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I am sales Sunny work for shenzhen jinhua printing products. The following client signed contract with us:After order with us, and we started printing, everything arranged, refused pay balance and violate business rules.
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Let me tell you this things shortly
This client a lady come to our factory for visitaion, we treat her on our national holiday from 4th-7th Oct. Other companies are all enjoy their holiday not work but client insist come to at our holiday, so keven still work for her in Public holidays. We offer pick free hotel and meal free service here, although her order is small but we pay very highly attention for every order services. She also happy with our factory facilities and service firstly.After discuss with our sales Keven, finally she accept our price and let us to arrange mass production asap said her magazine need very urgent, so we ordered paper and started print after her paid us half money.  But maybe she find cheaper factory during chinese trip, when she come back to USA he want to cancel her order said because some price and time etc, she even donot see our mass production quality to say our quality very poor etc on the innertet, if we donot refund money he will write many bad reviews to us, but questions you should pay balance to us, not we refund money to you. Really headache to meet this not kind and honest people. We already lose money because of her order and credit in the internet, if she not happy with our price he can tell us not arrange mass production at my factory, when everything is arranged she said want to cancel and refund all money to her. Although our price is a little higher than small factory, but our quality is high. Do business donot like that. This is basic printing rules I think it is same to every business man. 
There is one more detail I also want to share she said she lost luggage and everything when come to China, our Keven work hard to help him find from air company although this is not related to our printing business, because considering she is a lady first time to China we do our best to help her handle everything well and meal service free, if you come to bad factory who care your luggage lost or not, but our keven did his best to help her even he is very busy at holiday, but finally give us this reviews at different sites.In USA there is thanksgiving day right?

Nov 04, 2016
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  • Am
      Feb 28, 2017

    I strongly suggest anybody to hired this company, please read my initial complain about their performance in Ripoff. I traveled almost 60 hours (round trip) to get in Shenzhen to finally understand that they would not deliver the quality need it or even respect their estimate services, Nor they would respect the deliver on time as they didn't respect my 5 days in Shenzhen to waiting and see the second sample since the first one was full of problems. The second sample they "couldn't make due to a national holiday even when their company was open. Total lack of respect to a foreigner that traveled almost 60 hours just to visit their printing company in Shenzhen! They sent the second sample 10 days after to Miami.
    They ask money in advance via wire banking. THis was itself a red flag. The same problem has happened with another american company to whom they didn't deliver the right product nor gave back the payment. If I am not wrong this is a company located up north.
    Just google this company to find their bad operational. They are not a serious provider. Unfortunately, I lost money and time to this trip.
    Don't hesitate to ask more details to my email at [protected] or just google them.

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