell me they didn't have what I ordered and that they could give me something else. I was on vacation and didn't get the message until three days before my event. I called them immediately and they were closed when they were supposed to be open. I contacted them the next day and they told me they could complete the order and get it to me in time, but that I would have to pay an additional $60 for overnight shipping and they would not budge. I told them they could keep their order and refund my money. Why should I pay another $60 for their screw up. They should be ear-marking their inventory as it comes in and be able to notify the customer immediately if there is an issue. The truth behind the matter is that they don't care about their small customers who order 12 or 80 items, so they just blow us off.

  • Wa
      5th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I feel deceived. I placed and order with I canceled it online using their cancelation ticket method within 15 minutes when my fiance wanted to pursue another method for our wedding favors. is currently refusing to issue refund to our credit card, which by the way was processed after the cancelation request. They advise we can only have a store credit. I do not recall being advised of this when I spoke on the phone to a sales person, nor when I finalized my purchase. They took more than 2 weeks to respond when I placed the order to cancel and followed up immediatly to confirm. There response was they were sorry, thats not their policy. I am currently disputing with my credit card.

  • At
      30th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am also disputing a charge by Discount Mugs since they claim they can only provide in store credit even though production never even started on my mugs. They have been incredibly hard to work with.

  • Gm
      19th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    In 2007 I ordered three dozen wine glasses with a specialized logo -- graphic, title and date. I sent a jpg of the logo.
    Received the glasses prior to the date I needed; however about 6 of the glasses were either broken or the logo somewhat defective. I followed the instructions and sent photos of the broken & defective glasses. There was not enough time for them to redo so I received a timely credit for the glasses I could not use with no problems. I spoke to two gals in what I assumed was customer service and found them to be pleasant, informative and knowledgable. I have no complaints with Discount Mugs and would use them again.
    Sorry to hear others had problems. A word to the wise: Any graphic sent needs to be sharp and instructions must be precise. I know this from experience in dealing with many customized promotional items.

  • Ta
      28th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree they have no customer service! I have a similar problem-- I do not know how you can do business with such bad service. Lesson learned I will spread the word to not do business with this company!

  • Vv
      9th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree. They are totally useless. They are never there during the opening times they advise, and their IVR routes you to mailboxes that are full and therefore can't take a message. Unbelievably incompetent. Avoid them like the plague. Also, don't rely on their online stock information, we ordered something and then were told they had a stock out situation. Absolutely terrible.

  • Pb
      19th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    @Tammi - I 100% agree with your message. They have a nonexistent customer service policy, have delayed my order such that is is compeletly useless and a waste of money. I advise anyone looking to customize glassware to use ANY other company besides Discount mugs. They are cheap, sure, but if you want to actually receive your items by the time you need them, they are not worth your effort.

  • De
      10th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    my product was great when I got it... but the customer service is still the same... the people I talked to were nice but can you get them to call you NO... do they care they can't get your product to you NO. and even after I sent this email to customer service and I am still looking for someone else to send it to... how do they have a 97% satisfaction rating? For my order….. as I stated in my email on June 3rd, this was the worst possible purchase in terms of trying to get my goods I have made professionally.

    My local vendor suggested you, and because you could produce a colored glass, which fit my merchandise scheme, I chose to go with your product.

    On 5-7 I ordered 72 pint glasses and uploaded the art work at the same time. the order form asks specifically what the glasses are for and if there is a date which they have to be there by and special instructions…..

    Order Details: DM1376461 PAID
    Order Date: 05/07/2014

    Special Comments: These are for a national convention. which begins June 1. If you can't get these done and shipped so I can have them by then, please call me and tell me. Deanna Horton 509-979-

    I understand you needed to adjust my art work. However had you looked at it yourselves, you would have noted that the line you left off the drawing was the whole back line of the fish, which was a major component. But, because you needed to fix that, it pushed my ship date out. OK. So I called customer service, I explained I had to have them by Friday May 30th, because they were for a national conference and that the conference started on Sunday. The gentleman said he understood, that he would help me and I would need to pay the overnight shipping but I would have them by Friday May 30th. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. (yes, he gave the overnight shipping at a 2-day rate)

    Can’t of course get a hold of anyone after hours, understand, or on the weekend, ok understand but I filled out a ticket, # 90504250, sent an email. You are 3 times zones ahead of me and I still had to call you and ask you where my glasses are…… OH they are still THERE. It is now Monday, overnight they don’t/won’t arrive until Tuesday and yet my conference started on Sunday, and I told you that more than one time. Oh but we will refund half of your shipping charges. (refunded half of my shipping charges)

    Tuesday morning, no glasses, customer service doesn’t know how they were shipped just they were shipped. Tuesday afternoon, my glasses are here…. Beautiful, etching really sets them off…….OH but WAIT……. I have 24 glasses…. They were gone in 20 minutes…… and where are the other 48?????? Well you are closed and FED EX tracking can’t find them and the ticket I had said I only had one box……..

    So again I send an email to customer service, again you are 3 time zones ahead of me and again I have to call you and ask you where my glasses are….. but this time it is the shipping companies fault. They lost the box. 72 glasses….. So I received 24 glasses on Tuesday and 48 on Wednesday for a conference which started on Sunday…..

    Every time I have had to contact you. Every step of the way, this has been painful for me. I am convinced that you MUST perform better for other customers, you just have to but I am telling you, this is my first experience with you and I am more than disappointed. I am professionally embarrassed, as you should be. I told you when I needed the glasses from the start and several times after, I begged you to let me know if you could not make it, I asked you to contact me and on each occasion that did not happen. I will stand by the way I was treated when I talked to someone on the phone but as for the rest of this………. It is crap.

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