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Bedford County Free Press



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Bedford County Free Press
Hopewell, Pennsylvania
United States
I am an elected official in Bedford County Pa. The owner of Bedford County Free Press Randy Delozier is harassing my family and I. I am tired of this. He has been allowing people with fake names to post on his website untrue things about me. He has taken pictures of me out with my children and saying things like good lord you would think this elected official would have enough money to buy a bra ... her tits are hanging down to her knees. I should say that he doesnt post these things under his name... he allows others and he uses fake names. His site is supposed to be a news site. But this stuff is under a topic Bedford County Raw. I have had numberous phone calls about him... people telling me what is on his site. I went there tonight to get screen shots.. other then that I don't go on his site. I dont believe that he should be allowed to get away with this. He is destroying peoples lives. He has allowed people or himself to call me a whore - to make accusations that I have men come to my office for sex. I am sick and tired of this harassment. Please do something about this.
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A  13th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
It is time that this man be exposed for the bully/ drama monger that he is. he attempts to destroy individuals lives for his own personal amusement and under the direction, and with the assistance of the bedford county da has consistently persecuted, anyone who supported a candidate against the incumbent da. the election is long over and this type of behavior should be recognized for what it is. this is a dangerous game that mr. delozier is playing at the expense of honest, hard working people. I must agree, please help!
D  17th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
oh my this elected official only likes to tell a one sided story. why dont you tell these people how you and your friends harass the local district attorney ?, or how about telling them how you attempt to get my daughter fired from her job. you people are really pathetic. you play the game. but when you dont win you go crying around town. oh one more thing. what do you think this webiste is going to do to me. you people really crack me up. and the elected official on this post above is faith zembower. this is pathetic
A  26th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
Randy Delozier is a lowlife ### who claims to be a reporter. Fact is a reporters job is to remain impartial, not allowing their feelings or emotions to at all effect the story. Randy isn't a reporter, he is a spiteful ### who plays constant games and bans people from posting their thoughts on the bedford free.press even if what they post is merely constructive criticism.
In addition to this i believe him to be a bully who uses his forum to attack people who he doesnt like and as we all know bullies are cowards to the core of their being.
I am one of the people he has banned. Before i was banned i liked reading most of what was posted on his site and found it informative but never read the comments. I was confused about a story that was continually reposted because it appeared time and time again so i clicked on comments to see what.was up with this. It then became apparent that he was engaged in childish games with a person in that particular post so i posted a comment about his games being annoying to those of us not involved and he banned me. i was not nasty or vulgar toward him in my post in any way shape or form. There isnt a newspaper or station in this country that doesnt welcome constructive criticism as this allows them to know the people who follow thier reports and what they think is good news and bad.
He has all of the honor, integrity and honesty of a convicted felon which is exactly what he is as i have found out after doing some research having been blown away by the whole cituation...
N  26th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
good lord you make me want to cry, grow up already
N  8th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
@BCFP You're a sad excuse for a human being. A ### in a mans body. Low-life small minded ###. Lazy fat ### slob. Acting all high and mighty when you're broke as hell driving around in your poor mans vehicle. The town should be able to vote on a hanging.
N  8th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
He really is a POS. Uneducated, no class, no respect. He bullies people through his page, which is 100% cyber bullying. He does nothing but belittle people. He'll post criminal charges than say things about the particular person that has nothing to do with their charges to degrade their name. He acts as though he is above everyone. He is a coward. He kicks you off of his page if you disagree with him but will allow others on his page to say whatever they want to people as long as they are on his side. He is in no place to be running a news page. Also when he was younger he drugged a girl at a party and raped her. And I'm almost certain he has cocaine charges. He's a bigger POS than the people he tries to make look bad.

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