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Beehive Heating & Cooling LLC / Poor, delinquent customer service

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Installation of high efficiency furnace and new central air system. No upfront information re functioning of new system (ie water pump attached to furnace to remove condensate). Attitude as if "we should know this already". No big deal in and of itself. Just common courtesy & good business relations. Cut hole in siding to fish pvc 5" pipe from furnace to remove gas emissions. Ugly pipe 12" out, but necessary. Understood. Jagged edge in siding cut, looks like something a drunk gerry rigged. Complained they ruined siding. Came back and gooped w/plumber's putty which fell off eventually. (Putting white collar from Home Depot over it ourselves just to neaten it up. Purely aesthetics, but original work looked like crap). Intaller's comments: "No one ever complained before!"

Installer supposed to submit schematic of house and we fill out form and they submit shematic and forms to gas & electric company for us to receive sizeable rebate for installing energy efficient components. Lost schematic. Never called about it till we called. Waiting for permit to have inspection done. (*Word of caution and hard lesson learned here: NEVER HAVE ANY WORK DONE WHICH REQUIRES A PERMIT BEFORE YOU HAVE THAT PERMIT IN YOUR HANDS!*) Oh, suddenly they need survey of property to pull permit. Figured they'd already applied for permit. Didn't know they needed survey. Mail them copy. No call from them. Call back. Oh, lost in mail. Leave it in mailbox we'll pick up. Two weeks have gone by now, no inspection and no heat. Installer says "Gee you can put on furnace. I did a good job. Should be no problems." Ah! operative word: "should". Has he given me any reason thus far to trust him? I'm gonna put on a furnace w/no inspection and risk being asphixiated? Not. Wait, Wait. Wait. Call every other day. He's picking it up. He's got it. It's going in the mail. Oh, he'll have to drop it off. Oh, the town forgot to include another necessary paper w/the permit. Have to wait for town to mail it to them. Okay, coming at 12:30 one day. Cancelled dr's appt. to be there. Gee, no show. Call at 1:00. Gee, still didn't get extra paperwork from town. Now can he come two days later at 11:30. 11:30 comes, 11:30 goes. Call. Oh,running late. I've got dr's appt rescheduled. "When's your drs appnt. ?" his wife asks. What's that matter to you? Okay, he'll be there in an hour. Arrives finally. Got paperwork from town. Uh oh---- but no permit. Search, search through briefcase. Calls home/office blasting wife. Gee boy was he pissed. Like I give a rat's behind. Tells me I've no idea how infuriating this is! Is he kidding or just being incredibly insulting? I"VE no idea? Try living w/no heat for a month when temps have been hovering in 40's and 30's at night w/only the oven on and a space heater. And he's pissed. Oh and what's this? No rebate forms either. We have to fill them out too. Plus cause he lost original schematic of measurements of house, he's got to do it again. Thank god we had copies of schematics we've done years ago w/all measurements. Gave that to him. Any thanks for us providing him w/work he should have done and kept in the first place. Guess.

Promises to return w/permit later that day. Wife calls, no apologies, just blaming other workers for not giving us rebate work when they were originally supposed to (on installation). Nothing like foisting responsibility for your ineptitude. Mailing it out. Great, more waiting, cause it's got to be filled out by us and sent back to them for submission. No big deal. Money irrelevant at this point. Just want freaking permit to get inspection so I can get heat in my home! Installer says I can call right away to set up appnt cause he'll have permit to me later. Need four inspectors I find out. Ask him who, what kind? No talking, no eye contact, just surly writes down types of all four inspectors. Like I'm too dumb to remember if he tells me or like I should have known. Like he obviously expected me and spouse to know a lot more beforehand. Thank god for computer research on our part.

Comes back later and finally delivers permit. "Have a nice day, now". Eff you, I'm thinking. Here's your "nice day". Wife calls says she's putting rebate forms in mail. Gee more waiting. Whut a serprize! Inspectors coming in four days. What are my chances of passing everything? Don't even want to go there.

Bottom line: Don't do work w/o permit. Holding permit grant over their heads makes them get job done faster and more efficiently if they know they won't get their money till you've got permit. Never leave it in hands of other to get that permit.

Second, this particular company is small. Gee, I wonder why. I think they'll stay that way for a long time. Sometimes it pays to go w/the Big Guys or at least someone w/more reputation. Mom & Pop operations aren't always or necessarily bad. But when I'm waiting for my house to get heat, I don't care if their dog ate the permit or the wife has to pick the kid up at soccer practice or his one truck blew a tire.

If you decide to use this company, Beehive Heating & Cooling, [protected] in Jackson, New Jersey et that permit, ask more questions than you think is possible and if you get the same kind of condescending attitude we got from the owner....pass. There's other HVAC fish in the sea.

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  • Je
      31st of Oct, 2006
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    Follow up: As anticipated based on experience now w/Beehive, the install failed two out of four inspections. Beehive failed to calculate proper air space-btu ratio. If they had, we could have altered existing doors to room where funace is located (along w/water heater and clothes dryer). Doing those initial calculations should have been elemental for experienced HVAC installer. It's code and they failed, consequently, we failed. Also, unit had no visible sticker displaying proper btu's. Also against plumbing code.

    Failed to completely tape larger plenum to furnace, allowing warm air leakage.

    Failed electrical beccause: (a) they used fuses larger than mnftr required on air compressor. Would have voided warranty if something had gone wrong; (b) electrical cable not fastened to wall; (c) no ground screw in new outlet installed for furnace and condensate pump.

    Minor you say? Not minor considering one could have caused potential fire and the remaining have delayed passed inspection. Inspectors need to come back. (Another day wasted). And installer needs to come back to correct mistakes. (Yet another day wasted).

    Energy rebate papers yet to arrive. Mules must be slow this time of year. Bears repeating: there's not only other HVAC installers in the sea, but ones that swim a helluva lot better and care if you're drowing or not. I wouldn't trust these guys at Beehive to throw a life jacket and frankly, I could give a rat's behind if they see this and get pissed. Believe way could they be half as pissed as I am.

  • Je
      6th of Nov, 2006
    0 Votes

    Latest: Finally got to actualy turn on furnace. "Kerplat!". Goes on for two minutes, starts gurgling, goes off.
    Call Beehive. Seems the hose that's supposed to direct condensate to pump was reversed. Explaination: " These units come either equipped w/hoses in one position for upward venting furnace and another inverted hose position for sideways vented furnaces." Ours is sideways. Vented through house siding.

    Gee, ya'd think they'd check the furnace inside and see which a'way the hose was? I mean considering they already knew the thing was going to be vented sideways. Ya think?"

    And after all these little and big bloopers, the owner kept telling me it was jeeeeest fine to put the heat on before any inspections were done. Yeah, right. And even though his insurance would cover the cost of any lawsuits brought by mysurviving family members, that wouldn't have done me and my family living in my home a helluva lot of good if we'd asphixiated or the house burned down now would it.

    I don't know why, call me paranoid, but I sense this isn't the last of the problems we're going to have with this furnace or this company. And, there's still next summer to look forward to when we have to turn on the air conditioner they installed. Oh, Joy! JL.

  • Mz
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    That's quite a book you wrote there about Beehive! Wish you coulda shortened it a bit. But, one things for sure, I agree the company isn't one I'd recommend.

    They installed one of those modern, more efficient gas furnaces/ I must have had them back at least four times for one minor, one not so minor and two major repairs. Good ting it was still covered under warranty. Would have cost me a bundle otherwise. And when you make an appointment with these guys, make sure to call the day before, the night before and the morning of that appointment. So far I lost two days of work waiting for them to show up and turned out they never had me on their schedule despite the fact that I made the appointment with them only a week before.

    I don't know who writes those glowing testimonials for them on their website, but I'd like to have some of that money. Warranty's over with and based on my experience with them, there'll be more incidents and I can't afford any more no -show appointments. I'm going with N>J> Gas' warranty program. At least they're more dependable.

  • Da
      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    omg... this guy sucks... he has wrecked my home and now I have no air conditioning... I am preparing to sue him

  • Ma
      10th of Oct, 2012
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    All of the above complaints are accurate, as I've encountered many of the same issues including poor, condescending customer service. I unfortunately paid Beehive a fortune to have a new water-heater, furnace, and A/C installed as well as a few other “improvements”. The amount of irrevocable damage done to my home is unfathomable, not to mention Beehive’s own employees have admitted to the faulty, poor work that was done, yet the owner continues to place blame elsewhere; however, on one occasion he said specifically, “he’s not saying its not his fault.” I implore everyone who reads the above reviews to realize that we speak from dealing with Beehive first hand and you should think twice before you make the same mistake.

    My family’s life has been jeopardized for a number of reasons because of Beehive and I’ve been nothing but stressed and left to deal with their ineptness. I repeat stay away at all costs and go with one of the more reputable, larger companies.

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